Barbados Police In Political Cover Up – Fail To Investigate Violent Threats Against Witnesses In Chief Justice’s Land Fraud Trial


Police Commissioner Again Protects The Ruling BLP Government And Says “To Hell With Duty”

Damning Court Documents Posted Online

Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin of The Royal Barbados Police Force was notified weeks ago of numerous death threats against witnesses in the Kingland land fraud trials happening in Barbados and in Canada. Weeks ago Commissioner Dottin was given the evidence needed to identify and arrest the criminals – yet the police have done nothing. The police haven’t even spoken to the victims and witnesses!

A formal letter of complaint was sent to Commissioner Dottin on December 10, 2007 by a Canadian lawyer, K. William McKenzie. That letter is posted in full on the Keltruth Blog along with a second letter to internet supplier Cable & Wireless.


The Short Story

David Simmons, the Chief Justice of Barbados (photo above), his brother Peter Simmons, Prime Minister Owen Arthur, the Attorney General, David Thompson and many other Bajan big-ups are charged with land fraud and conspiracy in a Canadian civil court case that is making its way through the Canadian justice system. The lawsuit revolves around lands in Barbados known as “Kingsland” that are said to have a value in excess of US$ One Billion dollars.

Numerous threats have been made against witnesses in that trial, including one threat to bash in the head of an elderly witness, an old Bajan lady named Marjorie Knox. The threats have come via the internet to Keltruth Blog from a Barbados Cable & Wireless internet account.

Formal Complaint Made In Writing – Weeks Ago

In December 10, 2007 letters to Police Commissioner Dottin and internet supplier Cable & Wireless, Canadian lawyer K. William McKenzie sent a copy of the threat to murder Marjorie Knox, along with the IP number of the sender and the date and time. This information is all the police need to launch an investigation and to identify and arrest the person(s) responsible. After all, the records of the IP number reside on Barbados with Cable and Wireless. (Hey… perhaps one of those pre-signed blank search warrants is all the police need!)

Nothing has been done by the police. Why not?

Why haven’t the police acted? Easy… many of the accused in the land fraud case are Barbados Government Ministers or members of the BLP inner circle and there is a possibility that the threats against witnesses are coming from this highly-placed group of defendants.

Therefore, the police don’t want to touch the case.

Barbados Diplomat Delivers Violent Threats In The Same Land Fraud Case

In a related incident, former Barbados High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Peter Simmons, was recently tape-recorded making threats of violence against persons involved in the same land fraud court case. (See BFP’s Brother Of Barbados Chief Justice Tape-Recorded Making Threats Of Violence In Land Fraud Lawsuit)

Did Peter Simmons make the internet death threats too? The Royal Barbados Police Force doesn’t want to know. After all, Peter Simmons is the brother of Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons and like his judicial brother is a confidant of fellow defendant Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

Politics Cripples Our Police

We have grown accustomed to our police officers allowing themselves to be used by government members for political and personal goals, so we are not surprised at this latest incident of disgusting partisanship by the Royal Barbados Police Force. Whether it is the police being given blank search warrants and acting as debt collectors for government officials, or officers illegally smashing reporters’ cameras and dragging them off to jail without cause – or officers failing to come to the assistance of a woman in a domestic assault for four days – we are becoming used to our police being nothing more than a tool of the political elites.

The world needs to know the story of how a once proud and independent Royal Barbados Police Force has been subverted to a mere political tool for the current government.

May God take mercy upon our small island.

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36 responses to “Barbados Police In Political Cover Up – Fail To Investigate Violent Threats Against Witnesses In Chief Justice’s Land Fraud Trial

  1. Anonymous

    “May God take mercy upon our small island.”

    Well said, BFP. I too am disgusted.

    Is it true that Police Commissioner Dottin is related to the Prime Minister? I have heard this many times but never received a clear answer about how they are related.

    That might be another reason why nothing is being done by the police.

  2. frankology

    It is a known fact that prominent Barbadians are defendants in the suit with Kingsland Estate, It is a known fact that Marjorie Knox family operates Keltruth Blog and is one of the defendants within the suit.

    If the blog is registered in the USA, how come these threats are not filed in that jurisdiction? It is about time that Keltruth states the connection of these prominent people with the Kingsland Estate, since we are seeeing BEES, DEES, LAWYERS, LAW FIRMS, FINANCIERS, ACCOUNTING FIRMS and others.

    Until I see reasonable proof of participation by these grouping, I have no regrets in saying that this is a deal that should not have been, and we are seeing names flying about to be blamed for this real estate mistake.

    As I see it, Keltruth is only a ventilation front for a vigilante group. By the time this Canadian lawsuit if finish, the money left will only be enough to pay one-year land tax.


    BFP Comments

    Frankology, you say the Canadian lawsuit is a “known fact”. How is it known in Barbados? The newspapers and broadcast media have NEVER mentioned a word of it.

    So how is it “known”?

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    The police were notified weeks ago and have done nothing. Wat you expect BFP?

  4. BFP

    Frankology says “If the blog is registered in the USA, how come these threats are not filed in that jurisdiction?”

    BFP Comments…

    We don’t know the first thing about it, Frankology, but it appears that the threats are coming FROM Barbados against an old lady who lives in Barbados.

    As to the law of where complaints should be filed… we haven’t a clue.

    As to what the Barbados Police should do when a Bajan citizen is threatened from Barbados because she is a witness in a lawsuit happening in Barbados and Canada…. we say the police should act immediately.

    Especially if the police have all the facts to gather evidence in Barbados.

    Are you suggesting that the police are correct to ignore the formal letter of complaint?

  5. frankology

    Reply to BFP:
    It seems that you have doubts about this alleged lawsuit. I am taking my cue from your published post and documents as supplied by Keltruth. Secondly, my submissions do not concur with your statement of the police should ignore any complaints


    BFP Comments

    We have no doubts that the lawsuit exists as court documents are posted online, plus we have Mr. Peter Simmons explaining to Adrian Loveridge that he is not responsible for those threats against Loveridge – while leaving open the door to the other threats. (Hey… its tough to argue with a tape recording!)

    Whatever the developments or outcomes of the lawsuits in Barbados and Canada, it is unbelievable that the Barbados media has not reported one word of the lawsuit in Canada. You say that it is “known” and that is total garbage. The Barbados media hasn’t touched the story.

    It shows how corrupt and damaged our Barbados news media has become. What a corrupt, perverted country Barbados has become in the last decade. We are hardpressed to find the words that describe our horror at our demented so-called democracy.

  6. frankology

    Let’s deal with the role of the media. I made representation already about the media stubborn refusal to engage in certain issues due to libel, although libel can be factual, but it is how the plaintiff creates hurt and suffering due to ridicule. As much as the blogs are trying to portray a selective grouping from the entire defendants as being corrupt, we must also be cognisant of the fact that we are also looking at Dees and lawyers etc in the suit. I do not know if the frontline media observation of this suit, might be a waste of publication.

    Another area is why no other media, regardless if it is Canada, the USA or any other Caricom state, find time to published information on the alleged suit.

    A Prime Minister and Attorney General involvement in any so-called corruption is prime news within any news media. So again I asked. Is Keltruth only objectives is to create mischief after denial by the highest court?

    I await the final outcome.

  7. Anon

    The murder of former Chief Immigration Officer Kenrick Hutson. Is this related to the death threats?

  8. Jason

    Tell it to the world BFP! Our police follow their political bosses and ignore the law.

    Tell it!

  9. frankology

    The murder of former Chief Immigration Officer Kenrick Hutson. Is this related to the death threats?
    These reckless statements is the main reason why I prefer to keep far from partisan politics. Writers are so engaged in agenda writings that any information is automatically link to hate comments. This boils back to the question….Are those alleged “death threats” political propaganda creations?

    The world might be saying we are highly educated clowns.

  10. BFP

    frankology says “re those alleged “death threats” political propaganda creations?”

    Perhaps Mr. Peter Simmons could provide a copy of the tape recording for all to listen to and then you could ask him if the threats he made are propaganda creations?

    When the police get off their behinds and locate the person(s) who made the threats then we will all know who is behind the threats.

    We wouldn’t be surprised to find a group of people hired by the BLP or the government or both.

    Which is why the police have ignored these threats for months – they are being done by government supporters and the police don’t want to discover that.

  11. frankology

    BFP. I post information relating to the media and libel and you still have it under moderation*, yet I see reckless statements being posted. I can see a bias when I write since I am against certain critical statements and innuendos made by opposition operatives. Remember, over 80% of posters have partisan views on behalf of the opposition. I submitted in an earlier post that political parties should only rule for 2 terms, thus, I am favour of ‘a change in government based on that fact.

    If a political party who might inherit a Government due to that process and fail to deliver, the onus will be on the members of that party to replace the person who the majority members of parliament placed to be Prime Minister.

    That will be a show of quality democracy. So people, let’s do our thing and get the ball rolling. Now BFP, please take my post from under moderation. Please!

    * BFP Comments

    Hello Frankology,

    Your comment wasn’t in moderation, the anti-spam robot put it in the “spam bucket”. Just another reminder folks, if you post something and it doesn’t show up for an unreasonable time, please tell us about it because usually we find it in with the spam and it can be rescued. We can’t go looking through the spam all the time because on some days we receive over 1000 spam comments !


  12. frankology

    We wouldn’t be surprised to find a group of people hired by the BLP or the government or both.
    Acts of subversion in a political scenario is usually committed by opposition parties who will use such tactical moves to create unrest that can bring down a Government. In the opposite scenario it will be suicide for a ruling party to hire people to undertake such an act that will cost them the Government.

    Sometimes I see your statement bordering ‘reckless ideology’.


    BFP Comments,

    Now, now, Frankology… you are deliberately ignoring the fact that the government, the police and Cable and Wireless have all had information and the means to identify and arrest the perpetrators for over a month if not longer.

    Not to mention that we have noted all sorts of things that cause us to believe that the government (or BLP) has hired a firm of computer experts to identify the writers of BFP and BU.

    No doubt about it frankology. You are rather new around BFP and you perhaps are unaware of the entire history of the BLP attempting to take us down.

    As to the government not being reckless enough to hire such people to take us down… who are you trying to kid? This is the government that plays with the constitution like it was a toy. This is the government that suspended civil rights in a secret order in council so it could tap phones and read emails.

    The BLP long ago forgot about rule of law. They do what they please.

  13. Anonymous

    Thank the Lord for BU and BFP.

  14. Anonymous

    Lets make a list of all our experiences with corrupt officials and police.

    Do you have the space BFP?

  15. frankology

    Let’s be realistic, if the Dems succeed in gaining the Government and a new blog under the disguise of the Bees commence with the same vigilant as your blog. Don’t you feel that the Dems might pursue finding who is responsible for the blog?


    BFP Comments,

    Should the Dems win (which we think is unlikely for a variety of reasons) we will hold their feet to the fire with the same fervor as we do the BLP. Should the dems win, we have no doubt that they will attempt to find us also BECAUSE LIKE THE BLP THEY LACK ETHICS OR RULES.

    Stay tuned for an article from us in the next couple of days “How David Thompson Lost The Election Of 2008”

    The truth is, we at BFP do not view this election as very important at all. We believe that no matter who wins, Barbados will not see the type of fundamental change that it needs.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  16. Kathleen Davis

    Every human being is entitled to police protection, regardless of his/her political affiliation, race or agenda.

    The press should be independent of any political party, and free to report the news without reprisal.

    Free speech should always be protected, except for threats, pornography and other illegal speech.

    So neither the BLP, the DLP nor any other party has the right to take down any law-abiding online or offline news source.

  17. Hants

    BFP says…..”Should the Dems win (which we think is unlikely for a variety of reasons.”

    What are the reasons BFP and why are you posting an article titled “How David Thompson Lost The Election Of 2008″ before the result of the Election is known. Just curious.

    The DLP has fielded 30 candidates on whom we have no reason to cast aspersions on their character.

    The DLP candidates are quite capable of running the Government. There are a few thousand Barbadians who are capable of doing so.

    Even I could be a competent Minister in a DLP Government but it would take away from my “Fishing time.”
    I already spend too much time working and not enough time in the sea.

    If what you have said about corruption by the BLP in Barbados is true, the DLP will be focused on cleaning up the mess that the BLP is leaving.
    Massive debt in the face of a looming downturn in the World Economy.

    Barbados is in for very difficult times next year and most of it will come from problems in the world economy.

    How about this for a title.

    “How Barbados coped with the 2008 recession.”

    I would also like an update on Hardwood Housing.
    Why did the CEO quit after overseeing the spending of $2Million of Taxpayers money?


    Hi Hants,

    You may disagree and there are a few here who disagree with me, but I believe that the election is already lost for the DLP as a result of mistakes made over a year ago. More to come.

  18. Yardbroom

    I am always concerned, when an individual, or a group proclaim, or give the impression:

    “No one cometh to the Father but through me”

    We all have ideas, opinions etc, and we must try to convince others by the strength of our arguments. If it is that they are not convinced, we must try harder, but ultimately if we cannot. Then we have to accept, that is democracy.

    Does that mean we are wrong? it does not, but there are times in the affairs of men, when we can do no more than put forward our opinion,and leave it to others, to make a decision.

    Democracy gives us the right to be wise, but it also gives us that right to be foolish – and so be it.

  19. Hants

    BFP…..I look forward to your “mistakes by DLP” but I hope the Electorate will vote for the DLP in spite of any “mistakes”.

    If the level of corruption in Barbados as seen on this blog is real, the only reasonable thing to do is to change the Government by voting DLP.

    BFP…..we will sometimes disagree especially since I am a DLP supporter. If they start doing foolishness I will join the party and try to positively effect change.

    I remain a DLP and a BFP supporter. I do not believe in “politics of inclusion or floor crossing like Mascoll.

    As an aside, the mainstream media in Barbados is blatantly partisan in favour of teh BLP.

    The Advocate Editorial does not even attempt to hide this fact but the others are just not publishing or broadcasting information important to the public.

    Thanks to BFP and BU, those of us who blog have become better informed.

  20. Anonymous

    The Police could use the new computer misuse act if they wanted to.

  21. frankology

    If what you have said about corruption by the BLP in Barbados is true, the DLP will be focused on cleaning up the mess that the BLP is leaving.
    Massive debt in the face of a looming downturn in the World Economy.
    These are the constant words used at election time. Remember the BLP used words like these prior to the election loss by the DLP and the closure of the St. Joseph Hospital. We heard about problems in the world economy and the challenge with the oil crisis. We heard of the difficulties with civil servants being hampered with the 8% deduction.

    Now, after being comfortable with the control of our purse, we are seeing wastage and a lackadaisical political behaviour as a Government. And you know why we will remain the same, both parties have the same ideologies and none of them are honest enough to have any Integrity legislation implemented. So we can cry til’ the cows come home …Dees is Bees and Bees is Dees. Mark my word.

  22. John

    …. and then there is the concept that elections are never won, they are lost!!

    I think anything can happen!! It would not surprise me to see independents or Pees getting elected.

    I don’t think this election can be called at the moment.

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  24. Anonymous

    Why haven’t the police investigated the threats to murder a Bajan citizen who is a witness in a trial in Barbados?

    Why not Commissioner Dottin?

  25. Bush tea


    Elections are ‘won’ when intelligent, creative, honest and caring men decide, in the interest of the country, to present a plan of action to solve community problems, implement systems to facilitate the development of the people of the country, and represent the country with pride and courage in the outside world.

    The last such leader here was E.W Barrow.

    The alternative arrangement is where selfish, self-serving idiots with delusions of grandeur jump into politics to satisfy their greed and egos.

    They make promises that they can’t keep; sell themselves to the highest bidders; sell out the pride of the country by bending over to even larger egos; and frustrate the people who genuinely looked to them for leadership and guidance…. and have to be kicked out in shame and failure.

    That we have been unable to produce more such men to really lead this country has been our main failing. (…and it takes a REAL man to lead.) and is tied to failed policies like co-education, misguided leadership at UWI, and misguided political priorities over the years.

    A good leader is one that can step down at the prime of his power – to be replaced by an even better prodigy that he had developed…. because he is working FOR the country or organisation NOT his ego… I am sticking with my initial analysis of what is wrong with Barbados.

  26. frankology

    Why haven’t the police investigated the threats to murder a Bajan citizen who is a witness in a trial in Barbados?
    Where are the facts to substantiate such claim. Let Keltruth report such threats to the law enforcers within the jurisdiction of the blog’s base. Keltruth is purported to have a tape with death threats in they possession. Why not release the information thru your blog.


    BFP Comments,

    Always the same when wrongdoing by big-ups is pointed out. “Wrong jurisdiction” “wrong place to make a complaint” “Wrong time to make a compliant” and all the other phony excuses not to act. You don’t care about the threats Frankology. You are only interested in making excuses why the police haven’t even talked to the witnesses or seized the records at Cable and Wireless. C&W know exactly who made the threats on the internet. The tape recording is obviously another threat – one of many according to the Keltruth Blog.

    The only question is “Will the police act within the rule of law, or will they continue to ignore evidence because they fear an investigation would lead to BLP big-ups?”

    I would bet a week’s wages that the police will continue to do nothing to investigate these serious threats against Barbados citizens that were made in Barbados.

  27. One Who Knows

    Dear Frankology,

    Stupes. Every defendant in the Canadian case received a copy of the Peter Simons threat tape. Every defendant in the Canadian case received copies of the letters to Chief Dottin and C&W. The entire government and the Attorney General have everything for a month. Go play your games elsewhere. Ask your lawyer. Copies are everywhere in the Barbados legal community and the police did nothing. Can’t you read? IThe police hushed it up while the election is on.

  28. frankology

    The tape recording is obviously another threat – one of many according to the Keltruth Blog.
    …”according to” admission only by Keltruth, but impossible to defend. Are you in receipt of the recording?

    Every defendant in the Canadian case received a copy of the Peter Simons threat tape.
    Wow, this sounds so nice, but how come we are not hearing confirmation from not one of the mentioned defendants:-
    * Richard Cox
    * Gerard Cox
    * Alan Cox
    * Philip Vernon Nicholls
    * Eric Ashby Bentham Deane
    * Owen Basil Keith Deane
    * David Simmons
    * Peter Simmons
    * Elneth Kentish
    * Glyne Bannister
    * Glyne B. Bannister
    * Philip Greaves, A.K.A. Philp Greaves
    * Gittens Clyde Turney
    * R. G. Mandeville & Co.
    * Cottle, Catford & Co.
    * Keble Worrell Ltd.
    * Eric Iain Stewart Deane
    * Estate Of Colin Deane
    * Lee Deane
    * Errie Deane
    * Keith Deane
    * Malcolm Deane
    * Lionel Nurse
    * Leonard Nurse
    * Edward Bayley
    * Mark Cummins
    * Francis Deher
    * David Shorey
    * Owen Seymour Arthur
    * Graham Brown
    * Brian Edward Turner
    * G.S. Brown Associates Limited
    * Golf Barbados Inc.
    * Kingsland Estates Limited
    * Classic Investments Limited
    * Thornbrook International Consultants Inc.
    * Thornbrook International Inc.
    * S.B.G. Development Corporation
    * The Barbados Agricultural Credit Trust Ltd.
    * Phoenix Artists Management Limited
    * David C. Shorey And Company
    * Price Waterhouse Coopers (Barbados)
    * Marjorie Ilma Knox
    * First Caribbean International Bank (Barbados) Ltd.
    * Attorney General Of Barbados
    * PriceWaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm
    * David Thompson
    * G.S.Brown & Associates Ltd.
    * GBI Golf Barbados Inc.
    * Estate of Vivian Gordon Lee Deane
    * Edmund Bayley
    * Life of Barbados Limited
    * Owen Gordon Finlay Deane
    * Veco Corporation
    * Commonwealth Construction Canada Ltd. and Commonwealth Construction Inc.

    Maybe Marjorie Knox might be the only one from the above listing that receive a tape. Wonder if David Thompson will release his during the electioneering campaign.

  29. One Who Knows

    Stupes frankology say “Wow, this sounds so nice, but how come we are not hearing confirmation from not one of the mentioned defendants:”

    Still on that tired old horse frankology? I’m surprised that you don’t start saying all the court documents and lawyers letters on Keltruth are fake!

    The defendants have been keeping their mouths shut with the exception of Peter Simmons who made the mistake of making a threat that was tape recorded.

    Why don’t you want the police to investigate the threats Frankology? What do you fear? Your blp will be “exposed” making some or all of the threats.

    Keltruth is wise not to print all the evidence and it sounds like there is lots more that was given to the police. There must be many nervous people on BIM right now.

  30. frankology

    Your comment wasn’t in moderation, the anti-spam robot put it in the “spam bucket”.
    I have two (2) articles that are still in moderation, please release them. Frankology

  31. Time to Name Names

    Hey, now that I’ve read some more of your blog (I’m a first timer), I see you do name names!

    Excellent. Now what to do about it?

  32. no name

    Time to Name Names what took you so long to get here?

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