Strange Omission By Nation News Online – Murder Of Retired Chief Immigration Officer Not Mentioned


Paper Edition Tells Of Murder – But Online Edition Censors Story

Not for the first time we have noticed that the Nation News reports a murder in it’s paper edition, but doesn’t mention the crime in the online edition. This happened before with that poor lady who was murdered and decapitated.

This kind of censorship is (I guess) supposed to keep up appearances for prospective tourists who would have access to the online news but not the paper edition.

The downside of the censorship is once it started, our “news media” soon became a propaganda tool for business and government instead of a foundation of democracy and freedom.

Once the news media starts hiding one type of story, it is easy to extend this censorship to other stories – for instance the Ronja (Ronya) Juman scandal which has never been mentioned, or the 3S kickback scandal where the media sat on the story for weeks after the blogs printed the details.

By censoring a major story like the murder of a retired Chief Immigration Officer, the lapdog Nation News again proves that it serves the government, not the people.


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5 responses to “Strange Omission By Nation News Online – Murder Of Retired Chief Immigration Officer Not Mentioned

  1. David, The media here in BARBADOS has been tested and found very sadly wanting, it cannot gain an even near passing mark it is in a very sad state.

    I say this because it was with very sad regret that I learnt than the freedom of the press has been kidnapped by the BLP and its gang of crooks with the intent to muzzle the press and to continue to do the dishonest and corrupt acts that it has long done.

    I say this with every confidence that we are fuelling a CREEPING DICTATORSHIP when we look in today’s Nation newspaper and we look for the balance and the sincerity of the PETER WICKHAM article and find that there is none today, nor will there be any of his articles for the public to read and to take during this election period, add to that HARTLEY HENRY’S article has also been pulled but EZRA ALLEYNE’s is continued to be featured it smells, it looks, it feels of a CORRUPT DICTATORSHIP.

    When the Prime Minister will get to lowest level to affect what the PRESS is allowed to PRINT OR PUBLISH and dictate to them who to remove as their writers, we are in a downhill slide to a DICTATORSHIP.

  2. We also have another very sad development in this setup and that is under the present conditions we may not be provided the benefit of another free and honest poll before the elections, because of this action taken by the Nation Newspaper.

    Well Arthur you certainly know how to trample on a DEMOCRACY and how to move to a DICTATORSHIP.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes Peter Wickham has been censored by the media under instruction from mia Mottley and Owen Arthur.

    I hope Peter tells his story.

    I also hope both Mia and Owen lose their seat,and lose it real bad.

    Stop supporting the Nation and Advocate people,and let them feel it where it hurts – in their bank accounts.

  4. I still maintain, as this not the first time we disagreed on the same point (last time was the decapitated girl), if there is a hot item then use it to flog the PRINT edition and not the online – so I do not see it as censorship – rather, a way to direct readers to buy the dead-tree version, i.e. it’s all about the Benjamins, or as this is Bim; Grantleys


    Hi Ian

    I understand, but with the decapitated girl it was weeks before it appeared online. And then… there’s the Ronja Juman story…

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