Brother Of Barbados Chief Justice Tape-Recorded Making Threats Of Violence In Land Fraud Lawsuit


Such Thuggish Behavior From A Government Diplomat!

The former Barbados High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Peter Simmons (photo immediately above), was recently tape-recorded making threats of violence against persons involved in a land fraud court case.


The former Barbados government diplomat and his brother, Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons (photo above), are facing charges of land fraud and conspiracy in a Canadian civil court. The Simmons brothers are two of the many high-profile defendants in the Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. lawsuit that is currently being heard in Canadian courts. The lawsuit revolves around lands in Barbados known as “Kingsland” that are said to have a value in excess of US$ One Billion dollars.

Some other defendants in the lawsuit include Prime Minister Owen Arthur, the Attorney General of Barbados, Opposition Leader David Thompson (whether in his capacity as a politician or as a lawyer is unknown to this writer), government insiders David Shorey & Philip Nicholls, accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers and the corrupt company that built the new Barbados jail and the oil terminal: VECO.

Defendant VECO Corporation Has Record Of Bribing Government Officials, Politicians

The defendant VECO is especially interesting as this huge Alaska-based firm has a proven record of bribing public officials and politicians in order to obtain government contracts. One has to wonder about why the Canadian court added VECO as a defendant and what juicy stories of political corruption in Barbados will surface as the lawsuit progresses!

Barbados Media Has Reported Nothing About This Major Story!

Naturally, the “professional” Barbados media have reported nothing on the Canadian lawsuit – not even it’s existence – despite the fact that many of the court documents and other evidence have been posted online and discussed publicly for years. This latest revelation that diplomat Peter Simmons has been tape-recorded delivering threats of violence is hardly likely to be reported in the government-controlled Barbados media.

The majority of voters in the current Barbados election have no idea that some of their candidates are embroiled in this explosive lawsuit over massive land fraud and political corruption that is alleged to have occurred in Barbados!

Threatening Violence Is Nothing New For Supporters Of The Barbados Government

The story of the tape-recorded threats by Barbados diplomat Peter Simmons is breaking on the Keltruth Blog, which mentioned the Simmons brothers in a story about death threats against Marjorie Knox (an elderly Bajan lady who is involved in the Kingsland lawsuit) and Bajan hotelier Adrian Loveridge.

According to the Keltruth Blog article, both the Royal Barbados Police Force and internet provider Cable & Wireless are aware of the death threats and have done nothing. This is not a surprise to BFP as the “professional” Barbados media has refused to report on the threats as well. Don’t forget: in Barbados the government, police, courts and media are all just one big organisation.

For the full story on the death threats and to view many court documents posted online, check out Keltruth Blog’s Violent Threats in the Tropical Paradise of Barbados


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50 responses to “Brother Of Barbados Chief Justice Tape-Recorded Making Threats Of Violence In Land Fraud Lawsuit

  1. nevermind pretzels

    Tape recording? OHHHHHHHH…. that makes it so difficult for Mr. Simmons to say that he never made the threats.

    Is it legal to make a tape recording of a conversation in Barbados if you don’t inform the other person that you are recording? In some U.S. states you have to have a “beep” when making a recording of a conversation.

    We need more details BFP. The Keltruth website provides the basic information but I want to know the dirt!

  2. BFP

    Hi NP,

    We gave you what details we have. Keltruth Blog usually posts the court documents sooner or later so we await more information.

    Like you, NP, we want to know the dirt too!

  3. passin thru

    BFP I can’t believe that the Nation or CBC have never mentioned this story. Are you sure?

  4. iisnoone

    The Nation or the Advocate has not even addressed the Canada lawsuit – I scarcely think that they will report this.

    I am surprised that the RBPF was not breaking down doors to solve this crime. This might lead some crazy people to think that some big body is behind BFPE.

  5. One Who Knows

    Peter Simmons is a nice man who was delivering a message from his brother to the other side of the lawsuit. His problem is that the person he was talking to recorded the threat.

    Peter’s big worry is that there will be an arrest warrant waiting for him in New York!

  6. iisnoone

    Are you serious?? Arrest warrant in New York? Any warrants in Barbados?

  7. Anonymous

    The Nation News, Advocate, CBC etc will never report anything about this story in the middle of an election.


  9. Bimbro

    I shall, henceforth, view the Nation News, as the sanitised newspaper which it is, and for real news of what’s happening in Bim, rely on the blogs! I can only wonder, what happened before blogs, a relatively, recent development!!!!

  10. Bimbro

    In some U.S. states you have to have a “beep” when making a recording of a conversation.


    This sounds so silly, to me. In other words, give the caller full and frank notice that you’re going to record all the threats and abuse which he hurls at you – then, he’s certain to hurl them, is n’t he!!!! What a joke and a certainty of never catching, a criminal!

  11. dont shoot the messenger

    Peter Simmons would never deliver this message unless he was unduly pressured by others?

    Threats of personal violence can never be ignored.

    Which thuggish cowards would use him in such a way to try and ruin his reputation?

  12. Bajan Yankee

    Stuff and nonsense! Peter Simmons is “a nice man”??? “Peter Simmons would never ….” blah-blah-blah. Don’t make me laugh. Wicked people in Barbados always get away with wicked things under a smoke screen of being “nice, upstanding members of the community” when they are anything BUT. In Tom Adams day, Peter Simmons, Ronnie Hughes and that fat slob Nigel Barrow used to write some nasty things about people in the newspapers, and do some very wicked things to Dem supporters. Trust me – I know that for sure. I am not in the least bit surprised that Peter Simmons would threaten someone.

  13. Anonymous

    I will comment after and only I hear the tape. It is difficult to believe that Peter would behave like that

  14. Bajanboy

    Let’s get a copy of the recording on YouTube so we can hear for ourselves what was said.

  15. Red Lake Lassie

    The Nation has never mentioned this story. I searched their online archives a few minutes ago and there is nothing about “nelson barbados group” or any variation of that name. I also searched Peter simmons and David Simmons many ways and there is NOTHING about this Canadian court case that is fighting over a billion dollars of Barbados land.

    Is that not newsworthy in Barbados? That the Chief Justice and PM and inner circle members are in a fight over a billion dollars of land? Is that not newsworthy that a Canadian court is looking at fraud charges for our Chief Justice?

    Nation News where are you on this story?

    This is the final straw for me and the Nation. I will always see them as they are.

  16. Adrian Loveridge

    I did have a telephone call from Mr. Peter Simmons today, who was under the impression that he MAY have in some way been associated with the various (almost daily) comments threatening to kill me and my wife and to burn down our hotel.

    I have absolutely NO reason to suspect Mr. Peter Simmons or in fact any of his family.

    I did though respectfully ask Mr Simmons if he would ask his brother to have these various threats against us, investigated.

    I would appeal to the person(s) who continue to post these comments and threats to desist in the interests of Barbados.

  17. Bajanboy

    Well, at least we now know that Peter Simmons reads BFP and the other blogs.

  18. reality check

    “The Nation News, Advocate, CBC etc will never report anything about this story in the middle of an election.”

    you forgot to add the words ” or at any other time, unless it suits the political spin of those in office”

    Anonymous, you forget there is no free press in Barbados only a government controlled propaganda machine paid for by the taxpayers!


    while Peter Simmons may not know who his making the death threats against Marjorie Knox, you can safely bet his brother and a number of the defendents are fully aware of the government/BLP sanctioned team that has conspired to shut down all free press in Barbados including death threats for over a year now.

    According to the keltruth blog, Cable and Wireless and the RBPF now have sufficient information to start making arrests.

    Don’t hold you breath as a result of sincere protestaions of innocence.

    Nothing will happen from the, P.M., Chief Justice, Attorney-General on down. The fox is in charge of the hen house.

    Criminals in Barbados do not usually turn themselves in. They have to much of a good thing going on.

  19. MOON



  20. Adrian Loveridge

    Reality Check..

    Sir David Simmons has every possible tool available to investigate the death threats against myself and wife. All he has to do is pick up the phone and authorise it.

  21. CancerMan

    As a long term reader of BFP I am usually stunned by the level of information you print.

    However on this couple points.

    1. If KelTruth has the threats on tape – publish them. Let me hear for myself Peter Simmons threating Mrs Knox

    2. Keltruth Corp [owner of Keltruth blog] is owned by Kathleen Davis – as listed by Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations – what is her relationship to this issue.

    3. When you are anonymous or outside the jurisdiction of the courts it is easy for persons to make statements which are not accurate since they will not end up having to pay damages [plus under English law it is such that it a newspaper will invariably lose]

    4. Contrary to all statements unless Mr Loveridge makes a formal complaint to the police then why would they be doing something? Plus how much help is BFP going to give them in tracking down the person sending the threats? [Maybe they were smart and used anonymouse as suggested].

    5. All threats etc are against the Caribsurf policy on their website but again they say you have to send them an email stating the issue and giving them the routing info etc of the mails. Has this been done.

    BFP keep up the good work but please do not lower the standards that you set. Just because someone publishes something on the net does not mean it is true. Do what you usually do and check first.

  22. reality check

    cancer man

    you appear to be reading things into the keltruth blog

    Keltruth asserts that Peter Simmons made or delivered a “serious threat” that was taped.

    earlier in that article Keltruth publishes what they consider to be a death threat. They do not say that Peter Simmons made this threat nor is it likely. His English is too good for that piece of invective.

    Given what has just happened in Pakistan, threats of such a nature must be acted on immediately by the authorities or they will considered to be complicit or estopped by their political masters.

    I have no doubt that Cable and Wireless, RBFP the CJ and all concerned have enough information to start making arrests including for those threats made against Adrian Loveridge.

  23. Anonymous

    This terrorism has been going on for too long.
    It wants exposing.
    I am glad someone is finally speaking out. Barbadians are too afraid to say anything.
    This is why the journalists have to tow the line.

  24. Anonymous

    I would suggest that the action of tapping into private citizens personal telephone calls, text Messaging, and internet activities is alive and well in Barbados and very active at this time, it was first brought here under the guise of terrorism protection for the CWC and has since been put into action by Arthur, mottley and company for the purpose of this election campaign this is a totally illegal act that infringes on citizens civic rights and freedoms.

    I would like to hear more from them about this illegal action and I would it to cease right away.

    I speak with some knowledege and some history on this subject.

    Actions such as these are not to be taken lightly especially when this action is put together with his desire never to see the DLP in office again and his willingness to take on the role of DICTATOR, it brings all his actions and the actions of his party into focus and it questions their creditability and their trustworthyness.

  25. frankology

    Dear Keltruth.
    I am sure that you are aware of a political missile deemed ‘A propaganda machine’. from the eastern culture right down to the western culture, we find various political opponents using their own people to post, portray and even create an upheaval within the political divide, thus insinuating the opposing party is portraying violence and using vile language.

    Within this modern day communication culture, we must be vigilant in the way we digest information during any upcoming election, political parties interest is to win and discredit its opponent. I see a fundamental problem where a party will knowingly allow its members to post information or use vile remarks against its opponent, when the backlash of such behaviour will only destroy the credibility of the party.

    In the case of Adrian Loveridge which at the moment is decrediting the democracy of a Barbadian landscape, I feel this might be the act of a stupid individual(s) who’s only motivate is to create instability in the country, which only victim would be our guests to the island.

    I am disappointed with the blogs harmonising in behaviour stating that the Police Department is doing nothing to apprehend the perpetrators. This is careless behaviour, maybe, and I stress on maybe, if the Dems wins the election, if we will see a continuity of this type of lawless behaviour.

    Remember, propaganda is created by the same people who use such action for sympathy and empathy.

    I ask this stupid question, if The Keltruth blog is in receipt of this so-called taped threat, why don’t they place it on the internet for the world to hear. This is our country, Adrian Loveridge has the right to live and be free of any threats and be comfortable enjoying this island as his home for he and his family.

    BFP, if you or any bloggers know of the identity of these lawless perpetrators, it is your democratic right to post the names and email address of these people. Do not tell me it cannot be done, within these blogs you do allow information and connection, even the pictures of vital memos and documents from state agencies are used within your stories.

    Since that you stated of the unwillingness of the RBPF and C&W refusal to deal with these issues, the onus is now on you to expose whoever is responsible for these vile and threatening comments.

    This is not a David Thopson or Owen Arthur issue, it is pure ‘Propaganda”

  26. frankology

    CancerMan, I agree with your observation. We as a people should be able to separate partisan politics from fiction.


    BFP Comments

    Keltruth Blog states in their article that the police and cable and wireless have the information to identify and arrest the perpetrator(s). We would love to hear more on this Keltruth! Give us more information.

  27. frankology

    This Keltruth blog has the same characteristic of the Brittons Hill associated blog. With the freedom of the internet, John Public can automatically create a blog for personal usage, which unfortunately, will be lined and seasoned with personal agendas.

    I hereby asked, What is Keltruth’s agenda? Nothing positive about Barbados.


    BFP Comments

    You seem far more concerned about the agenda of a blog that publishes real court documents than the truth of what is in those court documents.

    It is an old trick to attack the messenger as an alternate to addressing the veracity of their message.

    We see the court documents published online. And just like the Ronja Juman court documents published online, the Barbados media ignores a major story because it would hurt their government masters.

    Oh no frankology… let’s stick with the truth of the matter. If the Keltruth Blog posts court documents, the first thing to ask is “are they genuine documents?”. Question number two is “Is what the documents say true?”.

    And one thing… what is the “brittons hill” blog that is associated with Keltruth Blog. We are at a loss to know the answer.

  28. frankology

    Read what I say and not what you think. I said a blog on the Brittons Hill cave has the same behavioural characteristics as this Kelthruth blog. Simply put, it has been conceptualised by people for sympathy. I never stated that Kelthruth is responsible for that blog.

  29. keltruth site

    “What is Keltruth’s agenda? Nothing positive about Barbados.”

    You not might like the message but the ” truth shall set you free”.

    Maybe their agenda is to help stop the criminality and corruption that is endemic to Barbados?

    Frankology, you really shouldn’t try and defend the indefensible.

    The keltruth story is really quite pathetic and ugly. It is a blight on every self respecting Barbadian.

  30. BFP you are spot on in your outlook, the real truth is that issues like this have no right appearing at this time in frankology’s view, so when they do appear the plan is to knock them as best as theuy can.
    The whole issue of the Simmons clan along with the issue of David SIMMONS withholding the documents of Owing’s divorce is dishonest and it corrupts the system, if our CJ and AG are dishonest where does that leave the rest of us?

  31. Anonymous

    I believe that he did it. Otherwise he would have come on this blog to deny.

    When he needed help with displacing the Water Park he used this blog and the call-in shows with monotonous regularity.

    All of those Simmonses are BLP CROOKS.

  32. Anonymous

    The problem with “Frankology and Marginal” is the fact they are despondent that the BLP has lost complete control of the News in Barbados.

    No longer do we have to wait to read BLP sanitized”news”.

    BU and BLP are filling a special void in this country. All the BLP dirty deeds are no longer being kept hidden. When the old media, The Nation, The Advocate, Starcom, CBC, refuse to carry stories that the public should know they can now turn to BU and BFP to fill in the blanks. This is causing real consternation in the BLP and their supporters the old media. Stories and more impotantly names are being broadcast for all the world to see what nastiness is going on in this country and who is involved. The bright lights of BU and BFP are shining on them and they do not like it.

    Word of warning to the DLP, once you win the Government do not expect any special favours, if you do foolishness you will bawled out the same way.

    This is the citizens of Barbados taking back their country.

  33. Jerome Hinds

    December 28, 2007 at 6:50 pm
    CancerMan, I agree with your observation. We as a people should be able to separate partisan politics from fiction.


    You have re – sufaced again ?

    BFP……have caught on to your duplicity !

    How did the handing out of your hampers… St. Michael North – West go ?

    Do you think it will be enough to stem the tide ?

  34. Jerome Hinds

    Word of warning to the DLP, once you win the Government do not expect any special favours, if you do foolishness you will bawled out the same way.

    This is the citizens of Barbados taking back their country.


    I support your view…..200 % !

    Power to Civil Society !

    That is something these BLP crooks tried to take away from Barbadians !

    Trying to SUSPEND the constitution !

    Refusing to answer calls about Government spending !

  35. Watching & Waiting

    For the record. Kathleen Davis of the Keltruth blog is Marjorie Knox’s daughter. So bloggers can judge for yourselves whether the views espoused by Keltruth are impartial.


    BFP Comments

    Everybody has an agenda. We do, and so does this commenter. The fact that someone has an agenda should be noted… but let’s talk about the truth of the court documents posted on Keltruth. Is what the documents say true? Even if the “case is still before the courts” it is major enough that the Barbados media should have reported upon it.

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  37. Who should NOT have an agenda? The Nation, the Advocate and CBC. They should report the news, period. They reported on Santa Claus visiting Sandy Lane – why haven’t they said anything about high-profile Barbadians in a Canadian lawsuit?

    Keltruth Corp. reports the news that the Nation, the Advocate and CBC won’t report. I believe that to be BFP’s agenda too.

    What is BFPE’s agenda? It appears to be a vulgar plagiarist attack on BFP and others, with some threats thrown into the mix. Should a blog exist with the sole purpose of destroying another blog? I am opposed to that agenda – I like free speech!

  38. MOON

    Mr. Peter Simmons is a very talkative individual who would never ever miss the chance to be in the limelight of hearing his voice or reading his words in print.Therefore, it is incredibly odd that he has not come out publicly to deny these death threats on innocents.

    I agree with your blogger that he should just come out immediately with a statement categorically denying death threats, burning down the home and business of these hapless individuals.His non-denial and silence speaks the loudest. GUILTY !!!

    Instead, it appears his henchmen are out with a disinformation campaign when a very very simple denial would suffice. Stop hiding, the people of Barbados would like a answer and end to this horrid saga.

    You are one of our leading citizens and truly hope the above is not true but your silence is speaking for you.


    Prime Minister Arthur once said that he must sell land to pay our bill (debts), even though it is now one of the famous things he has said publicly and then denied saying. He further stated that it is the citizens of Barbados that have pushed the price up by selling our land to foreign investors.

    If you were a foreign investor would spend millions to buy land in Barbados, conduct a feasibility or environmental impact study for a major development like condos, town-houses or a water park unless you first had at least a verbal agreement from our government that you could develop that land for the purpose intended ??? We think not !!!!!

    Would could you talk to about getting that verbal permission ?? The Chief Town Planner. But he or she could not operate without submitted architectural drawings and the relevant studies conducted. What about the Minister of Housing ?? Very Unlikely !!!

    What about the MINISTER RESPONSIBLE FOR TOWN PLANNING ???? Why of course!! after all this Minister sets policy for the land use in the island and when the rich foreign investors start threatening to take their projects to other islands there is a need to act swiftly.

    Mr. Investor, we can now see why you buy our land and almost immediately after it is bought you are able to swiftly start your multi – million dollar projects, causing the value of nearby land to climb steeply out of the reach of our citizens.

    Yes we sold our land to you Mr. Investor but you were aided in your decision to purchase our lands by the MINISTER RESPONSIBLE FOR TOWN PLANNING AND HIS LAND USE POLICY OR LACK THEREOF.


  40. Taan The Action Man
    Saturday, 29 December 2007
    His navel string may not be buried anywhere on this island, but Taan Abed’s love for the people of Barbados is very deep.

    After moving to Barbados more than 30 years ago from Damascus, Syria, there was no moving back to the East. Instead, Abed has made his plan to move forward here in the West Indies.

    In fact, he has taken up the mantle to become the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for Christ Church West to run against Barbados Labour Party (BLP) general secretary William Duguid.

    The reason to him is clear: “Barbados needs a change for the better.”

    “I choose the DLP because of my relationship with Errol Barrow and what he taught me about the DLP and its wants for every Barbadian, so I am here to give my 100 per cent.

    “I met him when I was 23 and he was in his [50s ] – 55 or 56. I was a Syrian military officer when I came to Barbados and he came to the airport and picked me up.

    “The minute I talked to him we were friends. Then I met him again and I fixed his car. He also knew my uncle very well, where I was also working at the time and we talked [about] those times too.

    “We got to know each other very well and he started to visit me. A relationship grew between us and we became very close friends. He taught me the DLP way,” Abed reminisced.

    If the decision to be a DLP candidate was clear, then seeking the Christ Church West seat was even more obvious for the mechanical engineer.

    “I chose Christ Church West because I am here living in it. I have lived here for 32 years; my wife lived there for over 49 years. In that time, I have seen no representative for the poor people, and the conditions are getting worse.

    “The area is diverse – there are very rich and very poor people. But the poor people are suffering and being neglected in housing areas like St Matthias. The roads there are horrible, the health care is awful.

    “When you see conditions of people suffering and you are close to them and you speak to them one by one, you see their major concerns. Cost of living is No. 1, and health care is a great concern for the people in Christ Church West. I have to do something about it. I have to help the people and I can.”

    Dubbed the “the action man”, a very passionate Abed pledged to be the best representative, promising proper representation across all social, ethnic, religious and political boundaries.

    “My priorities are to give the basic human needs of education and religion. I am a firm believer in God and Jesus and I want to bring religion back to our lives. I want it back in the school system.

    “The only solution to control crime in this country is through religion and education,” Abed stressed.

    So after serving his duty in the Syrian military airforce, where afterwards, in 1995, he migrated to Kuwait, he found his solace in Barbados with a visit to his family.

    “Here is where I met my beautiful wife and I have been married for more than 28 years to a beautiful Barbadian woman. And when I married my wife, I married Barbados. I have three children, a daughter and two sons, all of them born and bred right here in Barbados.

    “So I want to give back to this country for what it has given me.”

  41. If there was any doubt about our freedom and our DEMOCRACY it is now a proven fact that it is under sever threat.


  42. It has everything to do with the abuse of PRIME MINISTERIAL POWER and the reach this POWER has into the regular MEDIA.

    I will deliver to you the facts pertaining to this event but I am awaiting the required documents.

    It really is a very sad day in the live of Barbados when the abuse of POWER can and is taken to the extreme as it has been taken in this manipulation of the freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of association.

    We are dealing with a CABINET and in PARTICULAR A PRIME MINISTER who is bent on POWER to continue to carry out his illegal actions against honest BARBADIANS, bent on not having an OPPOSITION to OPPOSE his activity and his dishonest actions.


  43. question to WIV

    While I agree that Barbados is a country where land approvals are available to those who show their dutiful appreciation to the grantors of those permissions, could you please advise of the relationship between the Abed running for Christ Church and the Abed who has told everyone that he has approvals to develop the Chancery Lane swamp lands without the normal Town Hall Meetings and full disclosure to the parish?

    Also do you believe that green spaces and National Parks ( over 6,000 petitioners ) have any place in the long term scheme of things for Barbadians?

    This issue has been outstanding for some time and the DLP has steadfastly refused to take a position?

    Now that the election has called, maybe you can advise us?

  44. question to WIV 2


    your silence is deafening?

  45. Of course Green spaces must be maintained beyond and shadow of doubt.

  46. question to WIV 3


    This is somewhat of an evasive answer

    the 6,000 plus Barbadian petitioners are asking for the entire watershed to be protected with a National Park and not just the “”maintenance” of the very tight Ramsar Treaty lines. This would avoid future and greater pollution of the watershed as well as prevent calculating and unprincipled politicians from accepting short term economic gains rather than giving long term green spaces for the benefit of all Barbadians.

    What about your position on the Greenland dump and the The National Park in the Scotland District?

    You see WIV, the citizens of Barbados are facing an election in two weeks and leadership requires integrity and vision. Where do you you and your party stand on these issues?


  47. anonymous

    This is silly, but proves that our David Simmons is the most famous of all:

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