Source: Nation News Printed Controversial Hardwood Advert Because Of Barbados Blogs

“The blogs are bigger on the internet than we are…” (actual quote from Nation News management meeting about printing the Hardwood Housing advert)

Chickens Come Home To Roost At The Nation News

Today’s Sunday Sun contains a political advertisement asking about the Hardwood Housing scandal that says it was paid for by “A Group of Small, Black Barbadian Taxpayers”. Whether this “group” is comprised of a couple of neighbours from Grape Hall – or is actually an increasingly well-funded DLP committee, is of secondary importance. What is important is that after initially refusing to publish the ad “under advice of counsel”, (that’s what the backers of the advert were told), senior management at The Nation had second thoughts.

You see, the “advice of counsel” that was said to be the reason for not running the advert was only an excuse.

The Nation has a problem and this little episode with an advert illustrates it perfectly.

New winds are blowing in Barbados and senior management at The Nation have been the government’s lapdog for so long that they find themselves caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Here is their dilemma…

IF the Nation runs such a hard-hitting anti-BLP advertisement, and the BLP wins the next election – management fears they will suffer the consequences. However, if the Nation refuses to run the advertisement and the DLP wins the next election, management fears they will suffer the consequences.

Nation News Management In A Tizzy With Indecision

According to our internal Nation source, senior management at the paper had second thoughts about not running the advert when one of the staffers brought up the fact that if the paper refused, Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground would be carrying the story anyway and (Actual QUOTE from the meeting) “The blogs are bigger on the internet than we are.”

As our readers consider the accuracy of the above inside story, they should be aware that this is the same internal source who tipped us off on the rape allegations against Nation editor Roy Morris four weeks before the regular media dared to carry the story. During the Roy Morris train wreck, this internal source also told us that Anne Gittens loaned her car to Morris to help him avoid the police during the first few days and that journalist Timothy Slinger camped out on the doorstep of Police Commissioner Dottin to call in a favour for Roy Morris – to have the investigation sidetracked.

So do we believe our source when they tell us that senior management ran the advert in large part because of the blogs?

Yes we do. Our readers can make up their own minds.

We do know that if the Nation News had stood its ground years ago instead of crawling on its belly every time the government wanted to control the news, the country’s largest newspaper would not be the hollow and weak institution it is now. If the Barbados media is to regain the respect of the people, it must first think of nothing but integrity.
Message to the Editors of The Nation News: Back when you were wet-behind-the-ears interns you learned of something called “journalistic integrity”. Its time you pulled out your old textbooks and took a refresher course.

Barbados Underground received an email from (we think) the same source that you can view at BU link here.

Here is the advert. Click to see full size…




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31 responses to “Source: Nation News Printed Controversial Hardwood Advert Because Of Barbados Blogs

  1. Jerome Hinds

    Well I have been informed that more than 5,000 persons braved the chilly night air and journeyed to St. Paul’s Avenue to absorb the BITING assualt from the DLP platform !

    I am doubtful if Owen Arthur can bear this pressure any longer……he is already beginning to take it out on his CARICOM colleagues !

    Keith Mitchell was the latest victim of Owen Arthur’s acerbic tongue !

    But whether the Ad was paid for by the ” Poor Black ” boys……( a term that Owen Arthur despises with a VENGEANCE ) or the DLP….the message is CLEAR !

    Owen Arthur……is yet to ANSWER those questions and more relating to this HARDWOOD issue !

    Where is our so called First World leader EXAMPLE on ” Good Governance ” & ” Conflict of Interest ” issues…..?

    You mean tell Barbadians that a Minister of the CROWN

    **** Can be so intimately involved in…….sourcing materials for a Private agency using the State,s appartus…..????

    You mean to tell Barbadians that Tony Hoyos

    *** can sit on EGFL Board and lend Money to Hardwood Inc. of which he is also on the Board Directors…???

    ***Then Tony Hoyos can turn around and sanction a $ 2000.00 ENTERTAINMENT Allowance……..which can only be REDEEMED at AQUA RESTAURANT…..which is owned by Tony Hoyos & Colin Brewer……?????

    And OWING AFTER…..says he is too BUSY to investigate this ISSUE !

    Barbados is on FIRE……not only SPRING GARDEN !!!!!! !

  2. Wishing in Vain

    And the scam goes deeper than we first thought, The amazing revelation in todays Nation where this lady could be given an allowance of $ 2,000.00 to be spent at AQUA now let me also suggest that she is not the only one from HARDWOOD HOUSING with an allowance such as this one for use at AQUA, lets us look at the reality of this matter HOYOS as Charirman of HARDWOOD HOUSING, DIRECTOR of EGFL, PARTNER AND DIRECTOR AQUA, and a board member of the Central Bank of Barbados, Now can it be that HOYOS could be part of an arrangement that would permit gov’t funds from EGFL via HARDWOOD HOUSING to be directed to HOYOS private enterprise in gov’t funded allowances at nearly half of this ladies salary.

    This is a sickening case of dishonesty in public office carried out with the blessing of the idiot ASSCOLL and HOYOS who is the Chairman of HARDWOOD HOUSING.

  3. Wishing in Vain

    You are very correct in your outlook on the meeting tonight, it was hard hitting and insightful, what about the revelation that came out this evening that Owing withdrew $ 7,000.00 from the St.Peter Development Fund and paid to the courts to keep a family member of his new wife out of prison !!!
    Who’s money is this anyway?


    Hi WIV, bfp george here.

    More details please! Anything in print or on video yet?

  4. cheesecutter

    i cant belive it .the chairman of hardwood is part owner of Aqua resturant{entertainment allowance}. how much more of we money he tekin though?soon from now we gine here Hardwood housing renting equipment from ‘malik with teeth’.
    i feeling real giddy. na wonder Noel ‘our finest hour ‘ Lynch get vex when david ellis ask he how he get rich so quick.
    and fa gettin vex he get another 20 or 30 grand.

  5. cheesecutter

    Nuh wonda these people dus want we vote fuh them.

  6. Tony

    With all this nonsense that is going on and the people in Barbados don’t wake up God help them. This Gov’t is corrupt and just on this basis they cannot be given a fourth term. Gov’ts usually become complacent in a third term but this one has gone overboard.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    It was one of the sharpest meetings that I have attended, it was sharp because all the speakers chose an aspect and dealt with it in great detail, there is a feeling that there should be a motion of no confidence in the very poor performance of the Speaker of the house in last Tuesdays sitting where the Leader of the Opposition stated that he was unfairly treated by the speaker of the house, as he stated tonight when he presented a list of names to be called during his presentation this list was refused but ASSCOLL and Liz Thompson were free to name a list of names without ever presenting them to the speaker of the house, as Mr Thompson stated tonight in his opinion the house has now dissolved and they are now ready for the date of the election.

  8. Littleboy

    Desperation is setting in. Look out Barbados!!!
    Why all the bad behaviour from the supporters of the BLP??? Are they afraid the public is on to their theifing???
    If Owen does not call an election soon, we will all have to demonstrate on the streets and force him to call it. Failure to do so will result in MORE skulduggery and greater havoc will be wrecked on our treasury.

  9. Adrian Loveridge

    I believe that all winners in the second annual Piggies in the Trough Award should receive a monthly ‘entertainment allowance’ of $2,000 for one year, that can only be used at the Aqua Restaurant.

    I would also suggest that the Enterprise Growth Fund Limited sponsors the prizes.

  10. Jerome Hinds

    Yes…….serious THIEFING…….!

    Where is the voice of FRANKOLOGY & ROYALRUMBLE …….?

    They both said David Thompson was DELAYING the No – Confidence Motion !

  11. Observing

    Trivilisation of the issue yet once again by our Prime Minister

    “IF HARDWOOD is the main issue for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), then it must be a vote of confidence and admission that “all is well”.

    Little Boy you’re right. We may have to run them out, not solely because of what they’ve done, but because of their arrogance and contempt for my taxpayers’ dollars and right to answers.

  12. Leviticus

    You will not hear from them. They know when to lie low. They would have to explain that $7,000.00 St. Peter Development Fund cheque which the PM had issued to get Kelvin Price – his wife’s brother – out of prison. That was a devastating revelation by Chris Sinckler last night. The people all around me were totally dumbfounded.

    One man said that the Dems – just like BU and BFP – have established beyond question nthat Owen Arthur is dishonest. To take up money raised to help poor people in St. Peter and use it to get a well known crook like Kelvin Price to get out of prison, is totally corrupt.

  13. smellfish

    What dumbfounds me is how anyone from the working class – i.e. with family, household, friends and work commitments on any given day – can spend as much as $2,000 a month in any restaurant. It’s simply not possible! Smelling very fishy!

  14. Datsun 750000 cc

    So when is this march/demonstration to these criminals out of power. They should be a demonstration every day until they are forced to call elections. We small ppl cannot take this pressure of teffin and corruption no more. I mean Lord haveis mercy … he did not have to take up the poor ppl 7000 dollars like that.

    I still reeling in shock and disgust. He and his wife doan wuk? Not that kind of wuk you pervs. I mean wuk as in a job.

    Look Mr. DLP organize some marches or something … If you think parliament is dissolved moblise us ppl into marching action to vote protest these thugs out of gov’ment or something. WE CANNOT TAKE ANY MORE!!!!

  15. frankology

    Where is the voice of FRANKOLOGY & ROYALRUMBLE …….?

    They both said David Thompson was DELAYING the No – Confidence Motion !
    I also have a life, a wife and children. Anyway, I was following my best vice, motorsports. I was at Bushy Park having a fun time.

    Yes, I was adamant in the No-confidence having a swift passage through Parliament. I was and still of the believe that no stones to be place in the way to curtail, delay or place procrastinated elements in the way. I was also angry in the adjournment of the debate to deal with other issues that could have been delayed until the motion is finish.

    What I am against is the tactics of refusing to continue the debate in Parliament, using the speaker as an excuse. No speaker in Barbados’ history has been neutral in submission, you will always find some element of partisanship within their deliberations, remember the speaker is still a member of Parliament and is still committed to the party first and foremost.

    I prefer to comment on things tangible and not based on innuendos or hearsays.

  16. the duke

    Let us force them to hell out of office now ,i hope by now the whole of barbados wake up and do the right thing and vote them out

  17. frankology

    All those impostors using other people’s name should detest in doing so. The vile language is doing no good for Barbados and its image abroad. If you cannot produce a clean comment, keep from the blogs.

  18. U. Goodenough

    Re Vaucluse: Thanks for the identification of the favourite vice, and knowing you possibly were rubbing shoulders with some of the lawless at Bushy Park.

    We take comfort in understanding why you have worked so hard to justify the criminal nature of the illegal paved agriculural field in St Thomas.

    Many are not yet converted to evading the law, but give it time, the young ones are coming.

  19. frankology

    Thanks for the identification of the favourite vice, and knowing you possibly were rubbing shoulders with some of the lawless at Bushy Park.
    No verbal response is necessary.

  20. crazymiike033

    BFP removed this post as offensive.

  21. Observing

    Crazy Mike. That not nearly funny.
    Let’s deal the effective blows above the belt where they are landing solidly and effectively.
    Stoop to their level and you’re no better than them. Of course, unless you are them.


    BFP Comments,

    The post linked to a terribly offensive photo and has been removed. Thanks for alerting us, Observing.

  22. Observing

    sigh. Could BFP delete the above contribution as well. It’s useless. Also, I sent you guys an email.

    The only thing worse than fear of a government is a government fearful of losing power.

  23. Adrian Loveridge

    Daily death threats,
    threats to burn down our hotel
    and now deeply offensive posts under my wife’s name.

    And still no response from our Member of Parliament or Royal Barbados Police Force.

    Doesn’t it tell you something?

  24. littleboy

    A L
    Do not let them get to you.
    I face abuse EVERYDAY, but console myself with the fact that I am making a contribution to the maintenance of DEMOCRACY, which is currently under serious threat from this BLP regime.
    Also, those who indulge in this type of behaviour are cowards!!!
    However, it gives me some hope that the Democratic Labour Party are on the right track with the proposed integrity legislation.

  25. Wishing in Vain

    I recently heard on the radio that the DLP have taken the decision not to return to the House of Assembly for the rest of this year in protest about the show of disrespect by mottley and in particular the role of the speaker in this debate.

    They have since taken the decision to prosecute ASSCOLL in the public forum minus the benefit of Parliamentary privilege and where they speak with freedom as opposed to the restrictions that were imposed as was the case with the Speaker requesting a list of the names to be called by the Leader of the Opposition and refusing to allow him to called any of the names provided but still on the other hand he allows ASSCOLL and liz thompson to rampage and call whoever’s name they wanted to.

    I agree that the halls of Parliament have been corrupted and distorted by this current adminstration and the only option is to prosecute using the only means left at their disposal, that is to talk directly to the people of the Nation, March or to Protest in any other form that they can legally do so.

    The best course that the missing from debates owing arthur can take is to take progressive steps and call the election right away.

    We are tired and frustrated by our present lack of honesty, trust, and caring by this gang of crooks and criminals.

    I suggest if the party decides to hold the meeting tomorrow to further prosecute the crook ASSCOLL that we all turn out in our numbers and show our support for the actions of our Loyal Opposition.

    May I also beg you Mr Thompson please not to ease your willingness to charge all of those that have been involved in dishonesty, bribery, fraud, corruption and those that have raped the treasury, during the life of this current administration, they need to be dealt with and to be dealt with firmly and swiftly.

  26. Leviticus

    Listen Prime Minister Owen Arthur, save that for your friends. Your cussing doesn’t move Barbadians anymore. We are NOT AFRAID of you.

    You have no tactics or strategy to frighten us anymore and your shelf life is over. You have been unmasked! The best thing for you to do is retire and look at the Piggies on the Trough Award!

  27. Wishing in Vain

    The Voice will be heard loudly and clearly, the reality is the regular media has been trapped in a position where the fear of our laws is such that they operate in constant expectation of libel suits lets just look at the sillyness of the NOELESS LYNCH threat to sue VOB the effect was I will pay because I may or may not have said something offensive to the clown but in an effort to avoid court proccedings I will pay you.

    The libel and defamation laws are urgently in need of a review and I was happy to see that this was taken into consideration by Mr David Thompson in his motion to the house, until such time that the laws are updated and brought into this century we will continue to have the likes of VOB and the Nation being fearful of what they publish.

    I see that the Nation online is rather late today I wonder if they are trying to decide what to put up on the site, is it the Speaker, mottley and Mr millar making idiots of themselves in the house or will it be the DLP press conference and the news of the MASS MEETING tonight in HERO’S SQUARE ?

  28. Wishing in Vain


    We need to meet , hear and learn the truth about ASSCOLL and HIS HARDWOOD HOUSING FIASCO.

  29. Bajanroots

    Now what Mr.Hoyos does to his poor wife is a human rights violation, he has turned off utilities for this pretty American woman he brought to our shores electrictity on the beach, leaves her without food for months at a time. She has no family here and lived here shortly before he filed . She is so lonely , depressed and in shock!

    She was assaulted after his kind gift of turning off her utilities as if that was not bad enough!

    You wonder if anyone can help her…show her that there is kindness in Bajans that to not jude us by the actions of Mr.Hoyos!!!

    He has also gave her no money for lawyers has their son refuses to let her even speak to him. Break down he caused.. He did nasty things to MS Newman of Champers their neighbors the desuzas on Worthing Beach.

    All these people lived his cruelty!!!!

    If he can do this to his wife he says he once loved took vows to commit to commited adultery left her caused her to have a break down , turned off utilities while her mom lay dying ! ( SUDDENLY) Of course he would think nothing of robbing the poor…for his own benifit.. as in hardwood scandal.

    Does rich mean you have the right to be nasty and vile person..

    He got the poor woman out here and leaves her without food and she is so emotionally fragile and sometimes one wonders when she will take her life, after all he told her mom before stres claimed her life that his wife ( she should commit suicide..).This is just as good as him taking a gun and doing it himself..Actually , he just keeps tormenting her sticking the knife in inch by inch in her heart.

    He uses their child who looks like the MOM.

    Many will blame him…..if she does. go off the deep end and commits suicide….She wants help everytime I see hert she is crying for their son..
    I can’t imagine what she has lived and I feel sorry for the impovershed people at the taxpayers expense he took for a ride…

    I hope prison teaches him to be humble

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