Prime Minister Warns Barbados Largest Newspaper… You Better Stop Talking About Hardwood Or Else!

Government Suppression Of Barbados News Media Continues

(Prime Minister Owen Arthur) also called for balance in the media, especially THE NATION newspaper which he urged to avoid manipulation by the DLP.

“There is a deliberate attempt to manipulate public opinion in this country and it is being led by certain persons who have the leadership of THE NATION newspaper … the Labour Party is nearly 70 years old and we have gone through the hottest fires and have come out our finest stage.”

… Nation News report on PM’s speech at Mia Mottley’s nomination (link here)

Irony And Much Truth In Owen Arthur’s Statement

The very day that the Nation News dared to print a citizens’ group advertisement that asks damning questions about the Hardwood Housing scandal, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to show his displeasure with the paper’s management for being so disloyal to the government.

Oh, the message was couched in somewhat innocuous language, but make no mistake friends – the Nation News has just been warned by the Prime Minister to behave itself and continue to act as a government mouthpiece.

The irony of the situation comes from the truth of Arthur’s statement that “There is a deliberate attempt to manipulate public opinion in this country and it is being led by certain persons who have the leadership of THE NATION newspaper”

For years the Nation Newspaper has protected the government by withholding facts and news from the Barbados public. Major news stories are often ignored or only partially reported weeks after the fact if they embarrass the government. The Nation News has been the government’s lapdog for years, and so far remains a good little doggy except for this one doo-doo.

This latest citizens’ advertisement was not hard-hitting investigative journalism by The Nation News – it was a paid advert that the senior management didn’t want to run but had to out of shear embarrassment. (See BFP’s Source: Nation News Printed Controversial Hardwood Advert Because Of Barbados Blogs)

Nation News Deliberately Ignores The Ronja Juman Story

Charles Leacock QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions for Barbados, misused his power to have the police harass his former tenant to collect back rent. He had a corrupt police officer named Sgt. Paul Vaughan use an illegal, blank pre-signed search warrant to raid the home of Mrs. Ronja Juman in the middle of the night. Her family was terrorized and she was dragged off to the police station and subjected to a vaginal search to humiliate and further terrorize her.

Over back rent.

During a kangaroo court trial the judge fraudulently changed the court records and the Director of Public Prosecutions acted as both a private complainant and in his official capacity. The “accused” Ronja Juman * was not allowed a lawyer at her trial.

The court documents that prove all this are posted online for all to see right here.

But the Nation News will not cover the story.

The Prime Minister shouldn’t be too worried. His faithful media lapdog made a small doo-doo in publishing the Hardwood Housing advertisement, but it is a mistake that the cowardly dog of a newspaper probably won’t make again.

* * (Mrs. Juman’s first name is spelled two ways in various court documents “Ronya” and “Ronja”)



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58 responses to “Prime Minister Warns Barbados Largest Newspaper… You Better Stop Talking About Hardwood Or Else!

  1. Wishing in Vain

    Maybe if he were to stay off the rum and the corruption he would be in a much better position than he is at present.

    How can he blame the Nation for he loosing his grip over them, they are merely bowing to the public pressure to be free, honest and fair in their reporting of matters and if this action happens to expose he and his corrupt gov’t ministers and back benchers so be it, but the people will not rest until elections are call and we are allowed to vote to evict these bastards from around us.

    It is also extremely revealing to me to read in the Nation that Hoyos could state that, He said Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance Clyde Mascoll, who is at the centre of a no-confidence motion expected to resume tomorrow in the House of Assembly, had nothing to do with the company now.

    “Minister Mascoll plays no role in the factory whatsoever. He may have before, I have no idea I can’t answer to what he did in the formation of the company since I’ve taken over as chairman he’s attended no board meetings,” Hoyos said.

    Now in saying this it is an admission that he played a role in the company before but is no longer doing so, so it is confirmed that he was involved for some while in the day to day affairs of HARDWOOD HOUSING.

    I also notice that none of the reporters chose to address him on the obvious dishonest action of paying a entertainment allowance to staff members to be used at only AQUA this is a company that his is director of receiving a fixed income from a comapny that he is Chairman of using taxpayers monies of that has been funded by a loaner company that he is director of, in other words he has set about channelling taxpayers word worked for monies to his private restaurant businness for his benefit and the benefit of Colin Brewer the same one with an inside track to duty free shops at GAIA.

  2. i cant see why de media cant publish wa dum feel like, i like owen but he wrong fuh telling de media to stop de hardwood issue, even if um did softwood, de media got all rights ta publish wa dem feel like as long as its nothing personal about someone without their consent, to me de media doing a good job

  3. Adrian Loveridge

    Sadly, very few journalists and willing to ask legitimate and probing questions, possibly due to the $60,000 award made against StarCom to Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch and thats why these bloggs continue to be so important.

    The number of Government (taxpayer, least anyone forget) companies has skyrocketed during this administration.

    I want to pose a question:

    Just how many of these entities grant their employees, managers or even directors a $2,000 monthly ‘entertainment allowance’ that can only be used in one restaurant?

  4. Bajanboy

    I cannot believe that in the press conference held by the chairman and general manager of Hardwood as reported in the Nation, no one asked Tony Hoyos why an essentially government owned company at which he was chairman was giving staff entertainment allowances redeemable only at Aqua, a restaurant he owns. Journalists today are nothing more than a bunch of weak, impotent idiots.

  5. John

    I see William Duguid has a new TV station in Barbados called BLP TV to broadcast live.

    Wonder if he needs a licence.

  6. Anonymous

    I couldn’t see such manipulation of the printed press happening in Trinidad! – they enjoy a free press. perhaps even too free!

  7. Sargeant

    Hmmmm…… A government in power for 13 years have an issue with the DLP manipulating the media. The same newspaper which publishes every ministers’ utterances as if they are gospel. (How many times have we heard the words “Barbados finest hour”) . Where news conferences are held and Minister’s statements and answers are not challenged. This government did not want a strong opposition, it did not want a weak opposition, it did not want any opposition does anyone remember the BLP musing during the last election that they wanted to win all 30 seats.

    When the head of government talks about the press in these terms every Bajan should be alarmed since punitive action will surely follow.

  8. Adrian Loveridge

    I listened to Mr Tony Hoyos explanation very carefully on Down to Brass Tacks today and he quoted ‘neccessary entertaintment’.

    WHAT ‘neccessary entertainment’ would employees of a company have to build low cost housing?

    Also Mr Hoyos has not addressed the lease and lease or invoice back equipment issue.

  9. Velzo

    I see William Duguid has a new TV station in Barbados called BLP TV to broadcast live.

    BLP doesn’t need a TV station as long as CBC is around!

  10. Wishing in Vain

    Frankology is one that is so typical of the membership of the blp, jumping from here there and everywhere when the pressure is applied.

    The clown Tony Hoyos is on the call in show making a complete as of himself, he can talk to the cows come home based on the evidence todate I have to side with the lady who was employed by HARDWOOD HOUSING as not a lot of anything coming out of ASSCOLLS or HOYOS’s mouth has been honest or truthful, when Hoyos was just asked who signed the cheques in the past at HARDWOOD HOUSING his reply, senior members of staff no names provided here, when asked why he refused to address the issuse of the lady and her claim that the entertainment allowance was to be used at Aqua exclusively his reply that many things were discussed but this was not one.

    He is rambling now addressing the issue of vehicle rentals this is a sad case of bad management and corruption.

  11. lest we forget

    lest we forget

    do people forget the BLP manipulation of power from the outset.

    There was the stacked BLP meeting at the St Andrews church while the local citizens were being intimidated by police at the Greenland site who were simply being
    given an informed tour and trying to find out what was going on.

    Even then the use of intimidation and suppression of information was in full force.

    The decision to place the dump in Greenland was not made on good environmental and economic advice but rather how to quickly and easily dispose of David Simmons campaign promise to his constituents and the owners of Sandy Lane to get rid of Mt Stinkeroo.

    This decision alone to steamroll a bad decision over the people of St Andrew and the citizens of Barbados has cost many many millions of Dollars.

    For this reason alone David Simmons is not fit to be employed by the citizens let alone hold the position as Chief Justice.

  12. pookalooka

    I here listening to Ellis right now….Ellis is a good man… The JOKER HOYOS cannot give a price at how much he build a price at because it would be a “competitive disadvantage” … what the hell? Like you cannot ask the person who buy the house???

    So he ask ellis if he agree, and ellis say he gine see what other ppl have to say…good goin Ellis! LOL

    Big ramgate teef. T2000 “Terminator” Hoyos. Sound like a big joke.

  13. Pookalooka

    And another thing, we do not want to here nuttin from the Nation News paper after the DLP win elections.

    YOu are a has been and been proven as a yeller lappy dog press bowing to its master and filled with fleas. You have no credibility left.

    NO ONE wants to read you or anything you have to say anymore.

    Neither do we believe or take anything that you report. So you may as well close down now and find useful occupation.

  14. Sargeant

    I also listened to Mr. Hoyos today and he said that the question of the $2000.00 entertainment allowance was not raised at his press conference, why wouldn’t any journalist worth his salt inquire about that? If it is untrue, why wouldn’t Mr. Hoyos sought to clear his name in that setting? Mr Hoyos also said in response to questions surrounding some decisions made that he wasn’t at EGFL at that time. One would have thought that in view of the controversy surrounding this company that Mr. Hoyos would acquaint himself with the file. On the other hand a cynic would say that he knows the answers but refuses to let us know as they would confirm our suspicions.

    Someting stinks…….

  15. frankology

    Frankology is one that is so typical of the membership of the blp, jumping from here there and everywhere when the pressure is applied.
    Wrong again WIV. I look for weaknesses in both parties. I deal with issues when partisan statements are made without facts. I am a wild cannon that can strike any target, but please, do not align me with the BLP. Spare me the pain.

  16. Brutus

    Let’s be fair – Hoyos is making a good defence so far.

    He said that as far as he was aware the entertainment allowance was not exclusive to Aqua. The lady should therefore provide evidence of her claim.

    Hoyos said that the lease of the equipment from the CEO is on market terms. This seems reasonable but the question should have been asked whether the CEO was making a profit on the arrangement and why such an arrangement was necessary. If the CEO as a poor black man could obtain the lease why not Hardwood?

    Did someone ask whether the contracts Hardwood got from government had been put out to tender? If so I did not hear the response.

    The question should also have been asked why did Enterprise Growth Fund approve the initial financing based on a business plan that was so deficient that it now has to be totally revamped. Were they promised land by government or did they just assume that land would be easy to get?

    Also, is the company getting preferential treatment from Government in terms of contract work, but yet still claiming to be in the market competing with other private contractors? Is this fair?

  17. Hants

    This Hardwood housing saga is a cesspool of incompetence and stupidity with a healthy dose of smoke and mirrors.
    Mascoll’s “poor black man” had enough finances to buy equipment and lease to Hardwood housing.

    Let us hope Hoyos will have enough pride to use his accounting and managerial skills to save the company and build houses for the less fortunate citizens of Barbados.

  18. John

    lest we forget
    December 10, 2007 at 4:12 pm
    lest we forget

    There was the stacked BLP meeting at the St Andrews church while the local citizens were being intimidated by police at the Greenland site who were simply being given an informed tour and trying to find out what was going on.

    I thought the meeting was at the Alleyne School but I was not there.

    I understand that after the walking tour of Greenland a group walked over to the meeting to see what was going on.

    I understand that about the time that group arrived at the school there was a power cut in the area and the Police advised the powers that be they could not guarantee their safety.

    It was getting dark and it was all the way down in St. Andrew!!

    Politicians and BLP supporters scattered and cars streamed out of the school.

    I understand the arriving group from Greenland was surprised to watch the stampede and wondered what had happened.

    The meeting at the school had been for the benefit of the residents of St. Andrew but no A cars could be seen in the rush to get out of St. Andrew!!!

    My recollection is that The Lowdown the following Friday described what happened and carried an exerpt from Sparrow’s Calypso as an illustration of the rapidity with which the rent a crowd and its politicians got out of St. Andrew!!

    “….. the lizard run up the hill and it disappear. Everybody was searching everywhere……!!”

    Must have been the same St. Andrew monkey that shut down the island last year.

  19. Where?

    Where they say they going build these houses?

  20. Straight talk

    In answer to Hoyos’ defence :-

    Thompys revelation of the lease arrangement documentation was :-

    Simpson & Consolidated to Murrell $25,031
    Murrell to Hardwood Housing $52,237

    Profit for the Poor Black Man $27,206
    (that is if he actually paid anything)

    Twice Market Price.
    Economist 101 Mascoll says it saves taxpayer’s money!

    As for the BIDC formulated Business Plan, someone should be reprimanded and sent for retraining.
    Same goes for the EGF scrutiny staff who recommended this plan to the board.

    What puzzles me is that no investigation into the inadequacy of the original plan was put in place when Hardwood came back for another million.

    Did no-one ask where the money had gone,
    or checked the paperwork for the items on the original “Indicative Term Sheet”.

    It should have been immediately apparent that Plant and Equipment had been leased, even though $350,000 had been allocated.

    More amazing is that this same $350,000 Plant and Equipment reappears on the second Indicative Term Sheet, and no alarm bells rang!

    What do this EGF approvals committee base their decisions on …..guesswork, scattered chicken bones or orders from above when doling out taxpayers money.

    We now have the chairman of HHF crowing that he has formulated a superior plan for success when he failed in his fiduciary duty to the taxpayers when not questioning Murrell’s flawed idea as a EGF director.

    One of many questions successfully evaded was the composition of HHFL’s original board.

    There will be more to come.

  21. gentle jim

    I think Mr Hoyos should stay out of the Politics. His slip is showing. I would never trust a person who covers their mouth when they talk.”OLD WIVES SAYING”

  22. Hants

    Hardwood Housing is supposed to be a Factory mass producing houses. That is my understanding of the purpose for which funds were advanced.

    They should be producing basic houses and warehousing the basic houses until someone places an order.

    This is not rocket science. There are housing factories in North America that work on this principle.

    The factory workers build and the salespeople go out and sell.

  23. airport authority

    maybe someone can advise we stupid citizens?

    wasn’t Hoyos head of the airport authority and didn’t he end up with some of the contracts at the airport?

    Wasn’t this so called private board set up to bring independence and integrity to the process?

    What was involved in the tendering process?

  24. freedom anyone?

    Owen they call it freedom of the press…freedom of expression…freedom of speech… when people speak their mind for or against the government. I am speaking here about the people who put you in government.

    Do you have a problem with that?

  25. Lady Anon

    At the end of the day, low-income Barbadians WILL NOT be able to get any sort of housing solution. Not from Hardwood, not from NHC.

    What is the reverse Midas? Whatever the government touches turns to s**t!

  26. crazymiike033

    BFP removed this post as offensive.

  27. Wishing in Vain

    ASCOLL and his fate was decided sometime ago when he was bought out by owing at the expense of mottley and company, it must be extremely amusing to mottley to be sitting and watching he and the PM taking a pounding at the hands of the Opposition Leader Mr David Thompson.

    The moraless beast that mia the biter mottley is can still stand and support this crook and vagabond puerly because they want him to win a seat for them, I have news for all of them in that party he and them should be resigning themselves to finding work where ever they can find it because after this next election their services will no longer be required.

    When a PM can support the level of stealing, blatant corruption, fruad, bribery and dishonesty as he has and to have made no attempt to address these glaring misfits he to stands charged will a gross neglect of duty, sadly he cannot attempt to censor because he would first have to censor himself !!

    How does this get done?

    The extent of the arrogance towards the population and callous nature of his management of the affairs of this island leaves us with no choice but to dispose of he and every member of his cabinet in no uncertain terms, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE FIRST AND THEN LET US PROCEED TO CHARGE THOSE THAT NEED TO BE CHARGED WITH CORRUPTION, FRAUD, BRIBERY, MISUSE OF PUBLIC FUNDS, AND THEN MOVE THEM AFTER BEING FOUND GUILTY TO THE BRAND NEW PRISON AT DODDS.

    May I also suggest that the search be extended to include the likes of not only Ministers but the likes of the inner circle such as HALLAM NICHOLLS, GLYNE BANNISTER, RODNEY WILKINSON, RICHARD COX, SHOREY ET AL.

  28. pledies

    Don’t forget some kind of very firm penalties for the press such as nation news and starcom for their part in this fiasco.

    They need to be fully investigated and reported to any regional or international bodies for their role in this travesty of justice.

    They are guilty as charged.

  29. Wishing in Vain

    Owing having worked himself into a corner that he is unable to extract himself from is now finding his options for calling an election dissappearing fast and with ech passing day his voting base is being attacked and is declining mainly due to his own actions to attempt to be the DICTATOR and the return of the second HITLER, thank god the people of Barbados have been exposed to his manner and his style and his dishonesty in office just look at who he aligns with to get an idea of what he is about!!!

  30. Wishing in Vain

    pledies, you are so correct they need to be dealt with by the subscribers to their papers they need to halt the subscription for 6 months and see how they like the feel of that squeeze.

  31. Wishing in Vain

    BY REUDON EVERSLEYCHANGE IS EASILY the most dominant feature of modern life. We hear stories daily of how people around the world are coping with change at home, in the workplace, community and country.

    Right-sizing, re-engineering and repositioning are among common buzzwords in business parlance. They describe strategies companies are adopting in response to economic, technological and other changes.

    Driven mainly by globalisation and other economic and social pressures, change is also forcing individuals to rethink traditional ideas and approaches to work, education and other key aspects of life.

    Barbadians once believed a job with Government or certain companies made them set for life. Change has shifted this perspective to the point where there’s gradual acceptance that people are now more likely to hold several jobs in a lifetime.

    Change has always been a central feature of the human experience. The only real difference today is the speed and scope. Sometimes you haven’t fully adjusted to one form of change before another comes knocking. Change is everywhere and it’s affecting everyone and everything.

    After 13 years of Barbados Labour Party (BLP) rule, the winds of political change are blowing. A significant percentage of the population wants a change of Government.

    The BLP has repeatedly reminded Barbadians of the need to change. Yet, a strange scenario now exists, where the BLP is asking to be exempted from change. According to its reasoning, change is fine so long as it doesn’t result in its removal from office.

    Changing the Government, Prime Minister Owen Arthur argued last July, amounted to “gambl(ing) with the future . . .”. Ironically, the same argument could’ve been used against the largely inexperienced BLP team back in 1994. Yet they were given a chance. The Democratic Labour Party deserves no less.

    “He who rejects change is the architect of decay,” observed former British Prime Minister, the late Sir Harold Wilson. Instead of decay, a change of government offers hope for a beautiful spring of exciting opportunities and possibilities.

    A change of government is good psychologically for a country. It proves democracy is alive and well. In Barbados’ case, change surely can answer the growing national cry for a fresh start with new leadership, ideas and approaches.

    Change, not more of the same from a tired BLP, is the only meaningful solution for ending the present despair. Embrace the opportunity!

  32. change needed

    I think anonymous means RUIN BARBADOS FOREVER not rule, cause by de time dem done we gine tek forever to recover.

  33. Just Wondering

    So ………..What happened to the low-cost housing Hardwood Housing was supposed to provide? Weren’t low-income workers to get access to houses at $5o,000 which were to be churned out at a rate of 1 house per day or something similarly fantastic? All dat done?

  34. I find Anonymous’ language to be very offensive and I believe that individual should not be allowed on BFP.

  35. Anonymous


    I find Anonymous’ language to be very offensive and I believe that individual should not be allowed on BFP.


    This BFP blog is offensive.

    We are B F P E.

    BFP cannot silence us.

    We exist to disrupt, discredit and subvert BFP.

    Visit our blog if you don’t know…

    b a r b a d o s f r e e p r e s s e x p o s e d. w o r d p r e s s . c o m

    Understand now?

    K I S S

    Y U H

    R A S S H O L E ! ! ! !

  36. Straight talk

    Everyone is worked up about Hardwood Housing, but why, when in the present political climate $2,000,000 down the pan is small potatoes.

    Frankology says we should concentrate where the big bucks are being abused.

    He may be right.

    We are all staggered by the figures bandied about by our legislators in these first world mega schemes.

    Bajan$…. US$, who cares nobody can hold us to task , we are so clever.

    You the plebs are so so simple.

    Is it maybe because Hardwood Housing is the first provable instance of how we have become to be misgoverned.

    At the risk of being condidered partisan, the story was broken by David Thompson.

    None of the blogs had an inkling.

    It may all be down to Ms Philips, the whistleblower, and the nation’s thanks should go to her whatever her ulterior motives, if any.

    We would never have seen on such open display a microcosm of how our corrupted system operates.

    Ministers, operating way outside their portfolios, are having their judgement questioned by demonstrable facts.

    Non-elected cronies, unjustifiably placed in unaccountable positions of influence, controlling the public purse with such reckless abandon just because they can.

    Their only accountability is to the persons who placed them there, not Barbados.

    They boast of their connections which bestows invulnerability to normal accepted business practice.

    Audited accounts? … no need.

    The Laws of Barbados?.. we can jiggle them.

    Immigration, the Unions, Government policy? ….. sorted already.

    At last, the people of Barbados have the elusive smoking gun… not of illegality, but even worse of government connivance in the duping their own public.

    The shame of it is they still can’t see what they’ve done so wrong.

    Thirteen years of omnipotence has bred the complacency which underpins this superiority complex.

    Finally, just in time, they have been rumbled.

  37. Wishing in Vain








    Major changes coming to the NATION NEWS online website.

    This st.i.nking BFP blog will soon be SUFFOCATED and SMOTHERED. You will be attacked inside and out… SWEET!

    And just in time for elections too… Heeheehee!!!!


    K I S S

    Y U H

    R A S S H O L E ! ! ! !

  39. there they go again, prove themselves to be arrogant fools.

    usb or ethernet cable fights dont work guys, you make yourselves look more stupid than you really are, why not grow up and act what you are suppose to be? 😦

  40. Jerome Hinds

    All the BLP charlatans who visit and contribute to this site…….your time is coming !

    You hoodlums have the nerve……only NERVE – GAS ( HARDWOOD ) will siffice !

    Tony Hoyos on Brasstacks programme of 2007 – 12 – 10 says his ONLY difficulty with the $ 2,000.00 Entertainment Allowance was that it was too LARGE…..but redeeming it at Aqua Restaurant or any other restauranrt…….is NO BIG PROBLEM….!

    Look how small THIEF has matured into a BIG THIEF !

  41. Jerome Hinds

    BFP…… good you grace your page heading with a picture of that MONGREL…….Lynette ” Owen – is – it ” Eastmond !

  42. xaxaXaxax

    B F P E

    h a s

    p l a n t e d


    m o l e

    i n s i d e

    B F P.

    B a r e

    F A K E

    s t o r i e s

    p o u r i n g

    i n

    a n d

    B F P

    r a s s h o l e s

    p u b l i s h i n g

    t h e m

    w h i l e

    B F P E

    l a u g h i n g.

  43. Wishing in Vain

    Published on: 12/11/07.

    WILL THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY (DLP) Members of Parliament (MPs) be attending Parliament this morning?

    That’s the question on the lips of Barbadians up to press time last night. DLP MPs were in a special meeting to decide whether or not they would participate
    in today’s debate in the House of Assembly.

    On Sunday night, Opposition Leader and DLP president David Thompson said he would meet with his colleagues to determine the next course of action.

    Before going into a parliamentary group meeting at the Opposition Leader’s Office in Parliament yesterday, he said a decision would be made “tonight” (last night).

    Last week, the six-member Opposition team walked out of Parliament protesting the decision to switch the debate from the no-confidence motion against Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Clyde Mascoll over the Hardwood Housing issue, to the Public Service Bill.

    Immediately after that walk-out, Thompson and his colleagues called a Press conference and said they were disappointed with the manner in which Speaker of the House Ishmael Roett was conducting matters in the House.

    On Sunday night, Senator Freudel Stuart said that if the decision was his, he would not be returning to the House of Assembly tomorrow (Tuesday). “But I am a team man, so I will abide with whatever decision the parliamentary group makes,” he said.

    Thompson, too, said he was fed up with the Speaker and was also prepared not to return to Parliament, but would respect the decision of the parliamentary group.

    Meanwhile, Leader of Government Business and Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley said last night Government was prepared to deal with the no-confidence motion once the DLP members turned up for the debate.

    She, however, said that should the Opposition stay away, there were other matters on the agenda which would be debated.

  44. Leviticus

    Hiding? I heard him on the radio news this morning at 6.30.

    And the Dems will be in Heroes Square tomorrow night. Does that sound like hiding to you?

  45. frankology

    I am concern with the appearance of Denis Kellman in Parliament when it was agreed by the Parliamentary group of staying away from Parliament until next year. What will be the repercussion for his stupid act?

  46. frankology

    Attention BFP

    This is frankology, I am of the believe that after analysing some of the vile comments issued on this blog and writers admitting association with the BFPE and even the BLP can be red herring. Regardless how bad a party need to win a Government, that party would not risk such behaviour and expect the electorate to vote them in. This is not the Barbados we once knew, this is a new imported culture that will do or say anything to create uneasiness in the community. I hope that the powers that be, Government, Police, Cable & Wireless or any technical entity ensure that the culprit(s) be brought to justice.

    I would appreciate you deleting all vile remarks immediately.


    BFP Comments

    Dear Frankology,

    Our analysis of the vile and threatening comments over the past year indicates that a number of them can be proven to come from persons closely associated with the BLP Government. We are obviously not in a position to make a formal complaint as that would reveal our identities. The government knows this, but a formal complaint doesn’t matter because neither the government nor Cable and Wireless need a complaint to determine the identity of those who have threatened murder and other crimes using the comment section on this and other blogs. Besides, prominent members of the government including the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are on the public record against BFP and other Barbados blogs.

    There were also numerous threats against Ian Bourne and Adrian Loveridge on the blogs – not just this blog. They threatened the life of Ian Bourne on his own Bajan Reporter blog

    Bourne and Loveridge write under their own names so the government and C&W could easily investigate and charge the persons responsible AND have named witnesses (the persons who the threats were made against) – yet the government and the police do nothing!

    The government, C&W and the police have chosen to allow the murder threats to continue – which is no surprise because the government and government supporters are behind the threats. Heck, the Minister of Tourism had Adrian Loveridge FIRED from his job.

    So who should victims of death threats complain to?

    The same government that supports the death threats?
    The same government who use the power of the courts and their former Cabinet Minister as Chief Justice to shut down Brass Tacks asking how a government Minister became a millionaire?
    The Police who use blank search warrants to raid homes in the middle of the night seeking backrent for the Director of Public Prosectutions?
    The Nation News who are too frightened to publish public court documents?

    Who should Adrian Loveridge and Ian Bourne complain to?

    Welcome to Zimbabwe West, frankology.

    BFP will continue to delete most of the vile comments, but we leave up a small sampling so the rest of the world can see the truth.

  47. Anonymous

    are you serious kelly really went to parliament

  48. frankology

    are you serious kelly really went to parliament
    ..but leave within five minutes. Why he attend and why he leave is everyone’s guess. Only Kellman knows.

  49. anon

    “For years the Nation Newspaper has protected the government by withholding facts and news from the Barbados public. Major news stories are often ignored or only partially reported weeks after the fact if they embarrass the government. The Nation News has been the government’s lapdog for years, and so far remains a good little doggy except for this one doo-doo.”

    I dont i agree with this statement, I always see Government officials complaining about stories brought by the nation….especially if they print stories negative about the QEH (let us not forget when Harold hoyte wrote a critical article about Owen’s administration and was called a negrocrat).

    I realise that you guys really dislike the nation but it seems to me that they cant win. If they print a story that shows the gorvernment in a good light they are a lapdog. Now that they print something critical you still say they are a lap dog. They are damned if they do damned if they dont.


    BFP Replies

    The Ronja Juman court documents are online now.

    Print the story or shut up, Nation News.

  50. Wishing in Vain

    MR Kellman went in to collect documents simple and plain.

  51. Jerome Hinds

    When the ” Poor Black ” boys in Deacon’s Farm as part of the Project Oasis…..cried out for help……where was ASSCOLL ?

    We all remember hearing these boys cry out for……seedlings & markets !

    We all remember Chris Sinckler’s picture in the press giving these guys an EAR & ASSISTANCE .

    Where was ASSCOLL…..?

    Oh I almost forgot……there were too many BOYS On the BLOCK involved in this Project Oasis….!

    ASSCOLL only interested in helping the……. POOR BLACK MAN……!

  52. cherry2enpowered

    You all are all missing the point. The housing factory was a great idea. So great an idea that there was the potential to exploit it to the max and everyone will come out smiling except the taxpayers and possible the home owner{after all prices are going up}.

    Unfortunately it blew up in their’s faces and the least person to have his facts straight was Mascoll who was made the scrapegoat in the whole sordid affair.

  53. Wishing in Vain

    After much back and forth’s to the source of the information being provided, when ASSCOLL in his mouthing’s stated the reason that Mr. Thompson was in pocession of all this information was that the poor lady that he ASSCOLL condoned Murrell molesting was the provider of this information because they had fired her.

    It now turns out to be another piece of ASSCOLL inept ability and his stupidity.

    As it was revealed last even that this destructive information came from within the bust of the BLP and that it came from the PERSONAL ASSISTANT OF THE DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER.

    Now that is a blow from within we must also question the motive of this action and it is clear for a blind man to see, we have been saying all along that there is no love lost between mottley and Owing and there is no love lost between mottley and ASSCOLL and this revelation clearly exposes the rift that the blp has brewing and the pent up hatred they have for one another.

    For me mottley is desperate person and she is behaving in such a manner, all the while making the division clearer and clearer within the party to the point that they are about to implode (lord help us if something like mottley were to explode what a mess that would create) so to implode would be the desired result, when this event takes place the entire party will be shaken by the event as we are already seeing.

    We also have the confirmed news of another St. Peter Development fund CHEQUE taking wings and flying around and with the best of navigation systems complete with an auto land feature it made its arrival on the desk of a DLP candidate, on this occasion this CHEQUE is no small money like the one that Owings’s wife quietly and secretly wrote from the St.Peter Development Fund cheque book for $ 7,000.00 to keep her brother out prison, this new one makes that cheque pale by comparison, more on that once the runway opens up and the clearance for departure of this evil gang of crooks is given, it will be full throttle in the corner and sit back for a ride of your lives ladies and gentlemen.

    ps My suggestion is anyone with anything to reveal with regard to owing and his gang of 40 thieves they should feel free to contact he leadership of the DLP where these things can be discussed in a confidential manner.

  54. Wishing in Vain

    It certainly appears to me that the blp are a party on their way out thru the door.

    Suddenly the wholesale willingness to expose Owing and his entire gang of crooks is coming at a fast and furious rate, it is coming from all quarters and in all forms.

    it even seems his former good friend is now also looking for holes as well, this the man that collects a commission on everything imported into the island for the gov’t right down to the two recently purchased Coast Guard vessels he is reported to have recently stated that he stop counting his bank account when it got to $ 25 million, so disgusting and such a snake he is that a recent donation coming from INNOTECH to be directed to the blp was not passed on to the party he is now trying to switch sides but it is not working.

    The party does not need the likes of the HALLAM NICHOLLS’S of this world to disgrace the good work that they have done without scandal and disgrace.

  55. Fred

    I am now learning from a very good source that the date for the elections are no longer a rumour, the Electoral and Boundaries commission have gone into a massive overdrive and the notice of a date maybe coming as soon as later today after the cabinet meeting ( maybe we will here that Owen has fired Mascoll at this cabinet meeting).
    It will certainly be announced by the latest this weekend.

  56. Wishing in Vain

    It would be fair to say that with the interest in the gang of thieves waning and the undue and constant pressure that the DLP have applied to Owing and his 40 thieves they have found themselves in a tighter and tighter space to the point where they have worked themselves into a straightjacket with no place to go and no room to perform his skullduggery.

    I would certainly like to thank the good people of the DLP for their lively encounters and their exposure of the dishonesty, corruption, fraud, bribery, sexual molestation and rape of this island.

    It is now over to us the ones that have been taking the shaft for the past few years to wake up and say in ONE LOUD VOICE we have had enough of your DISHONESTY and you RAPE we want a new perspective we want new leadership with a fresh vision and a fresh team to lead us out of the doldrums that Owing has sailed us into.

    I honestly get the distinct impression that Owing is now of the belief that he is playing with a wounded pack and he has no care to want to see the blp win again and to see mottley override his authority and even oust him from office, hence his best plan of action is to oversee a failure at the polls this time around, as he has had his time in power and he has made his millions but he will not allow the thing called mottley achieve glory at his expense, why do you think that mottley has only accepted to assist in the campaign in the seats around her these are the ones that support her for the post of PM she is only firming up her power base within the group

  57. Wishing in Vain

    Lickmout’ Lou – Poor black boy syndrome
    Published on: 12/12/07.

    Dear Nesta,

    YOU REMEMBER ONE TIME, years ago, when my uncle did sen’ me a ticket to London an’ I was up dey ‘pon holiduh? An’ you remember when you was showin’ me de sights one day, you tek me to see a place dat uses to be some famous fish market name Billingsgate or somet’ing so? Well, de sittin’ o’ we House o’ Assembly las’ week Tuesduh remin’ me o’ dah fish market.

    Ness, de behaviour was atrocious, hear wuh I tell you? An’ all because de subjeck o’ Hardwood Housin’ come up fuh debate. Ef you did hear de kin’ o’ suggestive remarks ’bout hard wood an’ sof’ wood, you woulda blush, nuh joke! An’ don’ talk ’bout de lotta laughin’ an’ stampin’ an’ carryin’-on dat went on in dah House ‘pon de part o’ de BLP, it was shameful.

    Aldoh I is a fan o’ Liz Thompson, I got to say she really disapp’int me las’ week, faif. De kin’ o’ red herrin’s dat she t’row in dah debate, talkin’ ’bout de Dems an’ bounce cheques an’ all kin’ o’ foolishness did clear evidence she was only tryin’ to divert attention from de real issue. Liz is a powerful speaker, but wuh she get-on wid in Parliament las’ week did far below wuh she capable of. It was in poor tas’e.

    Min’ you, de Bees got a monopoly ‘pon red herrin’s as soon as duh onder pressure. Duh strategy is always to try to trivialise de issue an’ mek mocksport at de Opposition. But I got to say dat dis time duh like duh in pottuh wid dah Hardwood affair ’cause, among other t’ings, de woman dat Clydie did say was at de centre o’ de affair come
    out o’ de woodwork to deny all dem accusations dat get pelt at she an’ she soun’ very believable, too.

    As fuh Clydie – I would like somebody to tell he dat, contrary to he belief, nobody en cay ’bout who an’ who in he fam’ly wash clothes at de Mental or de Physical, nor ’bout ef he grow up in a li’l board-an’-shingle house wid eighteen or eighty people!

    Ef, as it would appear, Clydie got a complex ’bout he backgroun’, ‘e should try an’ get rid o’ de big chip ‘pon ‘e shoulder instead o’ usin’ de tired ole “poor-black-boy syndrome” in a effort to solicit sympat’y as soon as ‘e open ‘e mout’.

    Ef I was he, I would be happy an’ t’ankful dat de Lord bless me wid sufficient brains to be able to rise t’rough eddication from a onderprivilege upbringin’ to hol’ down a high position, yuh en know?

    Um is high time Clydie stop wavin’ de “poor-black-boy” igrance at people like some flag or de other an’ tek ‘e licks when duh come. ‘E got enough sense to know dat politricks en neider Sunduh school picnic . . . an’ ef ‘e cyahn stan’ de heat, ‘e should get out o’ de kitchen!

    Nuh joke, Ness, I sick o’ dese people dat always tryin’ to use duh grass-roots beginnin’s to get sympat’y. Who de hell cay ’bout ef somebody mudduh was a hawker or ef duh fathuh was a lighterman? How dem t’ings get relevant to de high cos’-o’-livin’ in Buhbayduss or de fack dat de housin’ problem like um cyahn get solve? Gimme a break, do!

    Anyhow, muh girl, I writin’ dis to you befo’ dis week House session, so yuh never know – by de time I pos’ dis, a election date mighta get call, yuh never know! Day runnin’ an’ night nearly ketchin’ it, so I gine keep yuh inform. Meanwhile, keep good, hear? An’ God bless.

  58. Straight talk

    There seems to be a lot more mileage to run in this sorry tale.

    Murrell’s resignation cannot be allowed to stymie important questions which need to be answered.

    There is a lot more to Ms Carol Philips than is at first apparent.

    Before Hardwood she was ( and maybe still is ) Barbados Director of Operation Mobilisation. A christian philanthropic charity, her base is in Grazettes.
    It is this charity who claimed to have rebuilt 500 houses in Grenada (the Nation 7/6/06) and according to The Nation (6/9/2006) when Hammie La was recieving a $60,000 cheque, who was in attendance?
    None other than Anthony Murrell, once again designated as their Technical Manager.

    CBC on 12/11/06 reported that Operation Mobilisation had handed over 2 houses, were in the process of completing a third , and by the end of the month two more.

    An appreciative Lashley noted that to construct a house in this modern age costs in excess of $100,000 and they were able to construct three.

    The GIS ( June 22nd 2006) reported that $14 million dollars had been collected by volunteers to alleviate the needs of 60 deserving households in Barbados, courtesy of Operation Mobilisation.

    Hardwood is not a company formed by a poor black man and some unenemployed Bajans, it is an extension of a financially successful charity scheme.

    The principal players are all known to each other.

    There is more to come.

    viz: Google “Operation Mobilisation Barbados” and “Murrell Barbados”