Civil Rights Icon Andrew Young Says Obama “Too Young” To Be President – Perhaps Young Never Heard Of Jack Kennedy?


Associate Of Martin Luther King, Jr., Says “No” To A Black President Until 2016

With friends like Andrew Young, modern blacks in America don’t need enemies.

My statement will surprise and outrage many of our black American readers because Andrew Young was, and is, a major civil rights icon who is owed a great debt by every American: no matter their race.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s Young marched, protested, organized and went to jail for his efforts. He registered black voters and was in Selma, Alabama when the police turned the dogs and fire hoses on women and children. In Birmingham he played a key role as a moderator and peacemaker between the black and white communities.

Young was with Martin Luther King Jr. on that fatal day in 1968 when King was called home in Memphis, Tennessee. He was elected to Congress in 1972 at the age of 40 and five years later became the first black to serve as the American ambassador to the United Nations.

But as much as he has done, Young has also been found offside more than a few times. His rambling mouth has been the source of some very outrageous and ill-considered statements over the years and he has paid the price more than once for his spontaneous lack of judgment.

His latest “Did I say that?” is a big one, and shows that it is time for Andrew Young to fade into the sunset… quickly please, before he does any more damage.


Andrew Young: “Bill Clinton Has Slept With More Black Women Than Barack Obama” !!!

According to Andrew Young…

1/ Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is “too young” to be President. In 2016 he can be President, but not now, says Young.

2/ “Bill (Clinton) is every bit as black as Barack… He’s probably gone with more black women than Barack,”

… taken from a video of Andrew Young, so there’s no doubt about what was said. Here is a written AP news report (link here)

Barack Obama Has A Good Shot At Being The First Black American President

First a disclaimer: If I still lived in the United States and was eligible to vote in the USA (I am not eligible to vote in the USA – never was), I would probably be voting for Barack Obama. The system needs a shakeup and he had the courage to vote against making war on Iraq. I don’t agree with some of his policies, but of all the choices I believe (rightly or wrongly) that Obama is the best choice if voters are looking for a candidate with integrity. I believe that Obama is at his core, honest, and that he will try to remain as honest as he can when elected.

In my opinion, Obama’s skin colour is NOT a proper reason to support his candidacy. If he was black but a crook, I could not support him.

But Obama is black, and like him or not, he could be the first black to be President of the United States of America.

Was John F. Kennedy Too Young To Be President At 46 Years Old?

Jack Kennedy was 46 years old when he became President.

William “I love a good cigar” Clinton was 46 years old when he was sworn in as President on January 20, 1993.

If he wins, Obama will be 47 years old when he enters the White House.

So why would Andrew Young be so intellectually dishonest as to say that Obama is “too young”?

Andrew Young is welcome to support Hillary Clinton all he wants on the basis that she lifted her skirt above her knees and did a Detroit “Soul Train” line at Nelson Mandela’s inauguration. (Really… you have to watch the video to believe it)

Young can say anything he wants. After all, it is America, not Barbados.

But young Americans and especially young black Americans deserve honesty – and intellectual honesty – from their leaders. Andrew Young has turned himself into a dishonest buffoon and that is a shame for a new generation who should be remembering him for his finer accomplishments.



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19 responses to “Civil Rights Icon Andrew Young Says Obama “Too Young” To Be President – Perhaps Young Never Heard Of Jack Kennedy?

  1. Undertaker

    Like I always say the greatest injustice is man against man. Some people when they see others being able to accomplish what they did not, always seem to find away to pull them down. it is just the jealousy of life. He has his right not to support Obama. But he could at least have a decent reason.


  2. The US have their old cronies and those who will benefit from them by putting them in power. Much like Barbados, wouldn’t you say?
    Party loyalties are hard to change and the general public has been kept in the dark too long…….much like Barbados.

  3. Anonymous

    Agree with what you say BFP.

    Obama is the best hope for America as president,yet we have prominent blacks supporting the Clintons who have never done anything major for blacks in America.

    To top it all off they keep parroting Hilary’s spin that Obama doesnot have enough experience when the records shows he has spent a longer time in public office as a illinos congressman and then a senator,but yet we have Hilary claiming she got all this executive experience by virtue of her sleeping in the same bed with her husband Bill,and sharing out cookies and tea to the wives of foreign leaders.

  4. i am no american but i lived there and got my education there, but i pay close attention to their politics because how ever america stands, each country feels the pinch.

    if any idiot needs to question Obama’s experience and say he has little or none at all, then why is george bush, dick cheney, condoleeza rice, donald rumsfeld and others doing in the white house?

    then who de hell was JFK? many people believe obama is a reincarnated JFK by the way he speaks.

    i have tried to watch and listen to each candidate from the time these campaigns were being held, and so far none of them sounded convincing.

    but when you listen to obama, you just have to sit and listen,



    im not racist neither do i see skin colour, god said let us create man in our own image, he never said let us create white men or black men or green men.

    and it saddens me to see that the only people who play the racial card in politics when it comes to a politician from the minority are us black people, why, simply because we are enslaving ourselves with racist thoughts.

    the only way we can fight racism is to first stop using the word racism and use words like brother and sister, i know those black people who dont support obama now, when he do win will be disappointed.

    before that stupid guy talk about obama, he should research what obama did, he has just as much experience as hillary, but not in the white house, but who cares? i dont

    Obama is proving to the world right now that americans need something new, and thats why obama is setting records where ever he goes by having the most supporters rallying behind him, be honest with ya, hillary is not ready for being president, her low level of thinking caused her to play the gender card few months ago and i think that is a bad start for a politician.

    why andrew young int say jesse jackson or al sharpton too young either?

    all now al “the racist idiot” sharpton running as well
    racism is proving more and more each day by blacks in america than whites, and its sad sad sad too see

    do you think Dr King would be pleased obama is getting little support from the black community?

  5. experienced politicians running the white house is what have america going deeper into the grave.

    its time for something fresh and different

    go obama 2008

  6. gentle jim

    for all the reasons above America will NOT see a BLACK president anytime in the near future !!!!

  7. U. Goodenough

    Oprah Winfrey endorsed Obama in a video shown in all the papers yesterday, which is interesting because she is a woman of colour, conflicted, and making her choices.

    That’s enough to let Barbados know that mainstream, progressive America considers Obama a very serious candidate for the Democrats.

    This is an epic democratic battle for leadership in the upcoming US elections to contest the leadership of a very complex, powerful country.

  8. peltdownman

    I endorse the above comments, but there is a danger in thinking that Oprah is the one running for President. Let’s face it, it wasn’t Obama that pulled-in the huge crowds this last weekend. He’s in danger of being swamped by Oprah’s image, and personality.

  9. U. Goodenough

    Oprah for Pres?

  10. frankology

    Party loyalties are hard to change and the general public has been kept in the dark too long…….much like Barbados.
    With this Presidential campaign, it is not about party loyalties, it is Black and White. Being the wife of a former president would not make Hilary a better president, what I might say is Bill Clinton will have another turn to be President, this time the his home will now be the White House. This should not be of colour, it should be the ability to perform and speak, not being a satellite of Bill Clinton.

  11. frankology

    So why would Andrew Young be so intellectually dishonest as to say that Obama is “too young”?
    It is not the position of being young, it is being black, and blacks hate to see another black being elevated.

    Shame on Andrew Young.

  12. Bajanboy

    Blacks would be stupid to vote for him just because he is black. They need to consider all the candidates and all the issues, and then make an informed decision. Only about 13% of the American population is black, so targeting this group overtly will not win him or anyone else the presidential election.

  13. Sargeant

    I’m disappointed in Andrew Young. First it was Jesse Jackson making snide remarks about Obama acting white and now Young saying he is too young. Seems like these old civil rights warriors have a hard time accepting new blood and leadership. He also talked about Bill Clinton and black women in his speech, perhaps at 75 Young is too old to be making public speeches.

  14. 4dr14n H1nd5

    Barak is not part of the group controlled by Jessie and other shake downers, so these hilarious views are to be expected.

    I am a unenrolled (independent) active voter in America. The major issues that i will base my Presidential vote on are as follows

    Immigration : no rewards for breaking the law

    Foreign Policy: No interest in talking and or negotiating with terrorist.

    No interest is European and Canadian socialist policies on health care etc.

    Cost of living: A willingness to tackle once and for all the speculation that takes place in the energy financial markets and that i believe is the reason why our energy cost are so ridiculously high.

    Now i understand that Presidency is not that difficult a job, and that the Body of government that is needed to tackle the issues above is the Congress. This is where the real power in the US lies, and this is where little change in the players take place. It is no wonder that this country ever get sustain traction on any number of the things above. Lifers in politics in particular the US congress is the reason for much suffering around the world and in the US. Not the presidency.

    Take note Barbados, recycle your politicians, otherwise they will become as stale and self interested as the one in the U.S. congress and you will pay a dear price like Americans are facing right now.

  15. cherry2enpowered

    gentle jim
    And you think americans are ready to place america in the hands of a woman?

    You think the Pentagon and the CIA etc are ready for a woman commander in chief? To dealt with the complexies of war from an emotional point of view?

    If they did it will certainly be surprising but at the end of the day a man will be a better choice even in name only[President].

  16. Rumplestilskin

    Kadri, excellently stated. Not bajan has an excellent point too.

    Well done Young’s early years, but has he not already become part of the ‘establishment’ by virtue of his appointments and ‘time in the system’?

    The difference between Republicans and Democrats is reflected in the article, which shows how hard the Democrat candidates have to work to obtain the vote.

    Republican candidates have the ‘whole machine’ and powerful people, including 90% of the conservative-owned media, pushing their agenda.

    Thus, I would hope that those who have the power and ‘authority’ to command an audience would want to support their candidates fully.

    Both Hilary and Obama are fighting an uphill battle against bigotry generally, indifference generally and specifically the establishments i.e. Conservative Machine, including those entrenched in the ‘hardcore’ espionage units i.e. CIA etc.

    I hope that the majority electorate will use what sense they have when the time comes, to enable these two to overcome the ‘dark’ forces working against them.

    We must not ‘hope’ for goodness in our leaders, we must demand it.

  17. Anon

    Barack Obama is very popular with whites in America. Andrew Young is just jealous.

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  19. It should be known that unfounded comments that come from Reverend Andrew Young comes from the rooted anti-bellum upbringing in harshly segregated New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans has always been unusual in its racial discriminatory practices, because of the diverse mixtures of light skinned Black people who are confused about who they really are. Andrew Young is a prime product of that brand of Black Americans. Even in his work with Reverend Doctor Martin King, Jr. he miserably failed in understanding King’s inner spirit, and the Divine Order under which he was serving.

    Young brought some usuable talents to the movement, but in my humble opinion, he never understood the deep pain that became the cause of the civil rights movement. Case in point, I remember participating in a civil rights mass meeting at the Liberty Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois during the summer of 1966, where poor disadvantaged people came for solace, and to have hope realized. Many were suffering from the ravages of hunger, inadequate housing, and unemployment. Before Dr. King rose to speak, Andrew Young made some preleminary irrelevant remarks about the lack of “Branch Banking” in the city of Chicago, because he had visited a local bank, prior to coming to the meeting, where he could not negotiate the cashing of a personal check. His comments were totally out of order, where persons did not have bank accounts.

    This kind of thinking on the part of Andrew Young gives me cause in wondering about his focus on issues of importance and survival of African Americans. The question that comes to mind is what did he learn from the man, (King), and his life of unselfish service to the downtrodden. Life has been kind to “Andy,” however I believe he has come to the end of his time of service. Nothing that he utters is a surprise to me. His time is past.

    My comments are based on the 14 years that I served with Dr. King, beginning in Montgomery, Alabama, and ending with the “Poor Peoples Campaign. We were friends before he became the great man that he died as. Barack Obama has already won. Thanks to the civil rights movement, and the readiness of good will Americans.