Roy Morris Rape Charge In Court Thursday


Veteran Bajan journalist Roy Morris is in court tomorrow on a rape charge. Morris was the Nation News Associate Managing Editor in July when the alleged rape occurred. He was arrested and charged by police on August 14th after Barbados blogs refused to let the story die.

The story was broken by the Barbados Free Press after the Nation News ignored the police investigation of their employee. Some sources even indicated that the Nation News conspired with Morris to hide him from the police.

Whether or not Morris is found guilty, the story was a watershed for many Barbadians who discovered that the blogs not only break the news, but that the largest newspaper in the country habitually withholds news from the public.

For a summary of the case against Mr. Morris, start here…

Would Nation News Editor Roy Morris Have Been Charged With Rape If Blogs Hadn’t Broken The Story?


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24 responses to “Roy Morris Rape Charge In Court Thursday

  1. Jerome Hinds

    Whether or not Morris is found guilty, the story was a watershed for many Barbadians who discovered that the blogs not only break the news, but that the largest newspaper in the country habitually withholds news from the public.


    If it is true that you take credit for breaking the news…….then are you going take credit for WITHHOLDING the long promised money – laundering story ?

    Now we go to that piece of Integrity legislation from the DLP……although a promise it will make good once elected….I invite you and other readers to hear what our ESTEEM leader said in Canada on 27th October 2007…!

    Listen to the issues of :

    Hardwood ! Integrity Legislation ! Cost of living / price gouging ! Corruption ! Public Service Improvements / pension reform !

    Check out this link :

    It is quite shocking that one day after ( 28th October 2007 ) Owen Arthur used parts Of Mr. Thompson speech about the issue of public service improvement !

  2. Wishing in Vain

    I am awaiting your news on the molestation and abuse charges of Murrell as well!!

  3. Jay

    Jerome, I see your desperation has reached new echleons!

  4. Jerome Hinds


    October 31st, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    Jerome, I see your desperation has reached new echleons!


    You have have got it wrong !

    It is Owen & you creeps from the Blasted Lawless Party ( BLP ) !

  5. Pogo

    We saw a money laundering story when Owen Arthur deposited $750,000 into his own bank account with no explanation. Now if only the man would let us look at the rest of his bank transactions.

    We are sure BFP readers can think of a few other money transactions that look like laundering.

  6. anon

    what has happened to the money laudering story from BFP

  7. Jay

    can someone refresh my memory, which paper was loveridge banned from writing in?


    BFP comments

    He was fired from the Barbados Advocate when Noel Lynch told the publisher it was either Loveridge or Government advertising… “take your pick”

  8. Undertaker

    I always wonder if we had to just pick 30 good men (or women) to run this country who would they be, just 30 regardless of party, colour etc. For sure Adrian Loveridge would make a good minister of tourism, and I would make Sir Richie Haynes, at least minister of Finance, or higher (I think he should be our President, when/if we become a Republic) don’t forget these increase in tax allowance to $25,ooo.oo were all his ideas under the NDP manifesto. I would give Dennis Kellman, health (he is in touch with the average man) and give James Paul- agriculture (he speaks with passion, about agriculture) Rommel Marshall, transport and works, (regardless of what he did or allegedly so HE GOT ROAD FIXED ON TIME. I have to think of the other, nothing for Barney though.

  9. money laundering story

    Maybe BFP is waiting for an election call to occur before it starts letting people know more specific details of the corruption. Who knows?

    Maybe Jerome instead of bitterly attacking the BFP
    for a forum he receives and uses freely on a daily basis to spout his partisan position, can use his energies to collect bank account and other information of those that would seek to defraud the Barbadian taxpayer.

    All taxpayers and especially government and bank employees need to alert BFP of every suspicious action or transaction that doesn’t pass the smell test.

    This has been a tremendous source of information for all Barbadians and Jerome needs to stop sounding like a pathetic broken record especially for a party that fails to step up to the plate.

  10. Jerome Hinds

    money laundering story

    November 1st, 2007 at 1:04 am

    I never thought you would have been courageous enough to tell the Barbadian public that the BLP has failed to ” step up to the plate ” !

    What with the

    * GEMS !
    * QEH !
    * FBI Report !
    * St. Joseph Hospital Report !
    * Greenland !
    * Hardwood !

    And plenty more……I concur with you that this Blasted Lawless Party ( BLP ) has not stepped up to the plate !

    Can I hear you ?

  11. Wishing in Vain

    Jerome Shame on you to forget that cheque for Owing’s account $ 750,000.00, the VECO BRIBE MONEY for the PRISON, 3 S KICKBACK AGREEMENT and one man called DANOS that is in court for fraud for doing the same scam in Jamaica as he has set out to do here.
    But only a few of this gang of crooks corruption and stealing.

  12. Jerome Hinds

    Good observation, Wishing in Vain…….I was leaving some of the glaring examples of the BLP MESS to be identified by one it’s apologists in the form of Mr. Money Laundering story ( A BLP woman would not be so bold faced not to point out the CRAP her party is engaged in ) !

  13. No problem too many cases to list!!!!

  14. Bimbro

    I have grave doubts about the propriety of publicising mere allegations of a person having committed rape. It’s much too serious an allegation to ‘play’ with. Obviously, a charge needs to be properly, investigated by the relevant authorities and it’s reprehensible on the part of the police that you felt it necessary to publish this story in order to ensure the charge is properly investigated.

    However, the damage to Mr Morris’s reputation, whether he’s determined to be innocent or guilty, will pretty certainly, be considerable, if not irreversible.

    I should n’t wish to be in his position if he’s ultimatlely, found innocent, or indeed, yours!

  15. It is my view that the Courts should decide Roy’s innocence or lack thereof for none of us should be above the law. Yet we are all aware of how ************** (I saw **** rough up **** in the Ship Inn), and nothing happens there.

    We have policemen who repsond to some domestic disputes and drug deals, only to be told by AG to move on and leave the boys.

    So I get excited when I see fairness in those being charged before the courts. Roy Morris is well known, but he is only one.

    Let justice prevail. Either way he has been found guilty in the court of public opinion.


    BFP Auntie Moses removed certain elements of this comment.

  16. tstt

    What happened in court yesterday with the Roy Morris affair?

  17. Wishing in Vain

    No mention in todays paper !!!!!

  18. tstt

    it’s amazing how a story that was this hot when it broke could now be so cold that court procedeedings are not reported a day and a half after the appearance.

  19. Not true, Friday’s print edition stated an adjournment until January 10th 2008

  20. Mind you, real damn tiny – left hand Court Reports page

  21. Leviticus

    Interesting… the Hardwood CEO was charged two Mondays ago with a new charge of rape of a former employee at District C before Magistrate Bend. He got bail despite his previous serious charge which is now outstanding.

    But the Nation photographer obviously coundn’t find him. No story wasd carried in the Nation, Advocate, CBC or VOB despite the fact – I am told – that they all knew.

    Ralph Thorne, husband of Justice Jackie Cornelius, who spoke on BLP platforms in the last election is the Attorney representing him.

  22. Wishing in Vain

    This is just so wonderful, I am surprised that David Simmons has not gotten involved and thrown these cases out, after all he must help his elected buddies after all thats why they put him there in the first place to get them and their friens out of jail.

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