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Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Opposition Leader David Thompson, High Court Judge – All Represented By Same Lawyer In Land Fraud And Corruption Trial!


Would George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton Share The Same Lawyer… With A Judge Of The US Supreme Court?

They say that politics makes for strange bedfellows, but nowhere in history can we think of an example of a Prime Minister and Opposition Leader being sued for fraud and corruption: and then deciding to have the same lawyer represent them!

Folks, it would be like, I dunno (Americans please forgive me) George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton being sued and choosing the same lawyer. It just wouldn’t happen.

But it has happened in Barbados and some of us can’t figure it out. Or worse: we CAN figure it out…

Disturbing Backroom Alliances All About Valuable Barbados Land

We’ve always said that Thompson and Arthur were very much alike in their choice to avoid imposing conflict of interest, transparency and integrity standards upon their respective MPs and candidates, but this is ridiculous! It does prove that there is an “old boys’ club” operating behind the political and business scenes in Barbados that often supersedes democracy and elected government.

Owen Arthur, David Thompson, David Simmons, David Shorey (lotta Davids in there!) and all kinds of other Barbados business and political leaders are being sued in a Canadian court by a company called Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. over something called the Kingsland case. The Barbados media have been hiding the story (more on that later) but it is a major international lawsuit because at stake is about 1% of the land area of Barbados – valued at way over ONE BILLION US DOLLARS!!!!!!

Independence of Barbados Judiciary Again Shown To Be A Lie

And to make this even stranger – Elneth Kentish, a Barbados High Court Judge who is also being sued in the same fraud and corruption case, shares the same lawyer as the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and many others.

This is disgusting. Any damn fool judge should know that the appearance of independence is as important as the independence itself, but Judge Elneth Kentish has decided for whatever personal expediency, to cast aside the appearance of judicial independence. She should resign or be fired right away because like so many others in our corrupt judicial system she has now shown that she cares more about herself than the appearance of justice. Another Barbados judge who just doesn’t get it!

Who Is Paying The Legal Bill For This Bunch Of Scoundrels?

Somebody is paying for legal counsel for this gang of Barbados business and political big-ups and now that they have all thrown their lots in together, the public has a right to know who is the money behind this gang. Are tax dollars being used to defend against crimes that people committed before they were public officials or judges?

Some folks and companies being sued in the same case retained their own lawyers, but the bulk of the defendants are represented by the same counsel. This is astounding! A friend of ours in the legal profession says that ordinary folks might not realize how big a deal this is. The plaintiffs are accusing the defendants of being involved in a large corrupt conspiracy to commit fraud in relation to some land in Barbados. Our friend says that by choosing the same lawyer to defend them, the majority of the accused are practically ADMITTING that they are all in the same basket together!

Our lawyer friend says that somebody on the legal team didn’t have on their thinking cap when they let this happen.

What effective Leader of the Opposition would have the Prime Minister’s lawyer represent him in a lawsuit?

The question can now be reasonably asked: “Is David Thompson Stupid?”

What a victory for the Prime Minister of Barbados. The leader of the so-called Opposition doesn’t even have his own lawyer to represent him in a fraud and corruption case! He’s leaving it to the Prime Minister to choose and maybe pay for his lawyer!

What kind of stupidity is this?

Canadian Legal Case Starting To Reveal The Secrets Of Barbados Backroom Structures

Folks, I hope that by now you are starting to get what Barbados is all about. As this Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. Canadian legal case slowly winds it’s way through whatever long process will happen, Bajans should pay attention.

The evidence and turnings that come out of this case – now weekly it seems – are telling us more than we ever knew about the power structures, corruption and backroom dealings that happen every day in Barbados. Our legal friend calls the case a microcosm of Barbados society, politics and business. The list of accused certainly reads like a Who’s Who of Barbados.

Keltruth Blog Making Big Waves

We’ve done a few articles on the Kingsland case in the past, but thanks to a new and apparently well-connected blog that is now posting the legal documents of the case on the internet, we’re seeing things that we’ve never seen before. Although the BLP supporters continually claim that every new posted legal document is a fake etc etc etc, it is becoming obvious that something big is happening in public view for the first time.

The Barbados media remain silent about all this. Politicians in both the BLP and DLP remain silent about all this.

As an election draws near, you owe it to yourself, your children and Barbados to become interested in what is going to happen to 1% of the land mass of this tiny island we call home, and how the corrupt business and political power brokers of Barbados operate. This Canadian case is exposing many of the hidden alliances and their corrupt methods to the light of public scrutiny.

Head on over to Keltruth Blog (link here) to see written proof, court documents and many other facts behind a legal case that will soon explode onto the international news media.

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