Roy Morris Rape Charge Fading Into The Barbados Mist

UPDATED: April 19, 2009

We read Dr. Leonard Shorey’s latest article in the Barbados Advocate with some sadness and not a little amusement. In Perspectives: Different Strokes For Different Folks – Why? Dr. Shorey rightly highlights and condemns that the Barbados Justice system and society have little concern for the rule of law. Members of various elites can and do get away with pretty well anything on this island while ordinary folks go to jail for the same actions.

The irony is that this double standard would not be possible without the cooperation and silence of three supposed protectors of our society: the police, the courts and especially the Barbados news media.

And just to remind Dr. Shorey and other media friends of what we mean, perhaps someone can update the public on this story where the charges were (apparently) dropped with no public explanation. “Ya public doan need ta know nothing”…

Roy Morris Rape Charge Disappears

Back on Tuesday, August 14, 2007, veteran journalist Roy Morris was charged with rape by the Royal Barbados Police Force. He was released on bail after appearing in court.

As BFP detailed in a series of articles, Morris had been on the run from the police while wanted for the alleged rape of a young 16 year old woman who may have been an intern at The Nation News.

Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground broke the story over a month before Morris surrendered to police.

On Monday, July 23, 2007, sources within the Nation News contacted Barbados Free Press and informed us that Associate Managing Editor Roy Morris had been asked for his resignation after an alleged sexual impropriety with a female several days earlier. We were also informed us that Mr. Morris was nowhere to be found and that the entire matter was being hushed up by both the Nation News and the Royal Barbados Police Force. We were told that Anne Gittens loaned her car to Morris to help him avoid the police during the first few days.

We were told that the management at The Nation News sent journalist Timothy Slinger to camp out on the doorstep of Police Commissioner Dottin to call in a favour for Roy Morris – to have the investigation sidetracked. It was thought that with the rough treatment Slinger received at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital he might be able to call in the favour from a contrite and sympathetic Commissioner of Police. (Slinger background here)

The Barbados Free Press published all of this and more in three stories…

July 23, 2007 – Roy Morris Told To Resign From The Nation News ! ?

July 26, 2007 – Roy Morris – Nation News Train Wreck Continues

July 29, 2007 – World Is Watching Barbados Political Scandals – Really! TWO Bajan Blogs Make WordPress “Top 100″ List Out Of 1.2 Million Blogs

It was only after Barbados Free Press broke the story in July and the other blogs came on board in August that Morris arrested and charged – after a month of BFP sounding the clarion.

What happened to the case?

Hey… who knows. The last time the Barbados media mentioned the case was on the day he was arrested over a year ago.

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40 responses to “Roy Morris Rape Charge Fading Into The Barbados Mist

  1. I can’t begin to tell you how disgusted I am in all this, but sadly, UNSUPRISED.

    Sickening… makes me sick to my stomach.

    But you know, a pattern of behaviour is a pattern of behaviour… and in this case, it is one the accused is guilty of and one Barbadian society continues to propagate.

  2. John

    Is a transcript available for the last time Roy Morris appeared in court like it was available for the Ben Freeman Rape trial? See today’s Nation!

  3. Um, if you do a search at BU, they have some follow up – I think the next appearance is due Oct 23?

  4. older

    Ian, that reference was October 23 2007 (!) nothing since.

    Unless there is someplace else you are looking. Please check it and get back to us.

  5. St.Lucy ROADS!! Aaarghh!

    The less-frequented roads in Sin Lucy are in a deplorable state.

    Took a drive up there today,
    found the road out to Gay’s Cove(“Cove Bay” to Bajans) in a ragged state.
    Forget the track across the pasture.
    If you don’t have a 4×4 forget it.

    If you have a Suzuki with that famous non-suspension, forget all roads in Sin Lucy, they’re bad,
    – not just the ones leading out to the Gay’s Cove Bay area.

    Used to be that Sin Philip held the title for bad roads.
    Not any more!

    Particularly bad was the road running from the Maycocks Bay area nr.Bloomfield Pltn(COW)
    ..North towards Stroud Bay
    – that was/is nothing short of disgusting
    and should be closed to vehicular traffic forthwith
    while its entire surface is ‘scalped’ and resurfaced.

    What a shocking eye-opener.
    I won’t be visiting Sin Lucy again in a hurry, that’s fer sure!
    What a bone-shaker!

  6. Curiously amused

    LOL at the poster above. That has NOTHING to do with Roy Morris.

  7. The scout

    St Lucy Roads
    Were you sent to distract us from tlaking about Roy Morris? Well “da can work”. This matter smells bad and it got me wanting to vomit. Poor people do simple things and is dragged before the courts and nailed to the cross, while the ones with connections laugh at we. The day one of them interfere with a relative of mine, I will be the one on trial. Somebody got to take the bull by it’s horns.

  8. tstt

    I wathecd the Bourne Ultimatum last night. Man the Roy Morris case has more twists and turns than that spy thriller:

    1) being sent to a safe house where only the big people in the Nation and his wife know the location.
    2) given a Nation Executive’s car so that the police wouldn’t catch him.
    3) having the Nation’s co-executive Editor camping out in front of the police Commisioner’s house.
    and the list goes on.
    Who knows, maybe Roy will be the new Commissioner of Information, which is mention in the Information Act.

  9. The scout

    When this country continues to sweep so much stuff under the carpet, one day that pile would get so large that some-one will trip over it and break a vital part.

  10. Anon

    Keep at it guys. Remember Pastor Jippy tried delays, delays, but it did him no good.

    People like Roy Morris must face the music. Keep up the pressure. Force the authorities to do their jobs properly.

    And don’t expect any help from the old media.

  11. 199

    Well said, Anon, please keep harassing them BFP until the swine learn to do the honest and decent thing! Don’t let’s allow him to escape facing the courts just because this is a black country and he’s black and a lawyer! Let’s get the scum!!

  12. The scout

    I wonder how many more Roy Morrises are out there preying on inocent people’s girl children. This foolishness will only stop when a father takes the LAW into his own hand and play vigilante. The time coming soon and the justice system in Barbados is stoking the fire.I hope they can out it when it blows up

  13. Tony Hall

    I agree with you but I hope it doesn’t happen. This sort of behaviour has been going on for years. The persons who normally prey on these young ladies are supposedly morally grounded citizens but they are sick. Remember Sandra Robinson whose body was found in a canefield in Vaucluse, St. Thomas in 1982? She was job hunting and ended up there. Barbados is a small society and certain people tend to get sheltered.

  14. The scout

    Tony Hall
    It is only when some “big boy’s” daughter is the victim that the gauntlet will come down. This country is becoming one treatment for the “have” and one for the “have nots”. That system worked when I was a boy but it will not work in a modern day Barbados. There is too much anger building among bajans especially the young for this to happen

  15. Equilibrium

    do the crime…do the time

  16. The scout

    I find that certain peoiple in this country are among the “untouchables,” even the bloggers seem to be afraid of posting their views.

  17. The scout

    I read in today’s Sun on Saturday that Mr Roy Morris’s case has been put off indefinately. I get the gut feeling that it is over. So much for justice in this country.

  18. Hants

    The scout
    “case has been put off indefinately.”

    Can one of our “Legal” bloggers confirm that this is possible?

    There was a victim,evidence and an accused. Why can’t the case be tried.

    The Freeman case done. Why is the Morris case different.

  19. The scout

    Check either the Weekend or Saturday’s Nation. There is a little column that states the case has been put of indifinately. I would check later and give you the correct edition and page. I too was in utter shock. No reason was given. This is what justice in this country has come to. This is pathetic

  20. The scout

    That article about Roy Morris’s case is in the Weekend Nation in the top right side corner on page 29.

  21. Hants

    @ The Scout,

    Thanks for the effort but I live in Canada and don’t get the dead tree edition.

    I hope that it was a typo because every accused has a right to a trial within a reasonable time frame.

  22. The scout

    The article states that the case has been adjourned SINE DIE. In true bajan terms “it in coming back up.” Somebody probably get paid out.

  23. tstt

    Well maybe his column and the accompanying pictures of the young girls hanging out in the bus stand will reappear in the Nation next week. God bless Harold Hoyte!!!

    Or maybe David Thompson done got he line up to be Commisioner of Information.

    We’ll see how he resurfaces while the poor people thru out Barbados are sent to prison for stealing an ear of corn or a casava tree.

  24. The scout

    There is a new prison on the cards for these type of fellows. Hot/cold water whirlpool baths, air-conditioned bedroom, MCTV and internet, porclain floor tiles and granite counter top kitchen, the FULL works. You expect to put these people in Dodds? Don’t forget HEPPY HOUR from 2to 3 a.m everyday. these guys would get intoxicated after the first dose. Also remember, if justice is done a lotta lawyers and white collar people making reservation for the pent house suites in this prison.

  25. Tell me Why

    The article states that the case has been adjourned SINE DIE. In true bajan terms “it in coming back up.”
    Don’t we hear Parliament is adjourned ‘sine die”; and yet we still see Parliament re-convened?
    Let’s see how the difference of ‘sine die’ will play out within the judiciary system.

  26. The scout

    Tell me why
    Usually when a case is adjourned sine die, it is because the prosecutor or complainant is not present and not ready to resume the case. That case only comes back up if the parties indicates interest in resuming the case. I think a period of time is given for resumption after which it is thrown out.I may be wrong but that is my interpretation

  27. Were there any transcripts in this case?

    Are there ANY court documents available to the public?

  28. The scout

    After a while bajans would forget about this “wonder” and the accused would return to maybe a bigger job, live with the little “scandal” for a few months . By then something more sensetional will come up to take the spotlight off him. THIS IS BARBADOS. That’s why if any of them so frig round any one of my relatives, I will have to wish for preferential treatment too after going temperary insane.

  29. Just got a text message that Tim Slinger was suspended at the Nation

  30. Curiously amused

    You should be asking whether ‘justice’ needs to be served in this case when the ‘victim’ has received close to a million dollars from said person. That case will not call.

  31. The Scout

    Well well. And you think Stanford is the only one that could reward you BIg for a few minutes of service?
    Who will be next?

  32. Jason

    Welcome to Barbados. If you have money or status you can buy your way out of a criminal charge.

  33. J

    Byers cannot exist without sellers.

    Who sold out?

  34. Sad To Say

    When Roy Morris was editor of the NATION he was paid up to 60K per year to keep stories about certain “big ups” out of the press. He had at least 4 of these types in his corner when he was the NATION. As a matter of fact one of them offered the young lady’s/ intern’s family 50K in order to make the charges go away. Initially the young lady’s father rejected this offer. I do not know what has transpired since.

  35. 199

    I would have sworn this guy’s been languishing in prison all this time. I guess you operate b y ‘West Indian Time’ over there, plus a few more nonsenses!! Thompy seems to be just as dim as his predecessors to allow such maladministration!!

  36. The Scout

    You forget one thing. THIS IS BARBADOS: GEM OF THE CARIBBEAN. IT’S A PARADISE. Never forget that.

  37. J

    Sad to say wrote “Initially the young lady’s father rejected this offer.”

    So it is the young lady’s father who was raped then?

    Are you trying to tell u that Roy is a buller?

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