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Funeral Expenses And Family Troubles Still Surround Codrington Deaths

Barbados Free Press has received a number of emails from persons interested in the situation surrounding the burial of the Codrington family.

We have no idea as to the truth of the following as received from a reader, but we will print it for discussion…

1. Government called in family to indicate will pay for funeral.

2. Recommended have a thanksgiving service and then a funeral when bodies are released.

3. Family awards contract to Lyndhurst Funeral Home, even though was not the less bidder.

4. Thanskgiving service held.

5. Funeral Director calls in family and informs of two (2) separate burial services.

6. Funeral director informs family because government paying for burial, family will receive no death grant.

7. Funeral director charges Codrington Family $855 for 1 family van that seats 14 and funeral announcements in the paper.

8. Called person and informed of bill $855, agreed to help out family and pay it because mother of Donavere not paid for the month of leave which she took following cave in although employed in government for past 17 years and because sister of Donavere was one of the over 600 teachers not paid for September though teaching for over 5 years.

9. Funeral director informs Linton Family that the Codringtons called this person and they should call them too.

10. Codringtons had service at Coral Ridge Chapel then walked to gravesite
11. Linton family had over 50 names in funeral announcement and individual limousines, plus went to a church then to burial site.

12. Funeral director tells Codringtons they would have to pay for burial services if they went to westbury cemetery.

13. Funeral director tells Codringtons he has no time, date or cause of death from coroner.

14. Week later after burial still no death certificate. Time, date of death not known

15. Person calls and informs he was sent bill for over $3000 from funeral home for both the Linton and Codrington funeral.

16. The funeral home did not send the original cars for the thanksgiving service.

17. The funeral home did not print the original hymn sheets for the thanskgiving service.

18. Why did Lyndhurst inform the Codringtons, “Yes, there will be two services.” And then send an outrageous bill

19. Why did Trevor Prescod say on the peoples business the Tues. after the telethon that two oil companies had put up the money for the funerals

20. What is really going on?

21. No one no longer returns the Calls from the Codrington Family.

22. Can anyone out there help the Codringtons.

23. The Codringtons did have the burial or service that they wanted because “they were not footing the bill” so after the government and funeral home used them as means to an end, why send a bill now.

Can anyone out there advise what to do?


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