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The Independence Of The Chief Justice Of Barbados


Attorney General And Cabinet Minister, Then Chief Justice A Few Days Later

When the highest court in the land has to decide a case between the government and a citizen, will Chief Justice David Simmons be loyal to the law… or to his old friends in government? As a member of the Caribbean Court of Justice, will David Simmons favour an old political associate who is being sued by a citizen?

We shouldn’t even have to think about those questions, but we are forced to because our Chief Justice came directly to his position from the slime and mudslinging of politics where he was a powerful presence and a senior Cabinet Minister in the current Barbados government.

Because the government controlled all media at the time of his appointment, Bajans were denied a proper debate of the appropriateness of making the Attorney General into a supposedly “impartial” judge overnight.

We are going to engage in that debate now, folks – and Barbados Free Press will continue to hammer away at an issue that needs to see the light of day and be discussed in a public forum. David Simmons will be the lead story in our soon-to-be-published next print edition.

Even if the Attorney General had been appointed as an ordinary Judge, it would not have been appropriate. But we aren’t talking just any judge. David Simmons became the Chief Justice – the highest Judge in the land.

David Simmons should not have accepted the position of Chief Justice. His action in accepting was unethical and brought the office of the Chief Justice, the courts and the entire judicial system into disrepute.

IF David Simmons has any honour left, he should resign.

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Dominica Prime Minister Sues Journalist Matt Peltier – For Asking How He Became A Millionaire On A Public Servant’s Salary

Our cheap Super Bowl Sunday post for 2011!

What can I say? I picked Aaron Rodgers to lead the Packers to victory and I was correct. I win one beer that Robert would have bought for me anyway. I’m having to find another article to post for Sunday because Robert isn’t finished his promised article about why REDjet’s aircraft are the Pic’o the crop. And, as you might imagine, we’ve all had one or two drinks watching the game so I needed something quick.

The Times of Dominica blog just linked to an older BFP article about Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit so I’m bringing our article to the top for a day because it makes a few points as we look back over three years later…

  • The article was published on October 24, 2007 and by that time DLP fans had turned on Barbados Free Press for continuing to call down then Opposition leader David Thompson for failing to declare that the DLP would bring in Integrity Legislation if elected.
  • A month and a bit later in December of 2007 in the middle of the election campaign, the DLP and David Thompson declared that they would introduce Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information laws within 100 days of forming a government.
  • The DLP and David Thompson also promised that they would introduce a Ministerial Code addressing conflicts of interest “IMMEDIATELY” upon being elected.
  • The DLP and David Thompson lied to us to get elected. The DLP is now in its fourth year of power with a majority government that can do whatever it wants in terms of legislation – but they didn’t so much as declare the Ministerial Code which they could have easily done by making it policy.
  • Barbados still lacks Integrity Legislation, Freedom of Information, Ministerial Code etc etc etc. The DLP and Thompson lied.
  • BLP Member of Parliament Dr. Duguid says that Barbados politicians will never introduce Integrity Legislation. It’s not going to happen according to Dr. Duguid, who is moving to Canada permanently to join his family there as soon as his term ends.

The comments section of this article from 2007 makes for interesting reading. Already the hardcore DLP supporters and insiders knew in October 2007 that they would never introduce Integrity Legislation.

Same old, same old ’bout hey!


Here’s our original article published October 24, 2007…

Million Dollar Assets, $5,000 Salary!

Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit doesn’t like being asked how he became a millionaire on a politician’s salary – so he is suing The Times newspaper in Dominca and editor Journalist Matt Peltier. Continue reading


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