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Barbados Cost Of Living Just Keeps On Climbing – Hidden Factors Are Killers…


Just when Owing is paying lip service speaking about lowering the cost of living, then you get emails like this that blows his rants thru the window.

All these increased charges directly affect the cost of living very much like in the way he stuck the CESS TAX did he not realize that it would increase the cost of living and even when it was removed it made no difference to our living cost.

It is a sad reflection of what we have for a government…


Good Day,

Eric Hassell & Son Ltd. wishes to advise that there will be an increase in the bunker surcharge for both our Seaboard Marine Line (SML) and Europe West Indies Line (EWL). The bunker increase for SML will take effect on November 4th. EWL’s bunker increase will take effect on November 1st.

Kindly note the attached notices (Please open with the Microsoft Word Application).

Please let us know should you have any further questions.

Thank you and best regards

Karol Kirton

Sales/Marketing Coordinator
Eric Hassell & Son Ltd.


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Scotland District: 50 Years Of Instability, Landslides and Soil Erosion – What A Great Place For A Garbage Dump!

With the Government Soil Conservation Unit is celebrating its 50th anniversary, it would be good to pause to consider why that unit was formed in the first place, and then why Barbados is putting a dump at Greenland of all places.

Assuming what we are hearing is true, it appears that no engineer wants to sign off on the Greenland dump leachate pond liner because it is likely to fail due to the instability of the soil.

How many tens of millions of dollars spent so far on creating an environmental nightmare?

Who knows!

Unit to mark 50 years
Published on: 10/27/07.

GOVERNMENT’S Soil Conservation Unit will celebrate its 50th anniversary starting tomorrow with a thanksgiving service at St Andrew’s Parish Church.

The unit was established primarily to stabilise the Scotland District in light of the increased incidence of soil erosion and landslides, as well as an overall decline in agricultural production.

The celebrations will also be used to highlight its contribution to Barbados’ small business development and tourism.

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)


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Prime Minister Arthur Pledges New Anti-Corruption Law, To “Eradicate Corruption, Promote Integrity In Public Life”…. OK Sir, What About That $750k Cheque?


UPDATE: Promises By Thompson And Arthur Are Worth Nothing – Bajans Demand Real Actions

We don’t believe that either Prime Minister Owen Arthur or Opposition Leader David Thompson are serious about introducing integrity legislation.

We call upon the respective leaders and parties to do the following – which is well within their capabilities…

BLP Government

1/ Formally announce that no election will be held until at least three months AFTER integrity legislation is passed by the current Barbados Government.

2/ On December 3, 2007, introduce integrity legislation – including Conflict of Interest and Freedom of Information provisions – in Parliament and by publishing the legislation in full on the web and in local newspapers and expeditiously proceed with implementing the same.

3/ Immediately bind the BLP government members and candidates to the legislation, whether it has yet been proclaimed into law or not.

DLP Opposition

1/ Formally announce that, if elected, a DLP Government would introduce integrity legislation in Parliament within 30 days and expeditiously proceed with implementing the same.

2/ On December 3, 2007, present the proposed DLP integrity legislation – including Conflict of Interest and Freedom of Information provisions – to the public by publishing the proposed legislation in full on the web and in local newspapers

3/ Immediately bind the DLP members and candidates to the legislation, whether it has yet been proclaimed into law or not.

Original Article…

The Prime Minister was shoveling the horse-poop fast and high on the weekend. Faced with a never-ending public litany of corruption that is seriously threatening his fourth term, Owen Arthur and the BLP have promised yet again to introduce “anti-corruption” legislation.

Later. You know – like after he is elected again.

“Just elect us again and we really promise to introduce anti-corruption legislation this time. Really. Honest.”

Bajans seem to be so willing to be lied to. Whether it is David Thompson or Owen Arthur promising integrity legislation, many folks are willing to say “See… that proves they are serious. They are promising to introduce integrity legislation.”

What is that old saying about a promise being a comfort to a fool?

Both Parties Have Promised Integrity Legislation In Years Gone By

Both Parties Could Have Crafted Integrity Legislation In The Past Year And Presented It To The Public

Barbados Free Press readers are free to believe whatever they want to, but both the DLP and the BLP are johnny-come-lately to the issue of integrity legislation. Both are only mentioning the words “integrity legislation” because there is an election on the way and they know that the public has had enough of corruption.

What a sad state of affairs. Bajans are faced with electing greedy piggies who have been gorging themselves for the last 14 years or thin, hungry piggies who can’t wait for their turn to sink their snouts into the slops.

I don’t believe Owen Arthur.

I don’t believe David Thompson.

Neither have introduced a thing in writing when both could have had legislation all set to go during the past year.

Won’t get fooled again.

If you really must read the Prime Minister’s latest pile of horse dung lie – The Nation News: Prime Minister Knocks Thompson On Hardwood Issue


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