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Secret Report: Barbados Association Of Professional Engineers “Grave Concern About Public Safety Of Flyovers And ABC Highway Expansion”


Source: Engineers “Appalled and Frightened” Over Basic Design Defects

Barbados Free Press has obtained an unreleased engineering report that expresses “Grave concern about the public safety aspects of some of the design features of the ABC Highway expansion project being undertaken by 3S Structural Solutions LLC”

A source informs Barbados Free Press that the membership of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers is “appalled and frightened” at the obvious and basic design defects in the project, telling us that “any experienced engineer in Barbados spots the them right away.”

Professional engineers are also concerned about the obvious corruption surrounding the project, but so far haven’t said anything for the usual reasons: Barbados is a small island and most of their work is government related one way or another. Open your mouth and kiss your income goodbye.

But this time, according to our source…

“The total inexperience of 3S Structural Solutions is seriously impacting public safety and the engineers cannot keep quiet and retain the respect of the public. Professional engineers have a responsibility to protect the public and they intend to do just that.”

At this time, Barbados Free Press will not reveal the stunning details of the engineering reports, nor the revelations in the same report about the corruption in awarding of the 3S Structural Solutions contract.

We will await the public announcement from the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers, and express our admiration for the membership and their executive who value integrity, duty and honour so highly.


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Opera Telecom – Obvious Fraud Yet The Barbados Government Refuses To Act

Opera Telecom, the UK based company that received a record fine equal to over BDS$ 1 million for systematically defrauding thousands of competition entrants over a near four year period, shares a common director with Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd.

What A Scam!

Here’s how to make some big money, kiddies. Advertise a contest where it costs a few dollars to enter. Make the contest exciting, advertise on television and radio with upbeat music and a friendly announcer.

Oh… and never have any contest winners. The suckers will still believe the CBC advertisements and the money will keep rolling in. Folks trust CBC’s advertising so much that they won’t catch on that CBC is complicit in the fraud.

Don’t worry about CBC stopping your commercials – they want the advertising revenues. Don’t worry about the Barbados Consumer Protection Act because that puppy is toothless. Besides, the government is run by a bunch of thugs who probably appreciate a fellow scam artist. Honour among thieves and all that.

Yesterday, the “Fair Trading Commission” responded to a complaint from Adrian Loveridge (You can read their letter at Barbados Underground here).

Today, Mr. Loveridge comments on the lies told by Joanne Nugent, GM of Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd.

Take it away, Adrian Loveridge…

Finally, last nights airing on the Barbados Lucky Numbers competion revealed that it was in fact being operated by Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd and the number (1 800 534 2276) now gets a ringing tone with a recorded message telling what their office hours are. Whether these times are Caribbean or UK is not clear.

The GM of Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd, Joanne Nugent stated in writing on the 28th September 2007 that ‘Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd is a private company with no relationship to any overseas company’.

After a local company search, we now know that this statement was an absolute lie.

Opera Telecom, the UK based company that received a record fine equal to over BDS$ 1 million for systematically defrauding thousands of competition entrants over a near four year period, shares a common director with Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd.

Gary CORBETT, the Chairman/CEO of Opera Telecom.

In fairness to Mr Corbett we have yet to hear his side of the story. As the head of the company, was he aware that it was deeply involved in competition rigging?

The Fair Trading Commission in their eventual response to my concerns appears not to see any problem with the operation of this company.

The Minister for Consumer Affairs has yet to respond at all.

Readers are reminded that Opera Telcom who operated the previous competetion aired on CBC TV8 has yet to publish a list of winners.

Will they for the Barbados Lucky Numbers competition?


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Remembering Our Animal Friends In Prayer – Service This Sunday


This Sunday, the good folks at the Hope Sanctuary (website here) are getting together with the Church Of The Glorious Christ on River Road, Bridgetown to celebrate the love and honoring of animals. Ian Bourne alerted us to the service and no doubt we will see him there. (NOT that Ian has any idea who we are, but we have to say that, ya know!)

No one who looks at the examples of cruelty on the Hope Sanctuary’s website can remain unmoved or fail to wonder at how people can do some of the things they do to helpless creatures. This service will remind folks of the comfort and friendship that animals can bring into a home.

The Hope Sanctuary
Telephone: 429-0139
Website here


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