Barbados Forensic Scientists Testify To Poison At Bob Woolmer Inquest

Murder, Money, Pesticide In Drink

Two Barbados forensic scientists have testified that they found the deadly poison cypermethrin in the body of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer. Patrick Best and Cheryl Corbin told the inquest that they found the pesticide when they examined Woolmer’s body and stomach contents. Jamaican Government pathologist Ere Sheshiah testified that a small broken bone in Woolmer’s neck indicated manual strangulation, but his findings have been challenged by others.

Another witness, a maid at the hotel where Woolmer died, testified that she saw Bob Woolmer checking a thick coil of US money in front of an Indian man in a suit.

At first, the Jamaican police said they were treating Woolmer’s death as a murder, then they said he died of “natural causes”.

I’m still unable to get past the pesticide in Woolmer’s body and in the nightcap on the dresser. Doesn’t sound too “natural” to me.

The inquest is continuing in Jamaica.

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4 responses to “Barbados Forensic Scientists Testify To Poison At Bob Woolmer Inquest

  1. jamaican

    it seems to be every one saying they found posion in woolmers body except from england doctors.

    We have to suspect some thing going on in this case.Mark shiled is putting all his effort to cover some one.

    he said foresic pathologist did mistake
    and today he said jamaica foresic lab is not up to the mark
    This seems to be he is trying to cover some in the game.

    Now we have to suspect jamaican police investigation.

    How can mark shield said the calculations done by foresic scientist are wrong?does he a professional.

    He is trying to spoil jamaica country name in the world.

    I belive if jamaican govt can change the lead investigator from mark shield to Rento adams that would fine.

    he can find the truth behind the woolmer case.

  2. Billie man

    I agree with you jamaican.
    we need to honor our country.and the reports given are very pretty clear in the earlier stages and investigations were’nt made accordingly,so the confusion still.its really hearting MS saying reports are wrong….whom do he is covering?what is his moto?

  3. jamaican

    yeah Markshield is covering criminals.

  4. Rumplestilskin

    You think this only has to do with Jamaica?

    What about international cricket, world cup and ensuring that things finished on a ‘good note’ i.e. all is well, he died naturally.

    Come on, get real. ‘Foreigners’ do not use weedkiller for suicide. That is a method preferred by jilted lovers in T&T and Guyana.

    Thus, if the forensic people found poison then it could not have been natural causes. If the forensic people found weedkiller, it could not have been suicide. The only thing remaining is accident or murder.

    How does weedkiller get into hotel drinking glasses or into the room by accident? Is the gardener cleaning the room? Highly unlikely. The only remaining explanation is murder.

    But, this would have had too many implications for international cricket, for the world cup and for the needed international investigation into ‘illegal’ sport gambling and player bribes.

    Finally, speaking generally, I am told that weedkiller can be extremely deadly when placed on a desk for example. I am told that the person rests their hands on the desk (when working), the skin absorbs the weedkiller and extreme respiratory failure results, due to fluid buildup in the lungs.

    Thus, if you ever find unexplained fluid at your workdesk, do not put your hands down, make sure that it the unknown fluid cleaned off first.

    So I am told.

    This of course would not explain Woolmer’s death, as the forensic persons quoted above refer to stomach contents.