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DLP Supporter All Upset At Barbados Free Press Over Hardwood Housing and Lawyers – So, Let’s Hear Them Out…

A DLP supporter sent us the following – which we will print in full as received. The letter contains some comments from the DLP supporter taking Barbados Free Press to task for failing to cover the Hardwood Housing scandal as much as, or with the emphasis that the DLP supporter would have liked.

The letter also contains a “cut and paste” of an excellent article on Hardwood Housing by our friends over at Barbados Underground blog. We urge our readers to attend at BU to read the original, and we hope that David at BU will forgive us for posting the entire article here, but the DLP supporter included the article in their letter and we’d like to not change a word.

We’ll respond later to what our reader says.

Take it away, disgruntled DLP Supporter…

Letter to Barbados Free Press

For those that did not make it to Deacons road for that massive political meeting here is the recording of it for you, enjoy it the facts are there for all to see..

First link

Second link 

Since I believe the people at BFP are bright people I would assume that they know that continually harping on the fact that the PM and Thompson and the Judge have the same lawyer is really not the point. We have to look at if really any of the alleged breaches of equity are true and can be up-held in the courts. Whom they have representing them is really not that important.

The fact that they have the same lawyer should indicate to even the least initiated at BFP that all these persons are being sued in their official capacities – that is that it is their offices that are being sued not them personally. In other words the plaintiffs are claiming an abridgement of their rights by these persons acting
in their official capacities. Now sure it is not a secret that the offices of Judge, Prime Minister and Minister of the Crown (under which i assume David Thompson is being named – when he was Minister of Finance) are all constitutionally provided for and so any representation of those offices would have to be by the same
lawyer(s) since they will represent the government of Barbados and its constitutional creatures as listed above. So who then does BFP expect to pay the bill for these fees accept the tax payers of Barbados. After all its their officers that are being sued not David Thompson or Owen Arthur the private citizens. Tell me what is so hard to understand about that. The people at BFP need to think before they write.


Surely BFP cannot be serious listing those wishy washy stories as any real investigation into the Hardwood story.

Imagine that here it is that a company headed by a man who claims he built 500 houses in 6 months in Grenada gets 2 million dollars of the taxpayers money and completely licks it out and BFP has little to say. The company with the backing of Clyde Mascoll says it will build 30 houses in a month and gets a golden handshake from government but almost a year later has only build 7 for UDC which it overcharged by $238,000 for and BFP has nothing to say.

The company get more that 50,000 to buy equipment which the owner Mr. Murrel takes and then goes to Simpson Motors and Consolidated Finance and leases (not buys) and rents back the equipment to Hardwood who already gave him money to Buy (not lease) the same equipment. Yet BFP is worrying about which lawyer is representing Thompson and Arthur.

More still. The Man Murrel even though he is rent the equipment back to Hardwood is not paying the lease payments and mounting up arrears which Hardwood who gave him the money to buy (not lease) is having to pay on his behalf to stop the finance companies from taking up the equipment. And Mascoll in his response to Thompson’s letter to the PM says that it was his idea for Murrel to get the equipment and that it was saving Hardwood 44,000 a month. WOW. Oh, did I mention that Hardwood was also maintaining and paying for fuel Murrel’s equipment which they gave him money to buy (not lease) and which they pay to rent?

What says BFP Oh! sorry they are worried about a law suit in Canada. Continue reading


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David Thompson In Toronto Canada To Open New DLP Branch Office

The Democratic Labour Party is opening a “branch office” in Toronto, Canada.

This is not surprising considering that Bajans sending money back home is heading for 10 percent of our gross national product. Both the DLP and the BLP are tapping into this revenue stream after the “effective government” on the island pretty well doubled the price of groceries in the last little while.

Bottom line: Bajans have been squeezed so much lately that both major political parties are going abroad to secure funds from the island’s diaspora.

From the Nation News…

DLP Leader In Canada

OPPOSITION LEADER DAVID THOMPSON will deliver the keynote address at the official opening of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) branch office in Toronto, Canada.

The event takes place tomorrow at Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Centre, 6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, starting at 5:30 p.m.
Reynold Austin, president of the interim board of DLP Barbados (Canada), said the dinner would also raise funds for donation to the Brittons Hill tragedy relief fund.

He explained that DLP Barbados (Canada) was founded last summer by a group of Barbadians living in Ontario, to provide a vehicle by which Barbadians residing in Canada might support Barbados and the DLP, by providing financial, human and physical resources.

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)


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