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We Agree With ALMOST Everything Yardbroom Says… But What Does David Thompson Say About The Fatted Calf?

Our old friend Yardbroom posted the following…

Barbados is now a country that has lost its moral focus, people who should be respected because of their position or office, and as individuals – in their own right – find it difficult to gain respect.

Harold Hoyte a journalist of some note, in a recent Nation News article wrote, “integrity” was not an important character trait to be Prime Minister of Barbados. This statement demonstrates that people who should know better do not expect of elected officials – or say they don’t – what most people do. They see lack of integrity, and other similar character traits, as minor impediments, if integrity is not in the character of the individual, it does not matter which office he/she holds, they cannot be expected to act in a way, that reasonable people would expect.

How far is our moral decay? almost rock bottom, when decent living people, are taken to task for being decent, and roguishness becomes the order of main stream thinking, it is imperative for those left standing, to speak out before there is no one left with a listening ear.

I fear, if Jesus walked on water up the inner careenage of Barbados today, in our present moral bankrupt state, the movers and shakers would say, he is too nice and decent to lead us, or have anything of worth to say.

We see criminal activity in many forms, drugs, prostitution, violence, and corruption at many levels, by those who should know better, but the showing by example, by those who should be the bastions of our society is sadly lacking. As a result our young people – one is tempted to say with justification – take little notice of the telling of moral values, when the showing by example is not demonstrated.

There is no social responsibility left, only a free for all, do as you wish, nothing matters in this moraless environment, thuggery, vindictiveness, threats, surreptitious monitoring, all is grist to the mill.

There is one caveat, no opinion should be expressed unless it reinforces the rape and pillage of our country, you are free, but that freedom is dependent on you agreeing with us, “free indeed!” Oh, how free we are.

It needs a special person, to bring about dramatic change from the old order of doing things, a person with the qualities of “integrity” decency, and moral values, and I honestly believe that David Thompson of the DLP is the man for that challenge.

… posted by BFP reader Yardbroom on our article Harold Hoyte At Nation News: Integrity Not An Important Character Trait To Be Prime Minister Of Barbados (link here)


Barbados Free Press Replies…

Yardbroom, there is much wisdom in what you have written, but as fellow citizens we must respectfully disagree with your comment in red – thus far.

Our views on the DLP’s failure to act upon integrity rules, conflict of interest rules and transparency for their own MPs and candidates is well known and we won’t go into the whole issue again right now.

But if there is one thing that troubles us terribly, that remains foremost in our minds whenever we see or hear Mr. Thompson – it is his as-yet-unexplained “fatted calf” speech to the party faithful.

Mr. Thompson personally needs to publicly account for his fatted calf statement – to refute, clarify or even embrace his own words. Explanations from his representatives or party members are simply not good enough.

Mr. Thompson, Sir, this fatted calf speech of yours needs to be addressed publicly before we can consider anything else.

Background: See BFP’s article BLP Blog Publishes DLP Leader’s “Fatted Calf” Speech


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An Open Letter To Mr David Neilands Of SuperCentre


‘Make the Difference – Pledge to save Energy’

Sainsbury’s in the UK currently have a campaign supported by full page colour ‘ads’ in publications like The Times, where they are giving away 1 million Philips Energy Saving light bulbs.

You can see some of the media coverage simply by entering Sainsbury’s Make the Difference into GOOGLE news search. (BBC article: Sainsbury’s In Lightbulb Giveaway)

In the current climate of very high electricity costs it just seems like such a simple way to encourage people to save energy. I am still surprised by the number of buildings I see (including Government ones) who have chosen not to purchase or replace traditional light bulbs with lower energy alternatives.

I am not suggesting SuperCentre just distributes free lower energy bubs, but is there a way it could be aligned with a special promotion, where is a customer spends say $100 they get a LEB free?

I thought the Sainsbury’s idea was an excellent example of a responsible corporate response to a mounting concern over the cost of living. I know you and SuperCentre think along the same lines and I hope that you may consider such an initiative.

Best Regards,

Adrian Loveridge

Peach and Quiet
25 October 2007


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Virgin Atlantic Moves Barbados Flights To “Highly Prized” Heathrow Slots!

Good For Barbados, Not So Good For Jamaica…

We’re sorry there has to be a loser in this shift, but happy that Virgin Atlantic thinks enough of Barbados as a destination to move it’s Barbados flights from Gatwick to Heathrow.

This hasn’t been “formally” announced yet, but the Jamaica Observer is running the story on the first page, so it looks like a done-deal. Here are some excerpts (and thanks to a early-riser reader for the tip)…

Barbados Gets Air Jamaica’s Heathrow Slots

VIRGIN Atlantic has decided to move its Barbados flights from Gatwick to London’s Heathrow, in the slots controversially sold by Air Jamaica, impeccable Observer sources said yesterday.

The decision which means that the highly prized slots have gone to a competing Caribbean destination, comes a week before Virgin, the United Kingdom’s second largest carrier, launches its new twice-a-week Gatwick to Kingston flights under the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Air Jamaica in May this year.

And in what is bound to be viewed as another blow to Jamaica, the UK airline is also likely to reduce the number of flights from London to Jamaica – from four to three – in the summer of 2008, the Observer sources revealed.

Travel industry experts also expect Jamaica’s loss situation to worsen, saying that Jamaica-bound passengers on flights connecting through Heathrow from continental Europe, would find it more stressful getting to the island and may just vacation elsewhere.

Virgin has apparently not yet made a formal announcement of the decision to move its Barbados flights to Heathrow, and efforts to get comments from the airline proved futile yesterday.

But travel industry sources in London said last night that Virgin had always wanted to move its flights from Gatwick to Bridgetown, the Barbados capital, which is a very popular destination among Britons, on grounds that it would enjoy a greater advantage out of Heathrow.

This week, the airline finally decided to move the flights beginning December 11, 2007 and until March 17, 2008. At the same time, Virgin Atlantic is pressing ahead with its plans to launch its Gatwick-Kingston service on October 30, undaunted by signs that the new Jamaican government is frowning on the sell-off of the Heathrow slots.

… read the entire article at The Jamaica Observer (link here)


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