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One Source: Barbados Free Press Online Readership Stats Higher Than All Other Barbados News Sources!


According to the website tracking source Quantcast.com, Barbados Free Press has 27% more daily readers than the Nation News website!

This makes Barbados Free Press the number one news website in the country – handily beating the website readership of every mainstream news source in Barbados.

That’s right folks, according to Quantcast.com, Barbados Free Press has more daily readers than any other Barbados website.

Frankly, We’re Stunned

Now, the actual numbers we’re seeing from Quantcast are way lower than our internal numbers, so perhaps Quantcast is not picking up certain streams, or we have to take a look at how our internal counter is calibrated – but assuming that Quantcast’s errors are uniform, it is the ranking that surprises us.

Here are the Quantcast visitor numbers for selected Barbados blogs and websites for August…

Barbados Free Press 38,150

Nation News 30,150

CBC 8,911

Barbados Underground 8,477

Voice Of Barbados 6,879

Barbados Advocate 6,200

Notes From The Margin 1,861

BLP Blog 1,149

DLP Blog 1,132

No Wonder The BLP Government Wants To Kill The Blogs!

Friends, we wonder if you have any idea of how exciting this is for us. Here we were wondering if we had even a fraction of the readers of the Nation News website, and it turns out that we have 27% higher daily readership than the largest newspaper in the country!

No wonder the government is hunting us down.

With BFP ranked #1, our writers, readers and commenters might be able to make a difference in the next election. We must redouble our efforts.

Thanks to those who put in the work to look up all the numbers!

Out Of 1.6 Million WordPress Blogs Worldwide – BFP Ranked #26 On October 8, 2007.

Thanks Folks! (WordPress Stats here)


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