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Government Lied To Barbados Advocate Newspaper About GEMS Hotels Financial Statements – They Only Exist To 2001!


The Barbados Labour Party published an article in the Barbados Advocate (link here) and on the official government BLP blog on Friday – criticizing Thompson and the DLP for talking about corruption. The article claims that “audited financial statements of GEMS (hotels) hae been (laid) in the House for some time now and Thompson would have seen them yet he has not called for an investigation. Why?”

A source has informed both Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press that these “audited financial statements of GEMS” that no one had previously heard of only go up to 2001!

GEMS Hotels has been operating in contravention of the law and has failed to present audited financial statements for the past almost seven years!

It is way too easy to catch these crooked BLP government types lying and being corrupt. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

For details and the letter from the source, see Barbados Underground blog (link here)


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Government Says Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground Blogs Are Set Up By Thompson’s DLP!

“(The DLP) have even set up two blogs, the Barbados Free Press and the Barbados Underground and yet they continue to fail in their attempt to impress the electorate…”…From the government BLP’s column in the Barbados Advocate and the BLP Blog.


Does BFP Really LOOK Like A DLP Blog? Give Your Head A Shake! 

“BFP, Were you really created by the DLP as alleged in the BLP column today?”

Above comment left by BFP reader Velzo – asking about the government column in the Barbados Advocate.


Wrong Again, Mr. Prime Minister! Barbados Free Press Thinks That Thompson’s DLP Is As Corrupt As The Government!

The ONLY way the BLP believe they can neutralize the Bajan blogs is to declare us as partisan, to say that BFP is created and run by the opposition party, the DLP. So now the official BLP government line is that the blogs are set up by the DLP to discredit Prime Minister Owen Arthur and his government.

The one thing the government just can’t have is the public accepting that Barbados Free Press is merely a bunch of non-partisan citizens who are fed up with both corrupt parties… which is exactly what we are.

We have been calling the DLP “piggies in waiting” for our entire existence – almost 2 years, and saying that it is the system that needs changing otherwise a DLP government will be as corrupt as a BLP government. We have called Thompson corrupt for not instituting integrity rules for his party. We have said that Thompson, like Arthur, has skeletons in his closet that are making him ineffective.

But the BLP must ignore all that. They have to. They just can’t have it known that the Barbados Free Press is citizen run by independent folks who are tired of the corruption and believe that both the DLP and BLP are piggies at the trough.


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