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Welcome To First World Barbados – Bring Your Own Water Pail, Forget About Bathing



Cliverton posted the following article and pushed the limits too far. I understand his message, but he crossed my personal tolerance. I have edited out the over-the-line concept and words and spoken to Cliverton who has apologized to Shona. I can assure everyone that this mistake will not happen again.

BFP Editor in Chief

Like Her Slave Ancestors Before Her, Gwenetha Clarke 67 Still Hauls Water And Bathes Out Of A Pail

It is time for the every-three-months article on the water situation in First World Barbados. The Nation News usually shows old women hauling water or some government Minister conferring with the residents or even presenting a new government supplied water barrel (Blue! With Faucet!).

This time the Nation News has a dramatic photo of an elderly woman using soda bottles to hold water: No Water For St. Phillip Elderly


(And yes, folks, the following is from the imagination of Cliverton. If you weren’t quite sure about whether or not the Prime Minister would really say such things in a real interview, it probably says a whole lot about your impression of the Prime Minister!) 

Prime Minister Owen Arthur Comments On The Water Situation…

Shona called the Prime Minister this afternoon and asked him to comment on the water article in the Nation News. This is an unedited transcript of that conversation…

Shona: Hello Mr. Prime Minister. This is Shona from Barbados Free Press.

PM: Hello Shona. Delighted to speak with you again.

Shona: Sir, we’d like to ask you about the story in The Nation News this morning. About the water shortage and old folks having to haul their water because there is none in the pipes.

PM: Water? Never drink the stuff, myself. You know, why drive a Toyota when you can drive a Lexus! I mean, Hell, I’d even drink Johnny Walker if I couldn’t get any single malt. Have to be Blue though. None a dat cheap red stuff. That’s what I always say! (laughs)

Shona: Sir, the old folks in St. Phillip have no water again. None to drink and none to bathe with. Don’t you think your government should do something about that?

PM: Shona, my dear, **** you’re not too smart. We only got so much money around this place and we have to prioritize. There isn’t enough money to do everyting. Do you know how much money it took to put on Cricket World Cup?

Shona: No sir.

PM: Well, neither do I, but that’s beside the point. It took a whole lot a money for Cricket World Cup. Tons and tons of money. It was a HELL OF A PARTY but it cost a lot so there’s nothing left for water infrastructural, infracstcualt…. Sorry those big words always give me trouble after lunch. Anyways, we doan have no money left for water pipes an such. BUT WE HAD A HELL OF A CRICKET PARTY AND DON’T YOU FORGET THAT!

Shona: But what about the water shortage and the old folks…

PM: Shona. I’ve always admired you ***. Let’s continue this interview at dinner tonight.

Shona: Mr. Prime Minister, I’m a married woman with children!

PM: What’s your point?

Shona: Mr. Prime Minister, I think that we’ll end this interview. On behalf of Barbados Free Press, thank you for your time, Sir.

PM: Anytime, Shona. (goodbyes said)


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Have Nigerian Scam Artists Taken Over Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation?

Why does CBC TV continue to show Barbados Lucky Numbers ‘ads’?

The ‘ads’ clearly state ‘if the lucky number you have been allocated matches the winning number, and in the same number order, then simply call 1 800 534 2276 to make your claim’.

But if you call that number, as I have, a least a hundred times or try through the operator, all you get is ‘We are sorry the number you have reached in not in service’.

Therefore, while you can speculate on the 1 900 number at BDS$2.30 per call or text, there is no way of establishing a possible winner.

CBC’s Acting General Manager is aware of the situation, so is Donald Austin as Cable and Wireless, the only company mentioned in the ‘ads’.

Surely, it would be prudent to stop the airing of the ‘ads’ until a thorough investigation is undertaken and the company organising the competition is revealed?

Yesterday, (Wednesday) on Down to Brass Tacks a called known as ‘Mrs P’ also highlighted the situation with the Moderator (David Ellis) suggestion that the Office of Public Counsel be contacted.

Senator Lynette Eastmond both to her personal email and Ministry has been contacted, so has the Fair Trading Commission.

Adrian Loveridge


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BLP Government Agents Post Reasoned Comments For A Time, But Then Threaten To Murder Our Children…

Earlier today, a BLP Government Agent calling themselves “Klang” and “Eyes” joined in the discussion and left a few reasonable comments. They were particularly upset about our article So Many New Companies, So Few Answers About Where Our Money Went… And Where It Will Go.

It seems that questions about companies making millions in Barbados tax dollars bring the government agents out of the woodwork.

You can read one of their reasoned comments here.

But they always seem to revert back to type when other BFP readers simply quote facts and talk about corporate structures, beneficial owners and offshore bank accounts.

Here is the latest little ditty posted by the same government agent(s) who were so reasoned in their initial comments. You can read the original here.

And just so you can get in the mood, we’ll post a photo of the immediate supervisor of the people who the government intends to send for us in the middle of the night. Reporters or bloggers, it doesn’t seem to matter much to the thugs who dedicate themselves to serving political masters rather than the rule of law…


Ode to Barbados Free Press.

They will come.

They will come in the darkness of night.

They will come.

Black men in dark clothing, with guns and sirens blazing.

They will come.

They will smash your doors and seize your computers.

They will come.

They will drag you out of your house at 2:00 am.

They will come.

They will take you deep into the bowels of the station and beat you mercilessly.

They will come.

Cruel men. Cruel men. Cruel men.

But in all things be thankful.

But in all things be thankful.

But in all things be thankful.

For when WE come…

We won’t touch you. We won’t beat you.

We only come to watch.

We only come to watch.

We only come to watch.

For when WE come…

We will come silently.

We will come to kill your children.



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