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United States Department Of State “Barbados Police Sometimes Search Homes Without Warrants”

A reader sent in this 1999 US State Department report on Barbados that says our police sometimes search homes without warrants. (link here)

This report is, of course, false.

As we all know, the Royal Barbados Police Force uses warrants to search homes because Barbados Judges issue our police officers with blank search warrants. (BFP story: Barbados Police Given Blank, Pre-Signed Search Warrants By Corrupt, Lazy Judiciary)

I think we’ll write to the US Department of State and alert them to their error!


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Government Says “Everything Fine With Prison Project” – Barbados Lapdog Media Says “Okay Boss!”

Adrian Loveridge asks over at Barbados Underground “Does The Attorney-General Think The Average Barbadian Is Stupid And Cannot Read?”

We have to comment on another aspect of Adrian’s article. The Barbados media seems totally incapable of pointing out to government “You said this a few months ago, and now you’re saying that. Are you lying or mistaken? Which is now the truth?”

But it is probably asking too much of the Barbados media to expect them to read their own drivel.

Are there no professional journalists left in Barbados?

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Source: Chief Justice Simmons Hiding Witness, Deliberately Obstructing Court Case!


Notice published Oct 9, 2007 in the Nation News

Where Is Iain Deane Hiding?

Friends, once in a while you shake your head in disbelief at something that you’ve been told and say “No Way! Can’t be true.” – and then somebody puts a document or some other proof in your hand and you wonder what planet you’re on. Sometimes it is difficult to accept even what we see with our own eyes.

That happened to us a few weeks ago when we were told that Barbados judges were issuing blank, signed search warrants to the police. We said, “Nah… couldn’t be” and then the proof was put right before our eyes: a blank search warrant that was signed by a Barbados Justice. You can look at it too. (See BFP’s Barbados Police Given Blank, Pre-Signed Search Warrants By Corrupt, Lazy Judiciary)

Now, once more, our faith in our judicial system is being shaken – and it is not just rumours. The legal documents are posted online for everyone to see.


Barbados Prime Minister, Chief Justice & Others Being Sued In Canadian Court For Corruption & Fraud

Last May, we told our readers about a Canadian lawsuit that alleges corruption and a criminal conspiracy by people at the highest levels of our Barbados government. Many prominent Bajans are named as defendants, including Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Chief Justice David Simmons. (To read the original story see BFP’s Barbados Lawsuit Names Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons And Many Prominent Citizens And Businesses)


Corrupt VECO Corporation Bribed Politicians – Also Involved In Lawsuit

Then in August, we learned that the Canadian lawsuit also involves VECO – the corrupt American company that built the oil terminal and our new Barbados jail. VECO’s CEO and VP were found guilty of bribing Alaskan politicians to get government contracts. (See BFP’s Barbados Jail Builder VECO Added As Defendant In Lawsuit Against Prime Minister Arthur and Chief Justice Simmons)

When the VECO bribery charges and the FBI investigation story broke, the Barbados government had a 30 minute talk with VECO and promptly announced that there was no bribery or corruption in any of VECO’s Barbados projects. Never mind that the jail has tripled in price. 😉

Canadian Lawsuit Was Not Thrown Out Of Court – That Was A Barbados Government Lie!

In late August, Barbados government agents spread information throughout the blogs that the Canadian lawsuit either never existed, or that it had been thrown out of court in Canada.

We now know that was a lie. Not only is the Canadian lawsuit still in existence, it is gathering momentum – according to two confidential BFP sources and some legal documents that are posted on the internet for all to see.


Barbados Legal Community Abuzz With Talk Of Chief Justice Simmons’ “Hands-On” Role In Canadian Lawsuit!

Our sources tell us that the Barbados legal community is taking a tremendous interest in the Canadian lawsuit, not only because of the number of Bajans and lawyers who are involved in defending against the allegations, but also because Chief Justice Simmons is (quote) “Like a volcano about to blow.”

One source also informs us that Chief Justice Simmons is taking a “hands-on” approach to the case that is worrisome to some of the involved lawyers. Apparently, part of the strategy of defending the Canadian case has been to make one of the defendants Iain Deane “disappear” so he can’t be given his copy of the lawsuit as is required.

This strategy, according to our source, has held up the Canadian lawsuit to the point where the Canadian court ORDERED the Nation News and the Barbados Advocate to print a notice to Iain Deane that he only has until November 10, 2007 to file a defense! (See the copy of the newspaper notice at the top of this article)

This “hiding of a defendant” was the idea of the Chief Justice and his “hands-on” approach to the lawsuit. (again according to our source in the Bajan legal community)

The hilarious part of all this is that Iain Deane is involved in other court actions in Barbados and has a lawyer. Yet his lawyer, the Chief Justice and all the other defendants in the Canadian action have for months been “pretending” that nobody knows how to contact Iain Deane!

So (again according to our sources in the Barbados legal community) the Chief Justice of Barbados, David Simmons, has been actively involved in deliberately obstructing a court case being held in another Commonwealth country!

Many of the details about the Canadian case AND a copy of the Iain Deane Court Order can be found at a blog called Keltruth Blog.com (link here)

Barbados Chief Justice Alleged To Have Played Key Role In Alleged Past Criminal Conspiracy!

There are so many unanswered questions about the Canadian lawsuit – and even more if it is true that the Chief Justice of Barbados has been deliberately trying to obstruct the court case…

– Why is Chief Justice David Simmons so upset about the Canadian court case?

– What evidence will come out during the trial?

– What has VECO got to do with the Canadian case?

– Is the Canadian court case somehow linked with the FBI investigation into bribes that VECO paid to corrupt politicians? How would that matter to Canada and Barbados?

One source says that the involvement of David Simmons in the alleged criminal conspiracy was before he became Chief Justice.

Well folks, we don’t know what to think about any of this – and remember, just because some Canadian court is hearing this case doesn’t mean the allegations are for true.

But as both our sources say, whatever is happening, Chief Justice David Simmons is for sure upset and “Like a volcano about to blow.”

We gonna try to stay outta his way!


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Thank You David, and Thank You Vincent


One of our readers named David sent us an inspirational email today – reminding us to always think about God in all that we do. Included were a number of photos of which Little Mr. Smiley is one. (All together now “Awwwwwwwwwwwww”)

And then I turned to the Nation News and read an article by Vincent Wood, a preacher with the Baptist church. Here’s what Reverend Wood has to say about abortion clinic manager and BLP Candidate George Griffith and also BLP MP Reverend Joseph Atherley…

“The taking of human life . . . is called murder. All those who are destroying human life whether legally or not, that is murder. God does not take lightly to the destruction of life,” he said.

He questioned how the BFPA could be asking Government for more subsidy for its life-taking services and queried why a Government minister, also a pastor, had been silent on the matter.

“What is appalling is that many of us have been observing or hearing of things occurring and we are keeping quiet saying; ‘These things don’t affect me, they are not in my house’. We seem not to care. We are prepared to see evil as good and good as evil. We keep quiet when we should be speaking out and speak out when we should be keeping quiet,” he said.

Wood cited St Matthew 18:4 and 5 and 19: and chapters 14 and 15 in which Jesus warned against causing harm to children.

… from the Nation News BFPA Taken To Task

We have all sinned folks. We have all fallen short of the mark and I’m no exception.

I also think that Reverend Vincent is right. It is going to go very badly for certain folks on the day they have to stand in front of the Lord to face the judgment.


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