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Big 11:30am Meeting Well Attended!

Yup, the joint is jumpin’ on Pinfold Street today (Sunday) with quite the cast assembling.

How will the meeting end? Maybe we’ll hear about it, maybe not.

But for sure, there are more than a few worried, angry faces in the crowd.

What’s this all about? For now, it’s a message from BFP to THEM to say that our supporters are everywhere!


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Toilets At Kensington Oval To Be Flushed Weekly – Because They Are Never Used


Dengue Fever Fight Highlights Reckless Government Spending

For the last three months, maintenance staff at Kensington Oval have instituted a schedule of flushing all the toilets once a week to deny their use as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. They also add kerosene to the drain traps to kill larve – according to an article in The Nation News (link here).

Everyone is doing their best to cut down on dengue fever which for some reason is on an upsurge this year and we at Barbados Free Press congratulate the Kensington Oval staff for doing their bit.

But there is another story to be seen in the Nation News article…

Big Party Ends: 100 Million Dollar Kensington Oval Cricket Stadium Sits Unused

How much did we spend on renovating Kensington Oval? The government will never reveal the truth but they admit to in excess of 100 million dollars. At the time the place was being renovated, both the cricket fraternity and the government were talking about the wonderful opportunities for new revenue generation that this fixing up would bring. I recall reading something where a critic estimated that to amortize the costs of the renovations the stadium would have to host one major event a month for the next hundred years or something just as damning. (I forget the exact estimate)

So here we are heading towards the end of the year and the place hasn’t been used once for anything that we know of.

But we have an entire maintenance staff flushing unused toilets once a week so mosquitoes won’t breed.

That’s quite a plan for a money-making financial venture, Mr. Prime Minister.

It must have been one hell of a cricket party, because six months later we’ve still got one hell of a financial hangover.


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