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Roy Morris Rape Charge In Court Thursday


Veteran Bajan journalist Roy Morris is in court tomorrow on a rape charge. Morris was the Nation News Associate Managing Editor in July when the alleged rape occurred. He was arrested and charged by police on August 14th after Barbados blogs refused to let the story die.

The story was broken by the Barbados Free Press after the Nation News ignored the police investigation of their employee. Some sources even indicated that the Nation News conspired with Morris to hide him from the police.

Whether or not Morris is found guilty, the story was a watershed for many Barbadians who discovered that the blogs not only break the news, but that the largest newspaper in the country habitually withholds news from the public.

For a summary of the case against Mr. Morris, start here…

Would Nation News Editor Roy Morris Have Been Charged With Rape If Blogs Hadn’t Broken The Story?


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Barbados Forensic Scientists Testify To Poison At Bob Woolmer Inquest

Murder, Money, Pesticide In Drink

Two Barbados forensic scientists have testified that they found the deadly poison cypermethrin in the body of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer. Patrick Best and Cheryl Corbin told the inquest that they found the pesticide when they examined Woolmer’s body and stomach contents. Jamaican Government pathologist Ere Sheshiah testified that a small broken bone in Woolmer’s neck indicated manual strangulation, but his findings have been challenged by others.

Another witness, a maid at the hotel where Woolmer died, testified that she saw Bob Woolmer checking a thick coil of US money in front of an Indian man in a suit.

At first, the Jamaican police said they were treating Woolmer’s death as a murder, then they said he died of “natural causes”.

I’m still unable to get past the pesticide in Woolmer’s body and in the nightcap on the dresser. Doesn’t sound too “natural” to me.

The inquest is continuing in Jamaica.

Further Reading…

AFP: Money topic of testimony in Woolmer inquest testimony

BFP: Was Pakistan Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer Murdered?


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New Prison Can’t Be Used Yet – Because Government Didn’t Pass Required Law


Is Attorney General Dale Marshall (Or Anyone) Really In Charge?

No one knows how much our new prison costs, and it is unlikely that taxpayers will ever know the truth. Considering that the prison was built by the corrupt VECO Corporation as contracted with the corrupt Owen Arthur government, we should be thankful that a prison even exists.

Only one problem: we can’t house any prisoners there because the Government of Barbados neglected to pass a law declaring the place an official prison.

Can’t this gang of idiots get anything right?

Yup. More of the same old, same old…

Legal hold up preventing prisoners from moving to Dodds

Two weeks after the official opening of the new prison at Dodds in St. Philip the cells are still empty.

Mike Goddard says this is because a legal hold up is preventing the transfer of prisoners to the new facility.

Attorney General Dale Marshall says government needs to change the 100 year old Prisons Act which defines prison as Glendairy.

He expected that the House of Assembly would approve the amendment today and that the Senate would do the same tomorrow paving the way for the transfer of prisoners. Mr. Marshall says the administrative staff has moved-in and all the officers have been trained to run the ultra-modern jail.

He has denied that prisoners are already at Dodds explaining that they have been involved in facilitating the move.

Mr. Marshall is not saying exactly when the final move will be made to Dodds but has indicated that it will be as soon as possible. He is also assuring the families of inmates that they will soon be able to visit their relatives at Dodds.

… read the original article at the CBC (link here)

Read the Nation News take on the story here: A-G’s Word


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