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High Court Judge Elneth Kentish Assaulted By Woman “Actual Bodily Harm”


UPDATE: New article at Nation News here. Not many details.

Does Anyone Have Further Details?

From The Nation News (link here)…

A 39-YEAR-OLD WOMAN will appear in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court today charged with assaulting a High Court judge.

Cecile Codrington, of Rock Hall, St George, is accused of assaulting and causing actual bodily harm to Justice Elneth Kentish last Wednesday.


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Did Ikael Tafari Write His Latest Nation News Article While On Government Pay?

Ikael Tafari, the government-paid Director of the Commission for Pan African Affairs, has written a revealing article for the Nation News – expounding how Barbadians are quarrelsome and “Oedipal complainers”. I had to look up the meaning of “Oedipal” to make sure I wasn’t unaware of some meaning other than what I thought – but no, “Oedipal” still has to do with wanting to sleep with your mother and kill your father.

That must be some weed that Tafari was smoking when he wrote the article.

Tafari also says that the astrological signs and omens favour the Prime Minister calling an election next May.

Frankly, for predicting elections I favour chicken entrails under a full moon while turning three times to the left and shouting “BOOGA! BOOGA!”

Fabulous journalism, Nation News. Just fabulous.

Somebody please call the Prime Minister and have him read the article that is written by the man he chose to represent the country of Barbados in African matters.

Whatever Tafari was smoking when he wrote African Crossroads: Signs and Omens (3) – it must be the best stuff yet.


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