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Nation News Wants Banned Barbadian Journalist Adrian Loveridge To Write Column

David at Barbados Underground and Friends at Barbados Free Press

Earlier this week I met with Hartley Henry at his request. He has asked me to write a column which will replace his Thursday half page in the Nation every other week.

I have tried to remain politically impartial and have never actually been a party member at any time of my life.

It’s a real dilemma for me.

There are so many concerning issues out there which both BU and BFP have done a superb job of ensuring at least a substantial percentage of the population are made aware of.

I have been promised there will be little or no editorial interference other than writing within the constraints of the restricted defamation laws of Barbados.

Of course, I would welcome the opportunity of highlighting certain issues in print, but do not want to loose any credibility as an independent thinker.

I would welcome your comments.

Thanks and Regards

Adrian Loveridge

Barbados Free Press says…

We’ll save our comments for a day and let our readers have their say first! 


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Misleading Headlines In The Barbados Advocate

Regular BFP reader and commenter Bush Tea wrote the following and sent it to us for publication. BFP has not edited the article at all…

I may be picky, or just plain paranoid, but I have noticed that the Barbados Advocate News has developed the practice of featuring the worse of crime in the Caribbean in their daily editions and they do it in a way that, unless you read the full article, and are knowledgeable of the region, you could easily assume that the situation was a local one.

Now I ask myself why a local newspaper would do this.

Barbados makes a living from tourism. Many of our visitors come here because of the low crime, welcoming nature of the people and friendly, safe environment.

Persons interested in visiting obviously do research- they read the local newspapers, surf the web and so on. It is bad enough that our local crime situation is as bad as it is, but now potential tourist will conclude that it is 2000 times worse based on these ridiculous ‘news’ items out of Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad in particular.

Even in the event that such GORY ‘news’ is worthy of such prominence in a Newspaper in a tourist destination, every other newspaper – even the BLP Nation, places a subheading on the article to clearly indicate the source of the news. (Georgetown, Guyana –October 15) I find it interesting that the Advocate fails to do so.

But then again, this newspaper is only the ‘Barbados’ advocate in that it makes its money here – like the ‘Barbados’ National Bank etc.

In the absence of any good reason to give this false impression to potential tourist and even to alarm some locals, I am forced to wonder if this is not a deliberate scheme to do harm to this country tourism – or at least to bring us down to a level footing with other destinations with which the owners of the Advocate may have stronger ties than they have with Barbados.

This practice is disrespectful, dishonest and unprofessional and I am surprised that our tourism officials have not taken steps to bring it to an end.

Thank God we have two really national news agencies – BU and BFP.

Bush Tea


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HIV/AIDS – Barbados Underground Calls For Resignation Of Dr. Carol Jacobs & PM Arthur

David over at Barbados Underground makes the point that government has had over US$15 million dollars from the World Bank “to fight HIV/AIDS”, but has been ineffective. (Not to mention the usual zero accountability for the money.)

Barbados Underground: Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Dr. Carol Jacobs Should Resign~Both Have Failed Barbados In The Fight Against The Spread Of HIV/AIDS

For another side of HIV/AIDS in Barbados, see BFP’s article: SCANDAL! – Barbados “War On AIDS” – How Owen Arthur And His Government Refused The Donation Of A Free AIDS & Cancer Hospice


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