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Ho Hum… Another Barbados Government Audit Discovers Wrongdoing That Nobody Will Go To Jail For

A few weeks ago, Barbados Free Press wrote Ho Hum – Another ‘Special Forensic Audit’ To Nowhere In Barbados where we said…

So the Prime Minister will continue to launch “Special Forensic Audits”, but after six months in power it is obvious that he has no intention of making any persons associated with the last government at all accountable for wrong-doing.

That fits in nicely with what will be a two-year delay in adopting ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation.

Oink Oink

Now we see more of the same with yet another “audit” revealing corruption and big-money thefts in the schools. (see The Nation News School Audit Proposal)

“So what?” is our reaction… because David Thompson and his government have no intention of holding any specific individuals criminally or civilly responsible for acts of corruption during the last administration.


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The Folly Of CARICOM – Tourists See Caribbean Violence As Barbados Violence

CARICOM was supposed to be the great playing-field leveler: providing small island nations in our region with the economic and political clout of larger entities. Unfortunately, CARICOM is about as effective and successful as was the great 1958 West Indies Federation – which is to say, “not at all”.

And then there is the matter of the “Caribbean Brand” for tourism which was a disastrous policy created and followed by the previous BLP Government as part of the effort to prop up the pretense and phony benefits of CARICOM.

I wonder who the morons were who thought our Bajan image would be enhanced by linking to places like Jamaica, where armed guards have to look after the tourists swimming within sight of their hotel!

The folly of the “Caribbean Brand” has been once again shown by an article published in New Statesman concerning the recent horrific honeymoon murders of Ben and Catherine Mullaney in Antigua.

According to the article, we’re all the same in Caribbean… violent, bloodthirsty savages – and that includes Barbados – once again according to the author.

Our friend over at RealBajan.com alerted us to the New Statesman article and has the link and some thoughts about where author Darcus Howe can stick his misinformed propaganda.

Although Barbados Free Press and Real Bajan disagree on the usefulness and impact of CARICOM, his article is well worth reading: Savage Murder in Antigua, Darcus Howe Prematurely Writes Caribbean Obituary


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