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Prince Charles Lends Support To Barbados Wayward Children Hans & Eva Rausings

Cliverton: “So if I get caught smuggling heroin and crack into the US Embassy, does that mean I can expect a call from the future king too?”

Auntie Moses: “You be in enough trouble already to be talk such foolishness.”

From the Mail online…

Prince Charles backs Tetra Pak couple Rausings and declares ‘they deserve a second chance’

Prince Charles has controversially backed a multi-millionaire heiress caught with large amounts of crack and heroin, insisting she deserves a ‘second chance’.

Prosecutors dropped drug charges against Eva Rausing last month after she admitted possession of crack, heroin and cocaine.

Now Prince Charles is insisting Mrs Rausing should not be sacked from the board of one of his charities despite legal rules requiring trustees to be of good character…

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