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Digicel Services The World’s Most Violent Countries – and Barbados Too!

You simply must read the Forbes article on Digicel and its founder Denis O’Brien. Check it out here.

“Despite coups, corruption and kidnappings, cell phone maverick Denis O’Brien keeps pouring money into the world’s poorest, most violent countries. His bet: Give phones to the masses and they’ll fight your enemies for you.

Denis O’Brien professes not to understand why wall Streeters think his telecom business is risky. He says this while sitting in an office in Papua New Guinea that is protected by razor wire and a half-dozen guards carrying shotguns and pistols. O’Brien’s Jamaica-headquartered company, Digicel Group, began offering cheap cell phone service recently in this Pacific hellhole. The murder rate in PNG is one of the highest in the world, corruption is rife, and the government recently threatened to seize 130 cell towers that O’Brien had erected at a cost of $120 million….”


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