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World’s Smallest Snake Brings Attention To Barbados – How Much Would David Shorey Want For A Snake Museum Feasibility Study?

Like everyone who blogs on this island, we are set up to receive “Google Alerts” when various words appear in news stories on the internet. Today under the alert for the word “barbados” we are being swamped with news articles about the fact that the world’s smallest snake has been discovered on Barbados.

(And no, this announcement has nothing to do with former Prime-Minister Owen Arthur. These snakes are apparently sober!)

We must have received fifty or more alerts for the world’s smallest snake story, so Barbados is receiving some excellent news coverage. (Like this, this, and this for example.) 

Hopefully this will translate into additional nature-loving visitors from the northern climates come next winter.

If the old Arthur/Mottley BLP government was still in power, we would expect to see an immediate announcement of say, fifty-million dollars to be spent on a snake museum and preserve (to be built by construction companies owned by spouses and other relatives of government members, on land purchased from friends for ten times the true value, of course).

This would no doubt be preceeded by a half a million dollar “feasibility study” by one of the friends of the government – who would write a rum-induced, slim 20-page report predicting wildly-inflated snake tourist visits if the government would only build a snake museum. After receiving half a million for the report, the government friend would kickback a couple of hundred thousand dollars to government members and the BLP political fund. I think David Shorey could probably handle the job nicely, thank you!

(Mr. Shorey… how about it. What would you charge for a feasiblity study on a “world’s smallest snake” museum and preserve? We understand that you did a number of similar studies for the past Arthur/Mottley BLP Government on various subjects that you knew nothing about prior to being commissioned, so you must be a pretty bright guy. We’re sure you’d be able to do this study!)

Barbados Has Some Excellent Natural Attractions

Fortunately, tourists to Barbados don’t have to wait for a corrupt (and now out-of-power) BLP government to build a snake museum because we already have some wonderful back-to-nature experiences on our beautiful island.

You could actually plan an entire vacation around nature-walks and some of the most breath-taking vistas anywhere. (Okay, okay… we’re laying it on a little thick with the “most breath-taking vistas anywhere” but we’re proud of our home!)

First up… take the family underground to Harrisons Cave or Animal Flower Cave (my favourite because while you’re at it you can stand on the wild northeast coast and watch the ocean smash into the cliffs) and watch the children do the wide-eyed “oooohhhh!”. Then closer to Bridgetown take in the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – preferably on one of the days when they have entertainment and dinner outside. See a world-class nature sanctuary and the last mangrove wetland on the island – then have some grill fish dinner while talking with some friendly Bajans and fellow toursits. Don’t forget the Banks beer… Mmmmmm!

The next day head for the beach for a little snorkeling or try the Barbados Wildlife Reserve.

Check out Barbados.org for dozens of other natural attractions on our beautiful island.

Oh… you want to see the world’s smallest snake?

Give the folks at Barbados Wildlife Reserve and Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary a couple of weeks and we’ll see who has the snake on display first!!!


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BFP Staff In Recovery Mode – Where’s The ASA? Cliverton Announces Regrets

“I Will Never Drink Again” says our Clive

After missing in action for more than a week, BFP’s bad boy Cliverton came home to find that he is single again. Frankly I can’t blame either Clive or his girlfriend because everybody knew they were wrong from the start, but they could have chosen a classier and less-public method of breaking up.

When the rest of us discovered a few months ago that Clive had told his new girlfriend about his role at BFP we were upset. More than upset. But as Shona so correctly pointed out, it is almost impossible to keep something like that from someone you live with, and also dishonest. We calmed down and just had to trust that whatever happened between them would not jeopardise BFP. 

Then We Learned That She Had Clive’s Password

On July 25th, we were stunned to see that Cliverton’s girlfriend accessed the blog and posted an article Where Did Cliverton Sleep Last Night?  Before the rest of us realised what had happened, some very rough four letter words were also posted in the comments section using Clive’s official BFP online identity. All passwords were changed within a few hours, but Cliverton was not seen for a week.

We at BFP decided that we owe an explanation to our readers and also an apology for some of the very rough language that was posted by “someone” using a BFP password. There are some other family ties between Clive’s girlfriend and one of the other BFP crew so we are not worried about someone getting carried away and blowing the whole show, but… it was a bit scary for a time.

How Much Longer Can BFP Go On Without Our Identities Being Discovered?  

Sometimes we forget ourselves and the fact that there are many who would like to see Barbados Free Press and the other Bajan blogs taken down tomorrow. Even Guyana Consul Norman Faria is echoing Mia Mottley’s position that free speech in Barbados should be stopped. (See Barbados Underground’s article Guyana Consul Norman Faria Forced To Do Damage Control)

Nice position for Emancipation Day, Mr. Faria!

We don’t understand why we and the other heavy-duty Bajan blogs have been able to continue operating anonymously. Frankly when we first started we thought we would last all of three months.

As our long time readers know, it is not that “they” haven’t tried on many occasions to discover our names. In the case of the BLP government, we thank the Lord that they weren’t any more competent at finding us than they were at running a country. 

Could it be that many of those who have been tasked to find us are actually protecting us? Stranger things have happened on this island.


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