Ho Hum… Another Barbados Government Audit Discovers Wrongdoing That Nobody Will Go To Jail For

A few weeks ago, Barbados Free Press wrote Ho Hum – Another ‘Special Forensic Audit’ To Nowhere In Barbados where we said…

So the Prime Minister will continue to launch “Special Forensic Audits”, but after six months in power it is obvious that he has no intention of making any persons associated with the last government at all accountable for wrong-doing.

That fits in nicely with what will be a two-year delay in adopting ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation.

Oink Oink

Now we see more of the same with yet another “audit” revealing corruption and big-money thefts in the schools. (see The Nation News School Audit Proposal)

“So what?” is our reaction… because David Thompson and his government have no intention of holding any specific individuals criminally or civilly responsible for acts of corruption during the last administration.


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9 responses to “Ho Hum… Another Barbados Government Audit Discovers Wrongdoing That Nobody Will Go To Jail For

  1. Anon

    Man, I am sick and tired of all these “audits” and missing money and wrongdoing.

    Nobody is being called to account, nobody arrested, nobody charged, nobody hauled before the Law courts, nobody sent to Dodds Hilton.

    All a waste of time.

    I am just disgusted that all the crooks are getting away scotch free. The empasis appear to be on protecting crooks.

    The DLP is disappointing me on this score. It is all about protecting high class criminals.

    If a man from the New Orleans walked into any of these Ministries or schools and took up even a pencil, put it in his pocket and walked out the door, the entire Royal Barbados Police Force would decend on him.

    Yet we have high level crooks in Ministries and Government departments stealing thousands and thousands of dollars and getting away with it.



  2. Hants

    BFP you should include a lawyer in your team.

    How long do you think it takes to investigate, gather evidence,witnesses and prepare a case for prosecution?

    As for help from the FBI about VECO? No chance until the cases in the USA are completed.

    Be patient my friends.


    BFP says,

    Nonsense on both points Hants. Six months is more than enough time to perform many investigations… especially Hardwood where they had an insider provide evidence and documents even prior to the election.

    There is no active investigation against Hardwood at this time.

    Think about that. That comes directly from our RBPF source.

    As to the FBI help for VECO… that’s another bit of nonsense. The FBI investigations have gone on for years and will continue for years. The government of Barbados has not asked the FBI to be included in the investigations, nor have they sent a police or AG team to even talk with the FBI.

    Think about that.

    According to our RBPF source, it is common in multi-jurisdictional, international investigations for cooperative teams to be established at the start. Naturally, information flow is often limited – or limits are put upon the use of the information that is shared – so that the case against the main targets (in this case Alaskan politicians) is not jeopardized.

    In the case of the Barbados connection, we know from news media reports and released transcripts that the Barbados jail project is a part of the FBI case against one of the politicians.

    The fact that neither the BLP nor our current DLP government has not even requested information sharing from the FBI says everything.

    It is not going to happen Hants… and it has NOTHING to do with the FBI be unwilling to share information. Our government has not requested information sharing about wrongdoing in Barbados by VECO.

    Says everything and don’t try to white wash or make excuses for our eunuch Prime Minister.

  3. ————NEWSFLASH———–




  4. Littleboy

    How could we expect to lock up a lawyer’s daughter for the school money???

    How can we get the former diplomat to pay the church for the big wedding???

    How can we get the former Minister’s father to pay the man for the landscaping???

    How can we get the consultant/CEO to pay the man for tiling???

    Who in Barbados will give evidence against a “high-society” person???

    Cuddear, BFP ,yuh want muh to lose muh pick???

    If it tek 7 years to bring Jippy Doyle to justice, wuh 7 months ent a long time to “investigate”!!!

  5. Hants

    BFP says,

    “According to our RBPF source, it is common in multi-jurisdictional, international investigations for cooperative teams to be established at the start. Naturally, information flow is often limited – or limits are put upon the use of the information that is shared – so that the case against the main targets (in this case Alaskan politicians) is not jeopardized.”

    Interesting that your source is RBPF. Sounds more like one of the Eddie Murphy lines in Beverly Hills Cop.

  6. Anon

    “Audits” appear to be the new sensation.

    Years ago it was “Commisions of inquiry”. Nothing ever came out of them.

    I suspect that nothing will come out of these”audits” either. There is no desire on the part of the DLP to prosecute anyone.

    Lord help us, more of the same.

  7. The scout

    Many years ago at a DLP election mass meeting I heard the then leader of the party declare that if his party is successful at the elections, he would root out any member of the party who is involved in the drug trade. His party was successful but the talk stop on elections night. The same knife that you sharpen to cut someone else throat might end up cutting yours. Remember 95% of our M.P’s are attorneys at law. Talk Cheap

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  9. Brother Thompson;

    We believe and this note writer still believes without doubt that you are the person Barbados needs at this time. During the election process, we said we believe that Barbados was at the cross roads. We said we believe it was time to take back this country for its people. This included our lands, our beaches, our integrity, our children among many others.

    We acknowledged that there is and International Economy and like it or not, Barbados was apart of it. We also asserted that despite this inevitable involvement, we needed to extract from these intercources, those policies pertinent to our unique experience and culture..

    Implicit in this stance is the act of standing up to Big Business in Barbados and those parading under very questionable legality as they plunder this small but progressive little nation. In a word, IT WAS TIME TO SAY TO THEM ALL: ENOUGH.

    From our posture, it appeared that we are ready for the job; from our posture, there was an amazing outpouring from the citizenry that there will be a significant turn around in the lives of our people.
    We pointed to significant questionble activity; rampant waste and runnaway wealth among those suddenly catapult into celebrity out of all reasonableness. We saw ‘forensics’ coming; we anticpated persons being brought and held to account. In a word, we anticiapated (and still do) a renewal in Barbados. Perhaps, as politics go, this is overly ambitious; perhaps as people go and the need to live like the Jones, this is unrealistic; perhaps, there remains only a few “Hammies”…persons who think that this life should be lived in persuit of that which is uplifting to the people who deserve our BEST service.

    Alas, we failed to wall up against an international community destined to take and take and take from any country that would allow it and then, after it can no longer find profitable outcomes, move on to another victim economy. YES, We understood or said we did, the need to re-evaluate this. At Cave Hill campus and before the diabolical enrails of a then humble ‘sounding’ man manifested in 14 years of selling off Barbados, we called them multinationals; imperialism and on and on we went, as we spelled out and in some cases laid out, the detrimental efftects and outcomes of bringing these organisations into our bosoms…alas, how quickly we forget or were we playing the Roman fool as we ‘lay-wait’ for unsuspecting Barbadians. And we watched Barbadians literally taken advantaged of; prostituted to keep up with or stay ‘with the Jones’; we embraced activity/ies that compromised our health and sold out our people both old and young.

    We scrapped an education system that allowed even the slow learners to catch up; that was devoid of stress and made school fun and enjoyable; we set aside a system of qualification that made us respected thoughout the world and gave us a huge advantage in the American system, who for years envied our level of education. We went on an embraced that sytem, gave up our edge(will they choose us over them?); stress out our children, created the need for psychologists, security personnel because of rampant disorder in schools, loss of control and administrative sleep walking as they continue to be helpless to execute their mandate; Community College once reasonably sure to accept our students, now but a distant possibility as the people from other lands bring their foreign exchange; SJPP, Cave Hill Campus all reaching away from the needs of our people and building its market share in building rather than people. Wither Barbados?….Now more real than at any time.

    So you SEE my friend and Prime Minister, the tasks is an uphill one but do-able, it insists that there be a listening to real Barbadians, not those so called experts whose views bear nothing of the reality we faced; it urges integrity, principle, love of service moving with the consensus of our people; it requires that justice be seen to be done and WRONG DOING PROSECUTED; it demands that there be a tearing down of the “touch-me-nots”; and more importantly, we need to resist ANY FURTHER EFFORT TO HAVE TWO COUNTRIES IN ONE…as we say no to the GATES AND BARRIERS THAT WE TORE DOWN YEARS AGO. YES, it is vital to assert that the dollar WILL NOT be used to destroy our people.

    Mr. Thompson, we were founded and led for years except those of the last 14, on fearlessness and those things in the INTERESTS of Barbados, many times to the scorn and rebuke of others BUT we made it happen and the trail we blazed then, led to our pioneering position in the Caribbean. IT IS TIME, TO REGAIN THIS. IT IS FOR THIS REASON MR. THOMPSON, THAT YOU MUST STAMP Barbados back into the hearts of its people as they once again RECLAIM AND EMBRACE its ideals.

    With thanks.