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Why Won’t Prime Minister Thompson Investigate VECO’s Corrupt Acts In Barbados?

“Thompson and the DLP are not going to open that door. They would rather do nothing than find some of their friends took VECO gifts”

… DLP insider source to Barbados Free Press

Our Government Has Not Asked To See FBI Evidence About Corruption In Barbados!

It is no secret that VECO, the builder of Barbados’ new Dodds Prison and Oil Terminal, used bribes and kickbacks to politicians as a matter of normal business operations. The United States FBI and Federal Justice Department charged numerous politicians and business people in Alaska in a major investigation that is still ongoing and producing new charges. The FBI seized a million documents and has hours and hours of secretly-recorded conversations – some of which have been released to the public and show a connection to corrupt activities by VECO in Barbados.

But the Government of Barbados has not asked the FBI for access to the evidence about VECO’s corrupt activities in our country – in the building of the oil terminal and the new jail.

Depending upon who you believe, the new jail could probably have been built for 60 to 100 million dollars less. Any fool knows that tens of millions of dollars disappeared offshore to middlemen, suppliers and “consultant” companies who have connections with Barbados government officials.

But as our disgusted DLP government insider says, “Thompson and the DLP are not going to open that door…”

The fact that the Government of Barbados has not asked for the information from the FBI says everything.


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