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Harvard Law School’s Global Voices Translates I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney Articles For Major Worldwide Audience

Barbados Police Human Rights Issues On World Stage

Barbados Police Human Rights Issues On World Stage

Global Voices has translated their article about the strange death of I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney while in company of Barbados police officers into Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese and a host of other languages.

The article, which includes references and links to stories by Barbados Free Press and other Bajan blogs, continues to focus international attention on the lack of accountability and professionalism shown by many officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force. Harvard Law School and Global Voices seem to have chosen to make I’Akobi’s death into a major and long-running feature story.

Our story Suspicious Death Brings World Attention Upon Royal Barbados Police Force was picked up by Global Voices and other websites around the world.

There is an active movement in Barbados to get to the bottom of the death of this young man. Many prominent citizens and a Member of Parliament have declared that the truth must be proven to the public by an independent inquiry – and that the police cannot and should not be investigating themselves.

A friend of I’Akobi’s family tells Barbados Free Press that unless the government acts responsibly, we can expect to see Bajan ex-pats being photographed and interviewed by major news media in front of the United Nations building as they call for an international inquiry into I’Akobi’s death.

If the Barbados government and police think that calls for an inquiry into the death of I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney will just fade away, they are very mistaken.


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