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Snake Expert Dr. S. Blair Hedges Contacts Barbados Free Press – David Shorey Still In Hiding!

Discussion was hot and heavy over our article World’s Smallest Snake Brings Attention To Barbados – How Much Would David Shorey Want For A Snake Museum Feasibility Study?

Several readers were critical of Dr. S. Blair Hedges claiming the “discovery” of a Barbados snake that many folks already knew about.

Yesterday, Dr. Hedges visited Barbados Free Press and left some detailed comments on the blog and a link to enable readers to download his published paper on his discovery of the world’s smallest snake right here on Barbados. You can read his comments here.

As to the other person mentioned in the article – “fixer” and BLP government insider David Shorey, well… we haven’t heard from him yet.

Maybe Mr. Shorey will stop by BFP tomorrow!


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Corporate Records Involving Chief Justice Simmons Missing From Barbados Government Files!

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

More Government Records “Disappear” In The Kingsland Estates Trial

With a over a billion US$ dollars in prime Barbados land at stake in the Kingsland Estates trial, dirty tricks have been flying fast and furious as some of the biggest names on the island do anything to keep from having the truth come out in a public court.

Some folks are obviously having trouble coping with the pressure or the worry about having their past misdeeds exposed. We were shocked earlier when Barbados diplomat Peter Simmons, brother of the Chief Justice and co-defendant SIR David Simmons, was tape-recorded while making threats against one of the lawyers involved on the other side of the case. Then came the revelation that a UWI professor was sacked after he refused to give in to threats that he would lose his job if he continued to be a witness in the case.

Now we see that official corporate records on file with the Government of Barbados have gone missing for a company that was heavily involved in secret land deals associated with the Kingsland Estates case.

According to Keltruth Blog, missing are the corporate records for S.B.G. Development Corporation. One of our sources states that the “S” ins SBG is for Simmons – as in Chief Justice Sir David Simmons!

A word to wise international investors – if you have any kind of a legal dispute in Barbados, don’t count on being able to access any government records as evidence. You see, if some big-up is involved in the court case, those records will go missing until you leave the island with your tail between your legs.

When the highest judge in the land is a former Attorney General and Cabinet Minister, your chances of a fair trial are about the same as winning big money in the lottery.

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