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American Baptist Missionary Says Bajans Easygoing And Friendly, But “Apathetic” Towards The Gospel

Missionary Richard Dukes In Barbados

Missionary Richard Dukes In Barbados

American minister Richard Dukes and two friends spent a month in Barbados this past June helping out missionaries Rick and Cindy Jenkins – working at the day care center and doing door-to-door preaching.

The local paper where Dukes lives in Eufaula, Alabama has just published a very positive article on his impressions of Bajans and Barbados. If we want to see what folks around the world think of us, never mind what the politicians say. Ask the ordinary people.

Minister Dukes and his friends are welcome to return to Grape Hall anytime.

Just don’t expect BFP’s George to get too excited about the bible anytime soon. Auntie Moses? Well… that is a whole different story!

Eufaula Tribune: Youth Director, Youth Visit Barbados


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