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Irony Defined: Barbados Prime Minister Thompson In Cuba For Caribbean Broadcasting Union Meeting – Keeping His Mouth Shut About Jailed Cuban Journalists

Prime Minister David Thompson

Prime Minister David Thompson

Barbados Government Confers Legitimacy Upon The Cuban Government & News Media While Ignoring Freedom Of The Press & Abused Journalists

The Cuban News Agency released a story that Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson is in Cuba for a meeting of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union. CBU is apparently a non-governmental organisation based in Barbados and does not have an operating website that we could find. A Cuban-sourced story in Caribbean News Net says this about the CBU meeting…

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN): Havana is hosting the 39th General Assembly of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) beginning Tuesday.

The organization, of which Cuba is a member country, groups radio and TV entities in the Caribbean region. The CBU is a non-governmental organization based in Barbados which supports and promotes high quality work of radio and TV private or public entities.

The Havana meeting will focus on common interests of all 23 CBU member countries, including the need for personnel training and entity performance.

Participants will also assess the treatment given by TV and radio stations to subjects such as HIV AIDS and the ongoing campaign against the disease.

The Cuban Radio and Television Institute (ICRT), as the host to the event, has organized a program, which includes a visit by participants to the Cuban HIV-AIDS National Prevention Center, a Havana neighborhood where they will exchange with community members, and a gala in the recently refurbished Bertolt Brecht Theater.

The CBU General Assembly will hold working sessions until next Saturday at the Havana-based Melia Cohiba Hotel. Many countries with the CBU are also members of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), while 18 of them are part of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Another Place To Spend Your Tax Dollars – But Is It Worth It?

We found some entries in Wikipedia that indicate the production work of the CBU was taken over by the Caribbean Media Corporation, and that the Government of Barbados is or was supporting the Caribbean Media Corporation with your tax dollars and resources.

Interesting – I did not know that.

Closer examination shows that both the CBU and the Caribbean Media Corporation appear to be tools in the attempt to advance CARICOM unity.

Yup… interesting what a few quick online searches will reveal.

Cuba Jails Arrests, Beats, Jails AIDS Activist

Yup… check out the story of Yuri Martinez Sanchez at The Real Cuba. I bet his name won’t be mentioned at the CBU Havana conference by anyone: including our Prime Minister.

Remembering Abused Cuban Journalists

We are disappointed that Prime Minister Thompson will be providing legitimacy to the Cuban news media and the despotic Cuban government without publicly mentioning the plight of jailed reporters, librarians and others who dare to believe in Freedom of the Press in that police state.

After former Prime Minister Owen Arthur was photographed with his arm around Fidel Castro and actually holding hands like lovers with the bearded despot, we had hoped for better from our new Prime Minister, David Thompson.

Oh well… we’re getting used to things being the same old, same old ’bout hey.

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