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Typical Justice In Barbados: Sandy Lane Maid Bribed To Not Testify About Sexual Assault By Millionaire

Pay Off A Victim, Then Thumb Your Nose At The Police & The Courts

The practice of paying off victims and witnesses to not testify in criminal matters is well established in Barbados, with the courts long giving their tacit approval.

Aside from the fact that this totally undermines public respect in our justice system and for the rule of law, it results in a class-based justice system where those who can afford to buy their way out of criminal charges are allowed to do so.

One justice system for the rich criminals, and another for everyone else.

Cynics may cry that is the way it works in New York or London where the rich can hire the best lawyers while the ordinary man goes begging if charged criminally – and that may be true in part.

But go to New York or London and try paying off a rape or robbery victim to not testify in a criminal matter where an arrest has been made and charges are before the court… Just try it openly and see what happens!

In civilized jurisdictions the courts know that if the practice is allowed openly or often enough in secret, it becomes a malignant cancer aimed right at the heart of the entire justice system. Good judges understand that. To preserve the authority of these justice systems, it is not unknown for witnesses who have “changed their mind” to be put in jail for failing to testify.

This also protects persons who might be falsely accused of a crime as an act of revenge or harassment – or in an attempt by a “victim” to profit from the accusation.

Undermining A Woman’s Right To Refuse Sex

When women who have been sexually assaulted or raped are paid off to “drop the charges” as happens in Barbados all the time, it makes it all the more difficult for women to testify in court against their attackers.

Yes, there are many reasons why civilised jurisdictions do not allow victims and witnesses to take money to not testify in criminal matters.

But in Barbados, the judges continue to permit this undermining of the public’s trust in the police, prosecutors and the courts.

It helps the Barbados elites keep ordinary folks in their place when it is widely known that those with money are able to buy off the justice system, even when charged criminally.

Sandy Lane Sex Assault – Big Names, Big Money

Six years later, the civil lawsuits are still flying over millionaire hedge-fund manager David Morrison’s assault of a maid in room 306 of the Sandy Lane Hotel. He was arrested by Barbados Police, but the charges were dropped when the maid was paid off: with the full knowledge of the Barbados court.

Keltruth Blog has the whole disgusting story: Sex, Money and Sandy Lane – The Money Manager and the Maid


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