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Who Is Keltruth Blog Calling “A Narcissistic Emotional Vampire” ?

We’re starting to appreciate the not-so-subtle subtlety of the Keltruth Blog. Unlike most of us cowardly  (or smart?) anonymous Barbados bloggers, Keltruth Blog operates in the open so they have to watch what they say.

But we’ve noticed how they will put out a general article that slams certain people without getting into trouble on the legal front. Hey… its too late for us at Barbados Free Press to come out in the open, but we sure do admire the courage and talent of the folks at Keltruth.

So who are they insulting this time?  See if you can figure it out at Keltruth Blog here.


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Without Tourism, Barbados Is Dead In The Water

Peter Laurie gets it mostly right in his editorial on tourism. If at the end, all we have is a wall of concrete condos blocking the sun and the beach, what will we have?

On The Other Hand – Why tourism matters


BARBADIANS have mixed feelings about tourism. We recognise it as our major money earner, but some of us resent that fact.

From a social perspective, they are annoyed by the idea of poor black natives serving rich white foreigners. From an economic perspective, they think that tourism is not a dependable or dignified way of earning a living.

They’re wrong on both counts.

If we’re stupid enough to confuse service with servitude, then we’re really stupid.

And the future for tourism is brighter than any other world economic activity.

But, in any event, tourism matters because it’s not only what keeps us afloat; it’s the only option we have (barring the discovery of huge reserves of offshore oil, which may be a mixed blessing).

So we absolutely have to get it right. If not, one day we’ll end up with an island no one wants to visit…

… continue reading this article at the Nation News link here.


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