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Barbados Free Press Says Welcome To Visitor Number 3,500,000

July 2008 Was Our Best Month Ever!

Visitor number 3,500,000 arrived on Friday August 1, 2008 from Firenze, Italy after Google Searching “Caribbean Commercial Bank” and finding a May 17, 2007 article What Happened To The Money From Hotel and Resorts Ltd’s Assets Sale? How Much Went Into David Shorey’s Pocket?

When someone from Italy searches for the term “Caribbean Commercial Bank” and then arrives at an article about David Shorey published on a nothing little blog, it is quite an illustration of how the internet has changed the way that people gather knowledge. Although it would be difficult to prove, the internet has probably changed the way many people make their decisions about a wide variety of issues.

Each day the internet brings us hundreds of first-time visitors from around the world and most of them, like our friend from Italy, stay and read a few articles. Our software lets us follow our readers’ interests and generally where they arrive from. Sometimes when foreign readers arrive from large institutions such as universities or banks we can see that too.

It just makes me wonder where all this blogging will take us and how Barbados and the world will change in the next five and ten years. Barbados Free Press was two and a half years old in July.

I wonder if BFP will still be around at the five year mark – but if we are, I’ll bet we’ll still be calling for the government to implement ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – because we hear that the DLP piggies in the party are giving David Thompson a rough time over ITAL.

Those DLP piggies don’t want ITAL, and they already stopped Thompson from keeping his promise to adopt his Ministerial Code from day one.

Yup, Prime Minister Thompson could declare tomorrow that the government will not issue contracts to companies owned by government officials or their immediate family members – but he won’t because the DLP members want their time at the piggy trough before the fun ends.

A damned shame that the Prime Minister isn’t really the leader that we hoped he’d be.


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