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Barbados Lodge School Reunion This Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yes folks, that grand occasion (Lodge School Reunion) is almost here and for those of you still undecided about going to the reunion, here is the number one reason why you should attend – Alumni Social Networking.

Many of us participate in some form of social networking almost every day without even realizing it. Most of the Lodge School Alumni have Facebooks, Hi5 and MySpace sites. We build these elaborate online social networks of friends and acquaintances and use them to gather or share information about ourselves or others.

So why not come out to the reunion events and do the same thing, there is no better place to network than amongst the alumni. The most successful social networks to date have been established on a common shared experience. Alumni communities represent a set of diverse individuals with one thing in common. They each share a very unique life experience and common affinity for their school.

The Lodge School has one of the most enthusiastic online communities in Barbados. Start to re-connect with all your friends at the Lodge School Blog


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