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Hurricane Gustav Heads For New Orleans – Floodwalls Repaired With Newspaper Stuffed Into Joints

Floodwalls Repaired With Newspapers In Place Of Rubber Joint!

With Hurricane Gustav bearing down upon Louisiana, New Orleans residents must be wondering if the floodwalls will hold this time around. After all, it takes only a few good sized holes to compromise the entire protective wall system.

Only three months ago New Orleans residents were shocked to learn that a contractor hired by the US Army Corps of Engineers had “repaired” the walls by stuffing the joints with newspaper that was concealed under a coating of rubber sealant!

After some bureaucratic nonsense, the Army said they had repaired all the joints to specifications, but New Orleans residents are asking themselves “If this was allowed during the repair work, what else is there that we don’t know about?”

I hope that New Orleans is lucky enough to avoid a major hit by Hurricane Gustav, because by some of the news reports, luck is all the citizens can depend on.

You can read the original investigative story and watch a video at WWLTV.com (link here)

The US Army says the problem has been fixed in this story.


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