Ho Hum – Another ‘Special Forensic Audit’ To Nowhere In Barbados

Not Just An Audit. Not Just A Forensic Audit… Government Launches A SPECIAL Forensic Audit!

Please don’t bore me so, Prime Minister Thompson. This week’s “special forensic audit” as announced by your government is over the 2.5 million dollar leaking roof at Tercentenary School of Nursing. (Nation News story here)

Why bother, Mr. Prime Minister?

You know that neither you nor any members of your government have the least intention of uncovering wrong-doing that can be blamed on specific persons. You have no intention of prosecuting anyone.

The Thompson Government Will Never Prosecute A BLP Member For Corruption

The one thing we can be certain of is that there will be no messy public trial where accused BLP members start pulling out the evidence that they have about corrupt DLP members. No Sir. Not going to happen.

During the tenure of the Arthur/Mottley BLP government, millions of dollars – perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars – were stolen through the back door of deliberately over-priced government contracts, kickbacks and ‘special’ offshore suppliers. You know this, Mr. Prime Minister, but you don’t want to rock the boat too much because you don’t want a future BLP government to be looking for vengeance against the DLP piggies when the trough is in different hands again.

So you bluster. You cluck your tongue and order yet another “special forensic audit” to make it look like something is being done. But in the end, no person will be held accountable. That is not the Bajan way and it isn’t in the best long-term interests of your DLP.

It is one thing to say words and accusations about the BLP government, but it is quite another to start charging members of parliament and other BLP big-ups with crimes. That might start a real war, and as we explained Mr. Prime Minister, you don’t want that when you are next in opposition.

Like Hardwood Housing, Mr. Prime Minister. Much screaming on your part and there probably was fraud, but you’re not going to charge anyone, are you? Where is the audit? Who has been charged? When will the trial be held?

Yup. Thought so.

Not to forget the biggest scandal of them all… VECO, builders of our oil terminal and prison. A company that used bribes and kickbacks as standard operating procedure.

According to the Alaskan and US news media, there are hundreds of thousands of pages of documents and hours and hours of conversations that form part of the FBI investigation into VECO. Seeing as how that company was doing a half a billion dollars worth of business with Barbados during the period in question, it is likely that many of those documents and financial records pertain to big-ups, scams and kick-backs in Barbados. Most certainly the list of subcontractors and offshore suppliers would be a who’s who of BLP royalty and their family members.

Mr. Prime Minister, Barbados will NEVER see those FBI Veco documents unless your government asks for them… and you will NEVER do that because it is all a show. You and and your DLP piggies want to feed at the trough and you can’t afford to have a vicious BLP take the reins of power 8 years from now vowing to jail the DLP like the DLP did to them.

Mr. Prime Minister,

After six months in office, you haven’t asked the FBI for access to the VECO transcripts and documents as they pertain to Barbados … because your government’s pretended commitment to integrity and accountability is all a big fraudulent show.

So you will continue to launch “Special Forensic Audits”, but after six months in power it is obvious that you have no intention of making any persons associated with the last government at all accountable for wrong-doing.

That fits in nicely with what will be a two-year delay in adopting ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation.

Oink Oink


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8 responses to “Ho Hum – Another ‘Special Forensic Audit’ To Nowhere In Barbados

  1. Stringer

    Three little piggies, all in a row.

    Shouting, shouting, shouting to divert attention as they feed at the public trough. Let’s have dozens of “special forensic audits”. That will solve everything oink oink oink.

  2. What-everrrrr...

    What we really need is another of those Commissions of Enquiry!!

    I tremble just to read the very words!


  3. Hants

    Govt’s silence deafening
    Published on: 7/19/08.


    BFP the Nation has joined you and may in fact be “stealing your thunder” in their attacks on the new DLP Government.

    It is truly amazing the number of Mainstream Media practicioners who have stuck their hand in their pants and discovered they have the “prairie oysters” that were missing when Owing was de boss.

    They want results and answers in days after 14 years of silence.

    Yes people of Barbados, Owing gone so “talk yuh talk”.Cuss de Dems as much as yuh want but remember “the way we were.”

  4. crossroads

    We will never see the day when one political party charges a member of the opposite party for any illegal activity. Why? simple..they are all the same, they are all friends, smiling up in each others face. All the talk about inquires is a joke and all it does is allow another bunch of crooked lawyers to make some money off the tax payers. One day it will soon come to an end when, sadly, bajans will take matters into their own hands.

  5. Fool me once

    Audit in Barbados? You jokin?

    Audit mean is me make up da numbers and accountant twist them around extra so no one can unnerstand.

    Ain’t no auditors in BIM just yes men.

    Audited statements to be found in fiction department of library by appointment only.

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