BFP Staff In Recovery Mode – Where’s The ASA? Cliverton Announces Regrets

“I Will Never Drink Again” says our Clive

After missing in action for more than a week, BFP’s bad boy Cliverton came home to find that he is single again. Frankly I can’t blame either Clive or his girlfriend because everybody knew they were wrong from the start, but they could have chosen a classier and less-public method of breaking up.

When the rest of us discovered a few months ago that Clive had told his new girlfriend about his role at BFP we were upset. More than upset. But as Shona so correctly pointed out, it is almost impossible to keep something like that from someone you live with, and also dishonest. We calmed down and just had to trust that whatever happened between them would not jeopardise BFP. 

Then We Learned That She Had Clive’s Password

On July 25th, we were stunned to see that Cliverton’s girlfriend accessed the blog and posted an article Where Did Cliverton Sleep Last Night?  Before the rest of us realised what had happened, some very rough four letter words were also posted in the comments section using Clive’s official BFP online identity. All passwords were changed within a few hours, but Cliverton was not seen for a week.

We at BFP decided that we owe an explanation to our readers and also an apology for some of the very rough language that was posted by “someone” using a BFP password. There are some other family ties between Clive’s girlfriend and one of the other BFP crew so we are not worried about someone getting carried away and blowing the whole show, but… it was a bit scary for a time.

How Much Longer Can BFP Go On Without Our Identities Being Discovered?  

Sometimes we forget ourselves and the fact that there are many who would like to see Barbados Free Press and the other Bajan blogs taken down tomorrow. Even Guyana Consul Norman Faria is echoing Mia Mottley’s position that free speech in Barbados should be stopped. (See Barbados Underground’s article Guyana Consul Norman Faria Forced To Do Damage Control)

Nice position for Emancipation Day, Mr. Faria!

We don’t understand why we and the other heavy-duty Bajan blogs have been able to continue operating anonymously. Frankly when we first started we thought we would last all of three months.

As our long time readers know, it is not that “they” haven’t tried on many occasions to discover our names. In the case of the BLP government, we thank the Lord that they weren’t any more competent at finding us than they were at running a country. 

Could it be that many of those who have been tasked to find us are actually protecting us? Stranger things have happened on this island.


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27 responses to “BFP Staff In Recovery Mode – Where’s The ASA? Cliverton Announces Regrets

  1. Bimbro

    Hi guys, it’s an absolute, disgrace that it should be necessary for u guys to conceal your identities, at all, and makes me so angry. Anyhow, re: Clive, I did offer him some friendly, advice re: the ladies some months ago, which he did n’t seem to appreciate, perhaps he does a little more, now.

    Anyhow, ur only human so better luck with the next one my friend and continue the good work, BFP!!!!

  2. Bimbro

    Do you wonder why I am VERY, circumspect about having anything, at all, to do with ‘them women’!!!!

    Best these days to ‘keep yuhself, tuh yuhself’!!!!

  3. Bimbro

    Then they wonder why so many of them end us as spinsters!! So many of them want to be ‘the leader’ of the family, can’t bear these days to be ‘the subordinate one’, but envy every inch of success or recognition attributed to the husband or boyfriend!!!!

    How pathetic!!!!

    Is that typical, of Barbadian women????

  4. Goldenbead

    Shut up Bimbro!!

  5. Anon27

    1) Cliverton should choose his women more carefully.
    2) Cliverton should not of either given his girlfriend the password or left it somewhere carelessly where she could find it.
    3) As a result of this fiasco, you have jeopardized your credibility as a serious news source.

  6. Rumplestilskin

    Two quotes if I may, source of both unknown to me:

    ”Everyone must go through a storm to get to a rainbow” and

    “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.”


  7. Barbados the Beautiful

    BFP congratulations for letting some needed light and levity into BIM.

    Don’t need to worry about being discovered. Both p0litical parties and many others use you from time to time to get their message out so they want you to stay where you are. You are wrong as much as you are right, outrageous for certain, but necessary reading for things that used to be hidden.

    They love you and hate you at the same time. Millions of readers can’t be wrong. No hiding anymore. If you shut down more will start up.


    Goldenbead,you are inviting trouble! (Long sigh and choopse) The only one who can shut that ignorant Bimbro up is Bfp and they are either too kind and decent, or they like to let us all have a laugh. I forget which blogger on here sometime ago said that its obvious Bimbro is an inmate in a loonybin and the nurses need to get him back in a straightjacket. Telling him to shut up will only entice him more. Most of us on here simply ignore him, then he gets in a tizzy and screams at people to answer him. Just try and laugh, Goldenbead!

  9. rumboy

    It just shows that all of our lives have their problems. To quote an old Beatle song – ‘ we can work it out ‘. Good luck people.

  10. Tony Hall

    As in life I don’t agree with everything you post but I would not want to see you shut down, because truthfully you have done a great job in highlighting issues that the average Barbadian would not have known about through the so-called mainstream media. Keep on working!!!!

  11. Sargeant

    The things we do for love (he gave her his password). BFP you may be optimistic but your secret identities are toast, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Do you think that she won’t share some tidbits with friends about the doomed romance and all the baggage?

    Clive here is a something for you: “I don’t love her, that’s certain, but perhaps I love her.
    Love is brief: forgetting lasts so long”.
    The above quotes are by way of Shakespeare and Pablo Neruda

  12. how she get cliverton’s girlfriend get the login in the first place? is this one of those he left the computer logged in things. tisk tisk tisk.

    I was going to joke that if you want to be able to operate under the radar without the stress of wondering if you’ll be leaked out by cliverton you might have to consider eliminating him but someone might actually take me seriously so i aint saying nuttin 🙂

  13. Bimbro

    August 4, 2008 at 10:58 am
    Shut up Bimbro!!


    Why, Gh, have I touched a raw, nerve!! Suspect or KNOW, that I’m right, do u?!!!!

  14. Are Bdos Underground in trouble?

    Are your friends at BU okay?
    Have been continuously trying to get in, but it seems that they have taken down their website

  15. Are Bdos Underground in trouble?

    I’m blogging you in less than 10 minutes after my post above.

    BU is back on.

    Are both of you connected?

  16. Sargeant

    BFP, would appreciate your releasing my post

  17. Bimbro

    R all Bajans wukking-up, today!!!!


  18. R all Bajans wukking-up, today!!!!


    They should be and I plan to write a calypso on that topic beginning with the words……

    how can you be home sleeping on kadooment day

    I just made a pittstop from the stadium at a certain place and I saw people sleeping and not down spring garden or on the road -shameful!

  19. So long as you blog with sincerity and without malice, you should not be afraid of what will happen when you cover is finally blown- which is inevitable anyway. Loss of anonymity also brings along more responsiblity and care in what you write, and may actually improve your blog.

    I do wonder what the dear lady did for Cliverton to reveal his password to her! Answers on a postcard, please 🙂

  20. Drunx?

    “BFP, would appreciate your releasing my post”

    – they’re all drunk!

    yours and mine will get free up tomorrow, when the hangovers set in.


    BFP say

    We are not drunk. But we very much hunging overing. specially Clive.

  21. BFP one of you goes fishing regularly. Did you all get so drunk that you din know that Cliverton went fishing and de boat engine brek down, went drift and Cliverton and Marcus had to pull oars from nearly down in St.Vincent.

    If Cliverton had told his girlfriend that story she might have believed him and all would be well.

    How about a competition for the best “Where did Cliverton sleep last night?” story.

  22. Yes BFP it is really me in de land.

  23. Jerome Hinds

    August 5, 2008 at 2:40 pm
    Yes BFP it is really me in de land.

    Welcome home , Hants !

    Enjoy your stay .

  24. Juris

    Enjoy your stay, Hants. Glad to have you back home.

  25. Bimbro

    BAJAN BREAD, I’ve just noticed ur post!! Ah, poor u!!!! U brekkin my heart!!!!



    Anon27 says to BFP:

    3) As a result of this fiasco, you have jeopardized your credibility as a serious news source.


    More nonsense from a person who obviously, has little idea of anything!!

  26. Bimbro

    PLEASE publish my post, Messrs BFP!!

  27. Bimbro

    Hi guys, still pondering my post?? Come on, u must realise that we’re on the same side!! Be brave!!