Ho-Hum: Water Main Burst 30 Days Ago, No Action By Authorities


Over 30 days ago a water main in Husbands, St. Lucy burst and ruined the road.

The Barbados Water Authority was duly informed at the time and many times since.

No action taken. Water continues to pour onto the road.

30 days

Welcome to First World Barbados

We may not have the funds to fix broken water mains, but by God we had a hell of a cricket party in 2007 and don’t you forget it!

Those who want all the sad details can find them at Barbados Underground (link here)


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2 responses to “Ho-Hum: Water Main Burst 30 Days Ago, No Action By Authorities

  1. Sentinel

    So what, with a burst main? Haven’t the people in Orange Hill, St. James been without water since Thursday last week? Can you imagine that this is with an election around the corner? Water Authority heads might be bursting arteries trying to find out where the problem/s are.
    Wasn’t the massive water tank at Apes Hill placed there to help alleviate a previous problem in the area? Or, is the golf course, the “biggest private sector investment in the history of Barbados”, being built at Waterhall carrying away the water?

  2. Observer

    maybe it is time to re-hire dale miller!!!