Former Barbados Immigration Chief Kenrick Hutson Gunned Down At His Home

Victim Was On Front Verandah

Neighbours Heard Many Shots

Retired Chief Immigration Officer Kenrick Hutson, aged 74, was murdered at the front of his home on Friday evening as his wife and daughter were inside.

The story is being carried in the paper version of Saturday’s Sun but has not yet appeared on any Barbados media websites including The Nation News, Barbados Advocate or the CBC.

Did Hutson Know He Was In Danger?

The murder of a former Chief Immigration Officer raises all kinds of concerns and questions. Obviously a man of Hutson’s experience and service would have made some enemies in a post where he was in charge of Immigration processing, investigations, charges and deportations.

But Hutson was retired, and presumably would have little input or influence into current immigration matters.

IF his murder is associated with his service as Chief Immigration Officer, it would seem that it was either revenge for some past action – or to prevent Hutson from testifying or revealing information about something he knew.

When Did Kenrick Hutson Serve As Chief Immigration Officer?

Can any of our readers detail the years when Mr. Hutson was Chief Immigration Officer? I remember him being involved in the famous Paul McCartney marijuana incident of the mid 1980’s, but I don’t recall much about him later. Perhaps if we start with his dates of service we will then be able to think about what happened with immigration during his tenure.

Can any of our readers assist?

We will continue to follow this story as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Our friends at Barbados Underground have published some additional details…

“The only disturbance which he is known to have had in his life recently is the action he took when he gave ‘notice’ to some Guyanese tenants living in his apartments.”

Read the entire story at Barbados Underground (link here)

UPDATE #2: CBC has a report online (link here)


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13 responses to “Former Barbados Immigration Chief Kenrick Hutson Gunned Down At His Home

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  2. Eddie

    I knew Mr. Hutson. He seemed to be a fair and honest man.
    He retired many years ago.
    There is some twist to this murder and I do hope the perpetrators are brought to justice.

  3. Eddie

    I think that Barbados should seriously rethink its CSME policies in regard to immigration.
    We are certainly not the better off for it.

  4. reality check

    when will the RBPF get this mans executioner or will this too be covered up politically?

    Why aren’t our journalists asking friends and neighbours about this mans life, who heard the murder, possible grudges etc etc. What happened to good old fashion investigative journalism? Surely this man had a life and left a trail?

    Come on BFP readers, tell us what you know?

  5. Bimbro

    Bim is clearly, in need of strong, responsible governance with a heavy accent on law and order but, instead, seem to be getting ‘fluff”!!!!

  6. my sympathies to the family of mr. hutson.
    we live in perilous times and the crimes that we are seeing will continue if good citizens do nothing. apart from the perceived threat posed by non-nationals in b/dos there is also the problem of criminal deportees who will add their “skills” to a lethal mix of poverty and its attendant ills-unemployment, underemployment, stigmatization, homelessness, abuse, crime etc.
    at present our social systems are showing the effects of deterioration- that is, failure to address the real issues that erode the social fabric. we see it in education, health, housing, public services, high food prices etc. marcus garvey predicted when he visited b/dos back in the 1920’s that events/life in bim would face serious strain. we are seeing it now when we need to be more collected and consciously moving forward.all i can wish bim is a wake-up call-the tremor, should have been a cause for reflection, but clearly we will continue business as usual. the country cannot withstand the internal threats that unwittingly will destroy it. it is up to us to reverse the malaise in every sphere of our lives. peace.

  7. Anonymous

    The first thing that sprung to my mind after reading this, is the death threats to Mr.Adrian Loveridge.

    I hope to god Adrian that you are taking very seriously, the threats toward you and your family.

    It is sad when the police dont seem to be taking this seriously.In this day of technology ,these threats can be investigated and dealt with swiftly.

    Lets just hope and pray that it doesnt take more than a threat for the authorities to act.

  8. frankology

    marcus garvey predicted when he visited b/dos back in the 1920’s that events/life in bim would face serious strain.
    Do you feel that he was speaking ‘tongue in cheek’ about Jamaica. Check with the near 1000 murders.

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  10. Rumplestilskin

    This act alone indicated that we need to secure the barn doors and get our crime situation under control.

    With all due respect to this good gentleman, he knew something that someone did not want disclosed.

    Hence, there is someone or there are some people who are corrupt and willing to go to extreme levels to ensure their protection.

    That is worrying, no?

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