Corporate Records Involving Chief Justice Simmons Missing From Barbados Government Files!

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

More Government Records “Disappear” In The Kingsland Estates Trial

With a over a billion US$ dollars in prime Barbados land at stake in the Kingsland Estates trial, dirty tricks have been flying fast and furious as some of the biggest names on the island do anything to keep from having the truth come out in a public court.

Some folks are obviously having trouble coping with the pressure or the worry about having their past misdeeds exposed. We were shocked earlier when Barbados diplomat Peter Simmons, brother of the Chief Justice and co-defendant SIR David Simmons, was tape-recorded while making threats against one of the lawyers involved on the other side of the case. Then came the revelation that a UWI professor was sacked after he refused to give in to threats that he would lose his job if he continued to be a witness in the case.

Now we see that official corporate records on file with the Government of Barbados have gone missing for a company that was heavily involved in secret land deals associated with the Kingsland Estates case.

According to Keltruth Blog, missing are the corporate records for S.B.G. Development Corporation. One of our sources states that the “S” ins SBG is for Simmons – as in Chief Justice Sir David Simmons!

A word to wise international investors – if you have any kind of a legal dispute in Barbados, don’t count on being able to access any government records as evidence. You see, if some big-up is involved in the court case, those records will go missing until you leave the island with your tail between your legs.

When the highest judge in the land is a former Attorney General and Cabinet Minister, your chances of a fair trial are about the same as winning big money in the lottery.

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20 responses to “Corporate Records Involving Chief Justice Simmons Missing From Barbados Government Files!

  1. 1huge Yaawwwn!

    Why does none of this surprise any of us, in here?
    It is soooo the norm,now!
    The usual ‘can of worms’ story on a small island.

    BIG fish splashing their way around
    in a rather small pond!

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  3. Major correction! There are two SBG’s. The one that we know is associated with Sir David, Mr. Peter Simmons and Mr. Greaves is S.B.G. Development Corporation. The file for this company was missing in 2006. We have no indication that it has been found.

    The other, SBG Holdings Ltd. has a file in the Registry. It is not known to be connected to Kingsland Estates Limited. I apologise for the error, which I have since corrected.

  4. Equity

    So there’s no story then, Keltruth?

  5. Equity,

    My correction does not change the story. Just substitute S.B.G. Development Corporation for SBG Holdings Ltd.

    You are welcome to read it again if you did not get it the first time.


    You keep repeating ad nauseum that Mr Peter Simmons had John Knox fired from his UWI Cave Hill job because of his involvement as a witness in the Kingsland case. This is an abomination and there are some of us on the hill who know the facts, have studied the Canadian court documents and are outraged by your continuing campaign of nasty lies.

    You are at it again today and to set the record straight, I submit the following:

    1) Knox, who you always describe as “professor”, was at the very bottom of the academic totem pole, not the top, a temporary lecturer, far removed from professor. What does it say about his character that he never corrected you?
    And what does it say about you? Are you just ignorant or wicked or both?

    2) Whereas professors have tenure and I know none who has ever been terminated, Knox had no tenure and was terminated with cause.

    3) Knox was dismissed after complaints by students and faculty that he was less than
    competent. Significantly, he never invoked the long-established grievance procedure utilized by any staffer who feels wronged.

    4) It is a monstrous lie to say that an extraneous person, Mr. Simmons, influenced the firing of Knox. The decision was made by a university committee comprising only UWI persons. Again I ask:Why hasn’t Knox himself put you right?

    5) You should also check with Knox the precise date on which he appeared before the committee and was notified of his termination. Both were in April, 2007, that is, four months before the Heaslet/ Simmons conversation on August 10.

    6) Which reputable employer like UWI would give an employee 20 days notice of termination? That puts your monumental lie in true perspective.

    7) Knox blamed another defendant in the Kingsland case, a senior faculty member and Nobel Laureate, for complicity in his termination. Isn’t blaming both gentlemen a deliberate attempt to divert public attention from the true reason for his termination?

    8) The statement by a woman on Keltruth who says she is Knox’s sister that he is still owed money by UWI does not accord with the facts. And surely she knows he is a mock professor? Why rather than correct a lie, she adds another one?

    BFP and Keltruth ( is it true you are both funded by the same Canadian source?), you will not be treated seriously unless you pay greater attention to the truth and factual reporting and not embellish your stories with easily discernible inaccuracies and silly, self-serving lies.


    BFP say,

    Nice spin!

    But the tape of Peter Simmons threatening John Knox’s job for being a witness says it all.

    Thanks for stopping by!


    First I notice that you have commented anonymously. This is usually the first precaution that an individual takes when they wish to defame someone without assuming any responsibility for the consequences.

    Second I would be grateful if you would share the sources of your misinformation with us.

    Keltruth Corp. stands by its statements, but let me remind you that I use the word professor in the American sense rather than the English.

  8. Pat


    Are you telling us that Mr. Knox did not go before a committee of UWI and notified that his contract would not be renewed?

    Are you further telling us that he used the grievance process that was available to him?

    Are you saying that the date April 2007 and August 10 of the same year are wrong?

    If not, what is the misinformation you are referring to above?

    Re commenting anonymously – we were advised by BFP to do this as it is safer. Are you saying that the folks at BFP are hiding behind anonymity to “defame someone withouth assuming any responsibility for the consequences”? You Keltruth should think before you post.

  9. reality check


    It amazes me the quibbling of when the witchhunt process on John Knox actually started—at a hearing or when the threat was made. John Knox had been defending his Mothers rights for some time and the writing was on the wall.

    What is an unassailable fact is that Peter Simmons was asked to carry a message from the defendents that threatened harm to a lawyer and the loss of John Knox’s job.

    This is standard operating procedure from officials and politicians in Barbados who have no moral compass and do not know the difference between right and wrong.

    Simply put, in any first world jurisdiction they would all be out of a job and possibly facing time in Dodds.

  10. Amused

    very amused

  11. Juris

    This is hot news. Keltruth, you have to answer Pat’s questions. And were there student complaints against Knox as a lecturer?


    BFP says,

    Spin, spin, spin… but the tape recording of Peter Simmons delivering the threat that John Knox would lose his job for being a witness says it all. Spin, spin, spin and the truth be damned for you!

  12. BWWR

    You will all wait in vain for a reply from Quel Truth. Now, let me see if this comment will be “moderated”.

  13. Equity

    BFP, why have you taken sides in this matter?


    BFP says,

    We’re willing to listen to all sides in this story, but only an idiot would believe that justice could be expected by appointing the Attorney General and a political hack to be in charge of the courts.

    Frankly, the disappeared business records and threats from the Simmons brothers say it all.

  14. 329.18

    I’m assuming you guys have actually physically both seen and heard the alleged audio tape?
    and not been merely “assured” of its existence??


    BFP says,

    The transcript from the canadian court and the defense docuements analizing the transcript have been published and the defense did not dispute the existance of the the tape nor the transcript and in fact refered to it. what’s your problem?

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  16. Juris

    The Canadian court has already ruled that there were no threats, BFP. Why do you persist in saying there were?

  17. .189

    Pat, BWWR, UWITRUTH and Anon 2,

    How the case? How the “Professor”?

    When you “ladies” returning from your trip to “Fantasy Island” to “Reality”?

  18. Nanci

    The powerful people who hold government positions dont really care about the masses. They just hold positions to make themselves happy. The police and other government officers who are there to protect and uphold the rights of human beings should have another office to oversee the actions of all those who are paid by taxpayers to uphold standards. Also bajans tend to forget and move on too quickly and then the same thing happens all over again. The should be ombudsmen to oversee all sections of government that neglect their duties.

  19. Nanci

    mia Motley said the country is doing well, did she look around and see all the young people with no jobs, some of them already left school and there’s nothing out there for their futures? She’s talking about herself, when she look around her environment it looks good to her, just another government official who is upholding the status quo

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