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Chinese Government Surveillance Video Of Lovers Posted On YouTube


A Reminder That Those The Government Entrusts With Surveillance … Are Only Human!

A surveillance video from the Communist Chinese transportation system has surfaced on YouTube and various blogs. The guards in charge of video surveillance used multiple remotely-controlled cameras to follow two lovers who just couldn’t bear the thought of parting at the turnstiles. The video is all the rage in China right now. (see video here or click the photo)

On one level, the video is a touching and mostly humourous look at young love. (You’ll laugh too… we did!) On another, it is a sinister example of how little privacy we have left when extensive monitoring networks are established as in London and New York.

On a third level, it also goes to prove that the folks (“THEM”) assigned to monitor the citizens (“US”) are only human themselves.

Which is another illustration of why we need rules and laws – even when everyone has the best of intentions. We also need those rules to be enforced and enforced impartially, but more on that next time.

What is it, 95 or 96 days left now until the deadline for integrity legislation in Barbados?


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Albert Brandford Squirms And Ducks – Says It Is Fault Of Readers For Choosing Wrong Meaning Of “Inbred” Slur Against Barbados Prime Minister

A few days ago we took Albert Brandford to task for his racial slur against Prime Minister David Thompson in the Nation News article The Money Factor.

You can read about our disgust with Brandford in our article The Nation’s Albert Brandford Makes A Backhanded Racial Comment Against Barbados’ New Prime Minister.

The debate continues today with Mr. Brandford replying to BFP’s article. As you can read below, Mr. Brandford claims that the blame belongs with readers who have “chosen” the wrong meaning for his use of the word “inbred”…

Albert Brandford Writes To Barbados Free Press


I came late to your reaction to my article. It is unfortunate – but not surprising, given some of the other comments you have made – that you would have chosen the meaning of ‘inbred’ not intended. I was merely referring to his innate sense of entitlement, that is, from birth. Racial slurs would have no place in my discussions on political events, I assure you.

Albert Brandford


Mr. Brandford’s original comment can be seen here.

Barbados Free Press Replies To Albert Brandford

Mr. Brandford…

1/ You are undoubtedly aware of the BLP’s long standing use of derogatory racial terms in reference to Prime Minister Thompson.
2/ You are undoubtedly aware of the foul rumours and innuendo that the BLP has long used when talking about Prime Minister Thompson’s parentage.
3/ You are a professional writer who is well skilled in using double entendres to cross lines and get away with it.
4/ Had you meant “innate sense of entitlement” you could and would have said that. But you used the word “inbred”, with all of the word’s baggage in context with the BLP slur campaign against David Thompson.
5/ To now say that it is the fault of readers for “choosing” the wrong meaning for the word that you used in disingenuous, and frankly, part of your foul little game and the act of a coward.

No, Mr. Brandford…

We don’t believe that a professional journalist such as yourself did not carefully consider the meanings and impact of your chosen words. You were seeking to write a “hit-piece” about the swearing in of the new Prime Minister and you did so in the most foul and racially-charged way possible – after a campaign filled with BLP racial insults to Mr. Thompson.

You just didn’t think you’d be called on it.

Mr. Brandford, you owe Prime Minister David Thompson and the citizens of Barbados a PUBLIC APOLOGY in the same print and internet edition of the Nation News that printed your foul statements.


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