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Citizen Journalist Beaten To Death By Chinese Government Officials – Filmed Waste Disposal Near Homes


Yet Another Victim Of Communist Society

Wei Wenhua was driving home when he saw a crowd attempting to block trucks from dumping waste near homes. Like any good citizen journalist he started taking photos to get the story out.

For this he was beaten to death by some 50 city inspectors who were in charge of dumping the waste.

I haven’t been to China, but our Robert has many times and he reports that it is the most polluted, poisoned country he’s ever been to… and he’s been to just about any country you can name and a few you can’t name.

All those low priced Chinese goods you purchase are low priced for a number of reasons: government & private slave labour camps, sweatshops, rampant pollution and the communist disdain for individual human rights and human life.

I often wonder about folks 200 years ago who purchased cotton and sugar…

Did they care that slaves suffered to provide the products at a certain price?

Every Barbadian should ask their own heart…

“Should we be taking gifts and buying products from a Chinese Communist government that relies upon slavery as a vital part of the economy?”

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Corrupt Barbados Media Stand Charged With Unforgivable Deceit


Click on the Charge Sheet to read the full story at Barbados Underground


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Noel “Instant Millionaire” Lynch A Millionaire For The Second Time On Taxpayers’ Backs

Friends at Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground

An interesting article by Sanka Price in the Nation todayPension silver lining for nine’!

‘Thompson (Liz), Farley and Lynch are eligible to receive a monthly pension of about $7,642.57’.

$91,710.84 a year!

And for how many years?

‘Both Farley and Thompson are in their mid-40’s and ineligible to collect their pension until they reach 50’.

Noel Lynch was born on 26th December 1956, so will this be paid until he is 65 years old?

If so, now aged 52 years and assuming retirement age is 65 he will collect a massive $1.18 million from the taxpayer.

Perhaps the former Minister of Tourism has had the last laugh?

Adrian Loveridge
18 January 2008


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