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Fabulous New Blog Preserves Jewish History In Barbados


Whereas a majority of the People of the Hebrew Nation, resident within this Island, have, by their humble petition, prayed for a Legislative Enactment to enforce the payment of certain taxes on (adjoinments ?) to meet the expenses of their Religious Establishment and to maintain the poor and indigent of their Nation: — And Whereas the Legislature of this Island being willing to carry the prayer of the said petition into effect:
It is hereby Enacted by the Honorable John Brathwaite Skeete, President of His Majesty’s Council and Communities as Chief of this Island, Chancellor, Ordinary, and Vice Admiral of the same…

Preserving Part Of Our Island’s History – Tombstone by Tombstone…

If only we could restore every graveyard on this island – not only for historical reasons, but for simple respect of those who have gone before us. Many of our graveyards and graves (even recent ones) are in a horrible state. I know of one incident last year where a child fell into a hole in a graveyard in the north and there were twenty or thirty such holes in the graveyard. You doan wanna look down them!

That aside, our Jewish friends have a project to restore and document their community’s graves and we wish that others would become inspired by their efforts.

Jewish Barbados Blog (link here)


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BLP Cash Distributions On Election Day

David at Barbados Underground has a number of photos that were received by various blogs. Something about License plate M50, the farm and envelopes full of cash.

IF after seeing the photos the regular Barbados media don’t ask questions…

… aw, forget it.

You know what? Nobody expects anyone at the Nation, the Barbados Advocate or the CBC, VOB etc to mention anything even when the photos are there for all to see!

To the Barbados media, we have two shameful words for you: Ronja Juman


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