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Hope For The Future – Bajan Blogs Speak


Bajan blogs speak of the hope they have for our future…

Keltruth Blog: Barbados Election – Which Party Embodies Hope?

Gallimaurfry: Rosie’s 2008 Message

… we’ll post more as we come across them.

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Current Poll Puts Democratic Labour Party In The Lead

Are BFP’s Readers Seeing & Hearing What We Are?

Tuesday’s general election could end in a stalemate, but is more likely to result in victory for the Opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

The DLP enjoys a five-point lead over the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) as the party voters prefer – 35.3 per cent to 30.1 per cent, which is statistically insignificant in this poll which boasts of a plus/minus 5 per cent margin of error.

The likelihood of a DLP victory, however, is based on a swing projection generated by CADRES…

… from The Nation News article “Nail Biter” – linked below

We aren’t about to proclaim a victory in hand for David Thompson and the DLP, but we do see, hear and feel a sense of “It Is Possible” on the streets.

People are cautiously optimistic – still guarding their comments because, well… wouldn’t want to SAY they are supporting the Dems this time around… but when they walk into the polling station they will be voting DEM.

One of the biggest silent indicators is The Nation News.

Have you noticed, folks? The Nation, while still openly supporting the government has backed off a little bit on the anti-Thompson rhetoric. They even put Thompson on the front and Arthur on the back once.

Yup… the editors of the Nation sense it too…

David Thompson is looking more and more like Prime Minister Thompson in a few days.

You think the election is exciting? Just wait until the week after a DLP government takes the reins.

David over at Barbados Underground has some thoughts on what needs to be done to get rid of certain corrupt activities in the awarding of licenses – and that’s only a small part of the clean-up. (See BU’s Forensic Audit Required At Chief Licensing Department In The Pine)

Further Reading

The Nation News: Nail Biter


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The Bajan Emperor’s New Clothes

“The Emperor Has No Clothes”

1837, Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, wrote a wonderful fairy tale which he titled The Emperor’s New Clothes. It may be the very first example of the power of political correctness. It is the story of the Ruler of a distant land who was so enamoured of his appearance and his clothing that he had a different suit for every hour of the day.

One day two rogues arrived in town, claiming to be gifted weavers. They convinced the Emperor that they could weave the most wonderful cloth, which had a magical property. The clothes were only visible to those who were completely pure in heart and spirit.

The Emperor was impressed and ordered the weavers to begin work immediately. The rogues, who had a deep understanding of human nature, began to feign work on empty looms.

Minister after minister went to view the new clothes and all came back exhorting the beauty of the cloth on the looms even though none of them could see a thing.

Finally a grand procession was planned for the Emperor to display his new finery. The Emperor went to view his clothes and was shocked to see absolutely nothing, but he pretended to admire the fabulous cloth, inspect the clothes with awe, and, after disrobing, go through the motions of carefully putting on a suit of the new garments.

Under a royal canopy the Emperor appeared to the admiring throng of his people – – all of whom cheered and clapped because they all knew the rogue weavers’ tale and did not want to be seen as less than pure of heart.

But, the bubble burst when an innocent child loudly exclaimed, for the whole kingdom to hear, that the Emperor had nothing on at all. The Emperor had no clothes.

That tale seems to me very like the way this nation is being led.

We were told that the DLP will destroy this country, but recent evidence of corruption and mismanagement suggests they can do no worse that the BLP.

We were led to believe that Mr Thompson was connected to Taiwan, but no evidence has ever been produced.

We were told leadership matters most, only to see Mr Thompson’s star rise and the BLP get lost in a leadership battle.

We were told everyone has an equal stake, only to see this country sold out to foreigners and Bajans told to go seek their fortune in Guyana.

We were told in DLP supporters tried to assault members of the BLP, but with clarifications by the police the story has turned into empty air.

We are told of the freedom of speech, only to see CBC operate as the propaganda machinery of the BLP, while the Nation Publishing (including StarCom) put up at best a feeble fight to appear impartial.

We were once told crime and violence were scare tactics, only to see it become this awful reality assualt many decent, hardworking Barbadians.

We were told this government is rooted in poor people, only to see the cost of living ravish the working class and foist hunger on many pensioners, single mothers and children.

We were frightened with visions of a power hungry opposition, which now seems to be only vapours of the mind of a rapidly aging, tired, and inebriated leader.

Our emperor says that Barbados belongs to everyone, yet shows no willingness to relinquish the country despite the obvious will of its people for a change.

Those who have dared to expose the nakedness of the Arthur Administration’s policies have been subjected to scorn. Those who have noticed the elephant in the room – that is, the fact that the politics of inclusion was based on deception – have had our loyalty questioned. Those who have spoken aloud the thought shared by hundreds of families across this country, that our country needs to be returned to its people, have been threatened. We have then seen from the BLP the untruths, the dissembling, the fabrication, and the misleading inferences surrounding who is best to lead this country.

The right to ask questions, debate, and dissent is under attack. The threats of retribution grow ever louder in an attempt to drown out those who speak of the failings of the BLP administration and the plight of Barbadians in stark terms.

The Mr Arthur’s political wizardry which has mesmerized citizens of this country has now come to a pitiful end.

The Emperor has no clothes. This entire re-election campaign by the BLP has been based on propaganda and manipulation.

I cannot support the continuation of a government that unwisely builds the debt burden for our children and our children’s children for the foreseeable future, with no end in sight.

I cannot support a Prime Minister who refuses to recognise the damage he has done to the democratic spirit in this country through his politics of inclusion.

I cannot support this manifestation of the dangerous and destabilizing notion of a Prime Minister ruling rather than leading this country, and who has changed the image of our leader from servant of the people into that of a reckless bully.

The Emperor has no clothes.
And many of the leaders around the region have observed it.

I shall vote against the BLP administration because I cannot support a government caught up in lies, scare tactics, and dishonesty.
I cannot support the belittling of our democracy and the belittling of others who offer themselves as a credible alternative to this government or the derision of those who have the courage to say, Mr Arthur enough is enough.

I began my remarks with a fairy tale. I shall close my remarks with the declaration by the Rev. Martin Niemoller, who was spoke during the Second World War of the need for people to act on conscience, “First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.”

We, the citizens of this nation, under God, need to restore democracy and ensure the continued freedom and prosperity of this country by electing a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

John Q Public


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Where Is Your Polling Station?


1/ Use the link (touch the above photo) to access the government portal. Fill in your National Registration Number to find your Polling Station.

2/ Remember to VOTE!

3/ While you are voting, keep your eyes and ears open for any unusual occurrences.


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