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Would The DLP Have Won Without Their Integrity Legislation Promise?

Re-visiting the DLP Victory – January 2008

Friends, let’s take another look at the article we published on January 16, 2008 and your comments at the time. By request we are going to leave this article at the top for a few days.

Remember the pride we felt that Barbados would now have the integrity legislation, freedom of information access and conflicts of interest rules so citizens could hold our elected and appointed officials accountable?

Remember the joy?

Here’s what one DLP supporter had to say at the time…

January 16, 2008 at 9:36 am
This election was won because the people of Barbados had an opportunity, – denied in the recent past – to really see what goes on in Barbadian politics.

The Blogs played a decisive part, and you BFP was as the vanguard, no praise is too high. What BFP did was expose the underbelly of Barbadian politics. There was then a reason, for Integrity Legislation and your “constant position” on the subject meant it had to be addressed. The DLP responded to the wishes of the people, as they had to, and as a result we awake this morning, 16th January 2008 to the change we had all hoped for – at least on this blog.

Sadly, “Yardbroom” and most of the DLP diehards haven’t been seen too much around Barbados Free Press since a few months after the election when they realized that Bajans had been fooled again. Too bad the DLP supporters’ fervor for Integrity Legislation and Accountability disappeared with the DLP’s election victory.

Have a read of what BFP and you the readers had to say back in January 2008. Remember the joy?

Original article as published January 16, 2008…


Would The DLP Have Promised Integrity Legislation Without Pressure From The Blogs? Continue reading


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Barbados Election Results Flowing – A NEW DLP GOVERNMENT…


Say Hello to Prime Minister David Thompson

… and don’t forget to keep the Prime Minister and all (we mean all) of our elected representatives in your prayers.

Recounts going on:

St. Joseph: BLP Attorney General Dale Marshall vs Randal Rouse (DLP)

St. James South: BLP Environment Minister Liz Thompson vs Donville Inniss (DLP)

1:33am Wednesday January 16, 2008

Cabinet Ministers Fell Like Flies

Leading or Elected…

BLP: 10 (some only a few votes ahead) 33% overall

DLP: 20 (some only a few votes ahead) 67% overall

(Buyer Beware! Compiled from a number of sources by a very tipsy Cliverton at 2am)

Christ Church East

BLP:Reginald Farley – 1090
DLP: Denis Lowe – 1353

Christ Church East Central

BLP: Ronald Jones – 2236
DLP: Dalton Lovell – 3182

Christ Church South

BLP: Jerome Walcott – 1061
DLP: John Boyce – 1081

Christ Church West

BLP: William Duguid – 2510
DLP: Taan Abed – 1859

Christ Church West Central

BLP:Joseph Edgill – 1600
DLP: Stephen Lashley – 2390

City of Bridgetown

BLP: Jeffrey Bostic – 1817
DLP: Patrick Todd – 2239

St. Andrew

BLP: George Payne – 2638
DLP: Irene Sandiford-Garner – 2588

St. George North

BLP: Gline Clarke – 1740
DLP: Colin Spencer – 1751

St. George South

BLP: Ian Gill – 2500
DLP: Esther Byer-Suckoo – 3455

St. James Central

BLP: Kerrie Symmonds – 1583
DLP: George Hutson – 2003

St. James North

BLP: Rawle Eastmond – 1135
DLP: Austin Husbands – 925

St. James South

BLP: Liz Thompson – 2570
DLP: Donville Inniss – 2881

St. John

BLP:Tyrone O. Power – 549
DLP: David Thompson – 3282

St. Joseph

BLP: Dale Marshall – 1269
DLP: Randal Rouse – 1259

St. Lucy

BLP: Peter Phillips – 2073
DLP: Dennis Kellman – 3484

St. Michael Central

BLP: Rudy Grant – 1880
DLP: Steve Blackett – 2289

St. Michael East

BLP: Trevor Prescod – 2060
DLP: Kenneth Best – 2639

St. Michael North

BLP: Ronald Toppin – 2353
DLP: Francis Depeiza – 2270

St. Michael North East

BLP: Mia Mottley – 3320
DLP: Patricia Inniss – 1665

St. Michael North West

BLP: Clyde Mascoll – 779
DLP: Christ Sinkler – 966

St. Michael South

BLP: Noel “Instant Millionaire” Lynch – 1212
DLP: Freundel Stuart – 1734

St. Michael South Central

BLP: David Gill – 1943
DLP: Richard Sealy – 2308

St. Michael South East

BLP: Hamilton Lashley – 2426
DLP: Undene Whittaker – 2271

St. Michael West

BLP: Joseph Atherley – 1075
DLP: Michael Carrington – 1400

St. Michael West Central

BLP: Rommell Marshall – 1975
DLP: James Paul – 1976

St. Peter

BLP: Owen Arthur – 3309
DLP: Haynesley Benn – 1754

St. Philip North

BLP: George Griffith – 1766
DLP: Michael Lashley – 3720

St. Philip South

BLP: Anthony Wood – 1973
DLP: Adriel Brathwaite – 1982

St. Philip West

BLP: Lynette Eastmond – 492
DLP: David Estwick – 670

St. Thomas

BLP: Cynthia Forde – 3490
DLP:Haldene Dottin – 1995

Reports Of Election Issues

1. There is word from good sources that names were added to the final elector list (yesterday) in Esther Byer-Suckoo’s constituency. The list was pulled by Sen. Tyrone Barker, who apparently has responsibility for EBC. It is alleged that he was adding the names of non-nationals in the constituency.


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