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GoWeb Blog Editorial: “BLP Proving They Would Make A Good Opposition”

BFP Says – Sure! Those BLPs Who Stay On The Island And Are Not In Jail Would Make A Fine Opposition With Their 3 Seats…  
“It seems to me that the Barbados Labour Party is proving that it can be a very good opposition party. Thus far, the Barbados Labour Party has been doing a lot of complaining about what the Opposition is doing. They have criticized the billboards erected by the Democratic Labour Party. They have criticized past statements made by the Opposition leader. They have to sue the DLP over elements of their political campaign.    

They have also accused the DLP of receiving funding from Taiwan, and criticized that as well. This allegation has since been proven false, but my point is that the BLP has been behaving a lot like an opposition party. They have not been emphasizing many serious issues or justifying the job they’ve done in certain key areas over the last 5 years. Instead, they’ve been griping about what the DLP is doing, only attempting to tackle a few of the DLP’s daily charges, one with a threat to sue…  

… read the entire editorial at GoWeb Blog (link here)


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How Important Is The Election When Your Offshore Bank Accounts Are Full Anyway?



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Owen Arthur Government – 14 Years Of “Blank Cheque” Spending With Zero Accountability

Do you realise?

Here we are, just a week away from deciding who we wish to lead us for another five years and we still have no idea what the eventual cost of so many Government projects is!

Hotels and Resorts Ltd (GEMS), the Government office building at Warrens, the ABC Highway and possible flyovers, Dodds Prison, Greenland, the overall costs associated with hosting the CWC 2007.

It goes on and on.

Adrian Loveridge
9th January 2008


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Barbados Prime Minister’s Land Fraud Trial – Canadian Court To Rule On Threats To Lawyer, Witnesses

The Prime Minister of Barbados, Owen S. Arthur, Chief Justice Sir David Simmons, Barbados Diplomat Peter Simmons and a host of other prominent people and companies in Barbados are facing land fraud, corruption and conspiracy charges in a Canadian Court.

This has to do with land in Barbados called Kingsland Estates that is supposedly valued at over one billion US dollars. So far the Barbados media has been hiding the case from the public, but cracks in the news blackout are starting to show.

The Broad Street Journal has just published an excellent article giving an overview of the lawsuit brought on by a company Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. against Prime Minister Arthur and the other defendants – but in keeping with the oppression felt by the Barbados media, the article by Patrick Hoyos does not name Prime Minister Arthur or the other defendants!

Barbados journalists have every right to be worried about threats against them from the government, and we think that Peter Hoyos has stuck his neck out even mentioning the Canadian court case.

It is absurd that we are days away from a national election and the Barbados public does not know that their Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Attorney General and other prominent people and companies on this island are facing serious land fraud and conspiracy charges in a Canadian civil court.

Barbados Diplomat Delivers Threats Of Violence Against Lawyer, Witnesses 

Now we are seeing a new development in the case where it is alleged that serious threats of violence have been made by some of the defendants against a Canadian lawyer and some witnesses. The details are still skimpy in the media, but from what we’ve been able to gather, Barbados diplomat Peter Simmons, who is the brother of fellow defendant Chief Justice David Simmons, was tape recorded delivering threats of violence.

It is tough to say “I didn’t do it” when a tape recording exists!

Memo To Prime Minister Owen Arthur & Chief Justice David Simmons…

When the trial is being held in a Canadian court, you can’t get away with the normal thug-like behaviour that you use in Barbados. Threatening witnesses, lawyers and tampering with the court case works fine in Bridgetown, but you get into serious trouble when you try that in a country where the courts are honest and not subject to your control.

Read all about it at…

The Broad Street Journal: Nelson Barbados’ case against Kingsland Estates and over 50 other persons and companies enters an important stage

Keltruth Blog: Death threat defined – local Barbadian perspective given


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Disgusting Nation News Again Proves It Is A Government Rag


What do YOU call it when the largest print newspaper in the country arranges its headline story and an election advertising sticker to match – so as to support a government lie?

Not fit to read, and too hard to use as toilet paper. What should Bajans do with The Nation News?

Please head over to Barbados Underground where the discussion on this latest lie from the government and its newspaper is hot and heavy. Thanks to David at Barbados Underground for breaking this story and running with it.

Barbados Underground: The Games That Newspapers Play


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